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Sunday, February 24, 2013

A FLASHBACK and Back to the FUTURE Moment in TIME...ELEVEN SCORE and 17 YEARS AGO...

by Dan Getz, Interational Spokesman for the
RESTORATION of Liberty & Justice for ALL
via The Dance'In NewZboy/Dance4One at
REPORTING LIVE from Parkland Hospital,
Dallas, TX on Sunday, February 24, 2013

In order to Understand the PRESENT, and adequately plan for our FUTURE, we MUST take a LOOK at the PAST.  If we fail to LISTEN and LEARN from our PAST and PRESENT mistakes, we are DESTINED to REPEATING our PAST, and significantly HINDERING, CLOUDING and PRE-MATURELY CUTTING SHORT our nation's FUTURE.  We, as a NATION of the BRAVE and the FREE must, at the same time REMEMBER that our GREAT NATION was founded and birthed on ONE primary PRINCIPLE...One Nation UNDER GOD, Indvisible, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL...

Please LET the TRUTH of these POSTS on my FACEBOOK Page (Dan Getz) over the last 48 HOURS not only GRIP and SHAKE you to ACTION, but PROPEL you FORWARD to "Such a TIME as THIS"...with the PASSIONATE RESOLVE that if WE DIE...WE DIE..."

ONE NATION, Under GOD...INDVISIBLE and with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL... Re-Posted by
Its TIME 2 DREAM again like JFK & Martin Luther King, JR: . By Dance4One, Sarah Palin & The Tea Party

From FOUR SCORE and 7 YEARS ago (Emancipation Proclaimation by Abraham Lincoln) to FIVE SCORE YEARS ago (I Have a DREAM SPEECH by MARTIN LUTHER KING, Jr. AND ONE YEAR Previous to this with JOHN F. Kennedy's DREAM to LAND a MAN on the MOON.. and WHO was assasinated only THREE MONTHS after Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I HAVE A DREAM SPEECH") to a WOMAN 50 years later BORN for SUCH a TIME as this...Sarah Palin...the NEXT President of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA...Posted by: Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" at Dance4One,, YouTube 12131966dan, Facebook (Dan Getz and Dance4One), Twitter @Dance4One, and LinkedIn (Dan Getz)....SEE Here the "PROPHECY" of JFK FULFILLED Time and Time Again in RON HOWARD's Documentary, "IN THE SHADOW of the MOON"...

Is the "Bank of Justice Bankrupt...One Black Man... One White Man, JFK...One WOMAN... UNIFIED!

Do you KNOW that 11 SCORE and 17 YEARS ago EQUATES to the BIRTH of our NATION 237 YEARS ago whiich was FOUNDED on the PROCLAMATION and RESOLVE for JUSTICE & LIBERTY for ALL...and that 237 = [2X7) - 3] = 11 (ELEVEN in the HEBREW LANGUAGE Symbolizes "BELOVED SON or DAUGHTER")...Posted by: Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" at Dance4One,, YouTube 12131966dan, Facebook (Dan Getz and Dance4One), Twitter @Dance4One, and LinkedIn (Dan Getz).

NOW 11 SCORE & 17 YRS ago,is the BANK of JUSTICE even MORE BANKRUPT? From Abraham Lincoln to MLK Jr. to JFK to Sarah PALIN, NOW is the TIME! ("In the Shadow of the MOON" documentary by Ron Howard)...EXCELLENT FULL LENGTH film that will ABSOLUTELY inspire YOU to DREAM again...

The TIME is NOW to DREAM again...THREE Men (Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., & John F. Kennedy) and ONE Woman (Sarah Palin) have DARED to DREAM...BIG...THREE Passed On with NEVER seeing the FRUITION of their DREAMS...ONE was BORN fo...r "Such a TIME as THIS," as QUEEN ESTHER of the JEWS was...and JUST MAY see the FULFILLMENT of her DREAMS for AMERICA in HER LIFETIME...Posted by: Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" at Dance4One,, YouTube 12131966dan, Facebook (Dan Getz and Dance4One), Twitter @Dance4One, and LinkedIn (Dan Getz).
Posted by: Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" at Dance4One,, YouTube 12131966dan, Facebook (Dan Getz and Dance4One), Twitter @Dance4One, and LinkedIn (Dan Getz).



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