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Thursday, January 31, 2013


By Dan Getz, International Blogger

Tori Brogan, PLEASE CONTACT me at  Due to IILLEGAL FACEBOOK CENSORSHIP issues I am dealing with in the form of a planned LAWSUIT, I cannot message, friend or even reply to FACEBOOK MESSAGES that people send me.  SO PLEASE contact me by either emailing me at the above address or by tweeting me at @Dance4One.  Thank you, Dan Getz, Posted by: Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" at Dance4One,, YouTube 12131966dan, Facebook (Dan Getz and Dance4One), Twitter @Dance4One, and LinkedIn (Dan Getz).

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

About LAST GATORS in the West End, Dallas, TX

by Dan Getz, International Blogger

I received this FACEBOOK message from my friend Lilith this morning, to which I replied, and reluctantly, at first, decided to post in TODAY's BLOG POST.  I met Lilith and her husband "Hoody"around October, 2011 at the Occupy Dallas encampment that was eventually raided and razed by the City of Dallas and City of Dallas Police Department early Thursday morning around midnight on November 17, 2011.(  You can see a previous Interview of WFAA news anchor Cynthia Vega by Dan Getz at AND

Lilith Grace Blind

As we waded through a city of tents occupied by homeless, hippies, and criminals who had nowhere else to go. The city had a place for most things that you needed. Food, Clothing, first aid, and entertainment were scattered throughout the population. I especially enjoyed the drum circles. Anyone could join in with any kind of percussion.

Then there was Dan.

Anywhere there's music was good for Dan. Thin and fiery he spoke with passion for dance. He had a t-shirt that he designed himself with his motto "dance 4 one." God gave him an amazing love for dance and he gives all glory to God.

As we asked Dan more about his dancing for the Lord, we learned that he goes to bars, clubs and raves around the cities and that he is well known as a regular.

Who would imagine that your calling could be going to bars and dancing with girls? I'm not one to judge someone else's servant but this was far from the run of the mill calling from God.
As we talked more we found out that we ran in the same circles and frequented some of the same venues. I know many of our friends go out to get away from "life."

The club scene is not the horrible image some make it out to be: a bunch of deviants dropping psychedelic drugs and playing with glow sticks all night. There are many things to crave distraction from: family, the past, being alone. That distraction can mean many things, some people become alcoholics, some become workaholics, drug abusers, some people obsessively plan, clean, or live and breathe their hobby. The people Dan has been called to were the ones that hung out in dance clubs. He goes to these clubs and lives with his passion given to him. He can dance past last call - until the lights are turned on. Weather he dances solo or cordially invites a partner he knows his dancing is for the glory of God.

He is fun and approachable and expects nothing in return for his friendship. He's not there to hook up with a date and he treats the ladies like they should be treated - he respects them like a sister. He sets a standard for what they should be treated like so they know what they are worth.

If someone is too drunk or something gets slipped into a lady's drink, Dan takes it as a personal responsibility to make sure she is properly cared for. He builds relationships with the people in his social circles for one purpose - to show them who they are through God's eyes.

Sometimes life comes back and bites them. they have another ex to add to the list or family or friends turn on them. Maybe they keep hitting brick walls. They know an ear that is willing to talk about anything without judgement. When they have finished venting he is sure to show them what they are worth and point them to a path that will benefit them, and everyone around them most.

How many of us have friends and family that are too close for us to reach?

What difference would it make if someone seeking to walk like Christ was in their lives, with the sole purpose of showing them what they are worth?

The dance floor is His mission field and he knows the native's ways. He sets out to heal the sick and wounded. We all were given a ministry of reconciliation - this is the refuge Dan offers to those he's been assigned.

what do you think?
Dan Getz

that is awesome...that is my heart...I still need that Paul/Barnabus "going"...having another brother...or sister with me when I go to these places will keep me in check...particularly when the ladies sometimes misread my moves and come on pretty strong in their dance...sexually...but there is that Fear of the Lord thing...especially as I get more and more recoginized around town...I MUST keep my reputation swqueeky clean...and I KNOW that I MUST enjoy the serenity and annonymity of the NOW meaning I must enjoy being able to sometimes bounce in, and out...with nobody REALLY knbowing who I am...I sense this time is drawing to a close...I know I am destinied to speak to rulers and kings and presidents of PREPARE the WAY of our be a voice shaken like a reed in the wolderness as John...I would like to run this...part of fear of being called eogtisical or prideful wants to not run it...but this fits in with what was prohetically spoken over me...VALIDATION of others...

Last night I was at Gators...a club in the West End...they have a roof top that is open on the weekends and when it is not raining...but last night there was nobody up there after I walked the long stair way to the top, opened the door which was unlocked and went out to an empy but BEAUTIFUL rooftop patio...and then the song from the bottom began to play...with the newest Kereoke singer starting to sing...I don't remember the words now, but they were words I was hearing for the first time...yet they were words that resonated within my in my confidence of who I AM, which has gained more and more momentum and the steps and dance becoming even more refined and appear to be rehearsed and learned...I, in perfect rythm began to descend the long stair case...with all eyes on me by the way I was about half-way this point, al little fear and self-conciousness crept in...but knowing I could not stop now, a burst of confidence and God's steps began to flow with intensity as I hit the small area that was really not set up as a dance floor this night (like on the weekends when about 5 to 10 of these tables are removed for LOTS of people to dance and I received lots of claps and "kudos" when I finished...BUT...

a bartender came over to my table at the end of several songs (with continued accalades from the "audience") and told me plainly that if I was not going to buy anything I had to leavce...and besides "didn't I realize I was making quite a spectacle of myself?" When I replied that "Wasn't it ironice that HE was the one complaining, but NONE of the audience seemed to have "his" opinion (which he quickly became the "spokesman" for the "people"), he was more resolved to make sure I left immediately...which I plain site of the "audience", , knowing THEY knew this was not right, and NOT their "opinion" but HIS and maybe his boss...ALONE...

When I explained that I was on blood thiners, and that I could not risk drinking alcohol, which is already a natural blood thinner, he wanted me to buy a Coke costing $2.60...I had $2, but was about $50 short and by this time didn't really even care about buying anything from this bar... I exited the Bar, and "Bill" asked me why I was leaving and I told him I had been asked to leave because i hadn't bought anything and was a little short for even a COKE, "Bill" dug into his pocket and gave me a $5...when i TOLD him i only needed maybe $.50 or $1.00, he said "No Worries...keep it"...

With a new resolve...all of the above taking less than a minute to "work out" i proudly bounced rythm to the song playing which had the repeated lyrics of "Your not welcome here anymore" bought my $2.60 coke (with a significant amout of change to spare still in my pocket NOW) and danced my heart...and HIS heart out for the next several hours...with "Bill" proudly proclaiming and VALIDATING me...or rather the God in me, although unbeknownst DIREXTLY to most, "YOU are FUN...and YOU cannot stop now" with "Bill" throughout the entire evening stopping introduce me to hsi friends...both before he came in...and friends he had met that night...and making sure I was "ok" and when i stopped to rest a moment, reflecting and conveying concern and an admonition to "MOVE around...ALL OVER...and not just in one place...which made me smile...and KNOW I was in the PERFECT PLACE...that night...with my FATHER...especially when a large group sang...the music played...and I danced in what apears to be rehearsed
choreography...but is the FIRST time I have danced to the song...I wanna KNOW what LOVE is...most not readily detecting that I am not looking at ANYONE...but have my hands, my arms and my eyes and head LOOKING the ONE I dance for...Jesus Christ my Savior and LORD...

And Lilith wrote back with THIS extremely timely and prophetic word for Dance4One Ministries...AMEN and AMEN and so BE it...

Lilith Grace Blind

not only for the sake of your reputation, but because all of these girls see themselves as having to be worthy of attention. That they have to give to receive. There is no way you could possibly just want to love them and want nothing in return. They have never seen that kind of love in the world. (notice a working metaphor of mankind to God) That's why God will give you His eyes for them - they are souls - they are His daughters. They are hurting, and lonely in a crowd and they have not seen their TRUE glory - you have been entrusted with the privilege to bring their self worth to a place where they can even be able to think God could love them - you are rolling out the red carpet for the broken and wounded - you are called to shower them with God's love and Grace. It's natural they will want to "pay" for the attention because their flesh and the world has taught them that. The good news is - it's really a sign of progress - it means they have seen a tiny bit of the light that's in you. I know that part can be hardest for you - but know that is the tipping point - the part where if you press in to God they will get to receive His love. It's not about them converting - it's about them receiving free Love.

You are a LIGHT in the darkness the more you draw close to God the brighter you will be. You are GOING to stand out.

When your actions line up with your words your reputation will be a witness. If you mess up- you get to show humility and repentance only a man of God could display. When someone is in need you get to show that your Love - the Love that is in you from Christ - does not stop at just words but you'll be there to volunteer, you'll go pray and sit a a hospital with the sick, you'll SHOW them that you care - - - something they may have NEVER had on a Godly level.

Sorry - I know anonymity is comfortable, but you are too amazing to
be under the radar. Good thing you have a comforter. With you all times.

I used some of this stuff to change up the blog a bit - - - i am speaking growth life and strength into the ministry that is growing in you.

I can't reassure you that God will be sending you someone to help minister - but I know He knows what you need more than you know what you need.

Make a list of ALL the things that you want in your partner - compare it to the Holy Spirit.
Posted by: Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" at Dance4One,, YouTube 12131966dan, Facebook (Dan Getz and Dance4One), Twitter @Dance4One, and LinkedIn (Dan Getz).


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Introducing Bulldog & Chihuahua Food & Beverage, LLC...Powered By Dance4One

by Dan Getz, International Blogger

Partner "Steve", aka "The Bulldog"

Pending Financing Approval and/or Backing through Private Investors, Dance4One Blogger, Dan Getz will be the Owner and Operator of West End's "Diggity Dog", to be re-named soon as Bulldog & Chihuahua Food & Beverage Company, LLC, Powered by Dance4One, on or before Thursday, February 14, 2013, aka Valentines Day.

Getz met the current owner of Diggity Dog, a successful food vendor in the West End of Dallas, TX since 2007 approximately 2 or 3 weeks ago and discussed the possiblity of purchasing Diggity Dog within 3 to 4 months, when the current owner's wife was scheduled to start a new job in another state.

However, the purchase date was moved up to February 14, 2013 (in approximately 2 weeks) when the owner approached Dan Getz on Friday, January 25, 2013 to ask how serious Getz was in purchasing this business from him.  When Getz responded, "Serious as a Heart Attack", with of course the condition of securing the necessary financing, the current owner of Diggity Dog informed Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" with International Blog, Dance4One (  that his wife's new boss needed her to relocate within the next 2 to 4 weeks, and did he [Getz] think he could get the necessary cash in time?  When Getz responded, "With man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible", the two shook hands and promised to keep in touch over the next two weeks.

It has further been learned that on the same day, Friday, January 25, 2013, a middle-aged gentleman that borrowed a dollar from Getz to purchase a coffee, and who also is enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program at El Centro, had a few minutes earlier offered Mr. Getz 100%  housing and job at this individual's restaurant he is planning to open in Minnesota after he completes the Culinary Arts Program with a degree, if he (Getz) would enroll at El Centro and successfully obtain a degree, irregardless of where he placed in his class.  Getz replied, "I do have a B.A. in Advertising from Texas Tech, and believe I have everything I need to be successful, but that is a very generous offer that I promise to think about."  The two shook hands, with the Culinary Arts Student promising to re-pay Getz the dollar when he returned to the Student Center on Tuesday, January 29, 2013 and they parted ways.

Getz thought the matter over for about a minute and then headed to the Registrars Office to initiate the process of obtaining a Student ID (that portion is COMPLETE) and obtaining the necessary check list to enroll in May 2013, as well as numerous options for having this schooling and degree 100% paid for (NOT a LOAN...FREE/GRANT MONEY) by various agengies, including the Federal Government.  Within the next four months, Getz's current plans include enrolling in the Culinary Arts Program at El Centro College, world renown for it's Culinary Arts and Nursing Programs.

Dan Getz, aka "The Chihuahua"

Upon exiting El Centro College that same Friday afternoon, is when Getz "happened" to "run into" the current Diggity Dog Owner.  Mr. Dan Getz is currently speaking with Private Investors (but is open to ANY POTENTIAL INVESTOR) to secure $4,000 to $500,000 of capital to secure not only this business, but another business that is located on the TRE, that is currently for sale as well.  These funds will be used for not only the purchase price of these two locations, but will be sufficient for inventory, personnel and up to five other locations and equipment close to the DART and TRE train rails and bus stations, for up to a year.  The Diggity Dog currently is outside the DART property located at the West End, and includes a special city permit that does not run out until September, 2013.  The other business located on the TRE is two years into a 5 year contract (i.e. 3 years remaining) that EXCLUSIVELY permits ONLY this business to sell up and down the TRE rail.

Posted by: Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" at Dance4One,, YouTube 12131966dan, Facebook (Dan Getz and Dance4One), Twitter @Dance4One, and LinkedIn (Dan Getz).

Local Businessman BUSTED by Undercover Agent for tax evasion, Death Threats to Employees, Labor and EEOC violations & victimizing Poor and Homeless Allegations

by Dan Getz, International Blogger

COMING NEXT week, the BIGGEST NEWZ STORY ever...Local Businessman BUSTED by Undercover Agent for tax evasion, Death Threats to Employees, Labor and EEOC violations & victimizing Poor and Homeless Violations...Taking the "bite" out of crime ONE step at a TIME...

Posted by: Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" at Dance4One,, YouTube 12131966dan, Facebook (Dan Getz and Dance4One), Twitter @Dance4One, and LinkedIn (Dan Getz).

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Even MORE details EMERGE on the LIFE of Brogan Guyton (1992 - 2013)

by Dan Getz, International Blogger

Previously, Investigative Reporter and International Blogger for Dance4One uncovered many details that the mainstream media failed to pick up or disclose in these recent posts: AND AND AND AND AND

Previous mugshots of Brogan Clyde Guyton can be found here: AND AND AND AND

The last reported arrest of Brogan Clyde Guyton was reported on June 1, 2011, with the ALLEGED violations being "ALCOHOL SALES TO PER < INTERFER W/GOVERNMNT PROP".  It should be further noted that NONE of these pictures come remotely close to depicting the Brogan that Daniel Jon Getz, aka "DANgerous" with Dance4One met and visited with in early to mid October, 2012, or how Marshal Polk (very possibly the last friend to see Brogan Guyton ALIVE), remembers him.

Dan Getz/Dance4One has been able to secure copies of these four documents that provide a never before reported glimpse and insight into Brogan Clyde Guyton's LIFE: a 1) Homeless Certification Letter from The Salvation Army confirming that Brogan stayed at The Salvation Army between October 8, 2012 and December 13, 2012 (the same date of Dan Getz's birth), 2) Hospital Discharge Papers from Green Oaks Hospital in Dallas, TX (972-991-9504) dated December 11, 2012 (two days before his final documented day at The Salvation Army on December 13, 2012, an 3)Application, dated November 11, 2012 and signed by "Brogan Guyton", for Certified Copy of Birth or Death Certificate, and the 4) "Summary of Emergency Shelter Client Rules Union Gospel Mission of Dallas, Calvert Place", which is the standard portion of the application each new client completes at the Union Gospel Mission, and keeps for himself (the Union Gospel Mission typically keeps the completed and signed portion of this agreement and Dance4One, due to privacy laws, was not allowed access to this portion of the aforementioned document).

Based on the aforemented documents, Dan Getz was able to learn that the case manager for Brogan Guyton signed and dated The Salvation Army Homeless Certification Letter on December 13, 2012, and that the phone # for this particular location of The Salvation Army is 214-424-7236.  Further independent investigation revealed that this Shelter is located at 5302 Harry Hines Blvd. Dallas, TX 75235, the Main Phone # is 214-424-7050, the Corps Officer is Diane Johnson, and the Director is named as Blake Fetterman, according to this website link:

According to the Hospital Discharge Papers from Green Oaks Hospital, a hospital known in Dallas, TX for it's outpatient and emergency phsyciatric care (phone # 972-991-9504), dated December 11, 2012, quite a bit of information can be confirmed.  On the first page of these discharge papers, a section reads, "Discharge Med List" and then states, "Take ONLY the medication listed below unless directed otherwise by a doctor.  Contact you Outpatient Psychiatrist or Primary Care Doctor for any questions or refills of medications.  Contact your Outpatient Primary Care Doctor for any medical problems."

As Brogan Guyton was staying in a homeless shelter it is fairly reasonable to assume that Brogan Clyde Guyton had no "Outpatient Psychiatrist" or "Primary Care Doctor" or "Outpatient Primary Care Doctor" outside of the doctor who treated him on December 11, 2012 and was named as "Butler, Roger G MD", according to the Hospital Discharge Papers issued by Green Oaks Hospital.

Brogan Clyde Guyton was prescribed the following medications: 500 mg (Oral at Bedtime) of Depakote, 15 mg (Oral at Bedtime) of Remeron/Mirtazapine, Neosporin Ointment Three Times Daily and 50 mg ("Oral at HS PRN, MAY REPEAT X 1 in 1) of Desyrel/Trazodone HCL.

At the beginning of the first page of the Hospital Discharge Papers, the "Salvation Army, 5302 Harry Hines Blvd. Dallas, TX 75235, Ph: 214-424-7000" is typed, with a "Note:" that reads, "SHELTER REFERAL. A LIST OF SHELTERS WAS PROVIDED PT," but does not indicate for certain whether or not Brogan Clyde Guyton was staying at The Salvation Army at the time of discharge.  The aforementioned Homeless Certification Letter from The Salvation Army, and dated December 13, 2012, does indicate that Brogan Guyton was staying at The Salvation Army on the 11th of December, but the Hospital Discharge Papers from Green Oaks does not specifically indicate or confirm this. 

According to the same and aforementioned Discharge Papers, there is a section and one entire page that states the following (PLEASE NOTE that the copy obtained by Dance4One is not signed by either Brogan or any of the staff at Green Oaks Hospital), and I quote,

"Patient Choice Letter

Your physician has recommended post-acute care serivces after you leave the hospital.  You have the right to select who provides and where you receive these services.  It is your choice.  If you need more information before making this decision, please ask our Case Management staff to assist you and provide policies of any of the other providers, we cannot make recommendations.

If your follow-up is with a NorthStar provider, please take proof of residency (lease, water bill, etc.) and proof of income (last 2 check stubs or last year's income tax) with you to your first appointment.  For Northstar medication problems, call NorthStar at 888-800-6799.

If you have any problems or begin to feel like you may harm yourself or others, please return to Green Oaks Hospital or call Telecare Toll Free Crisis Line at 866-260-8000.

I understand the above discharge instructions and if I have any questions or comments, I may call Green Oaks Hospital at 972-991-9504.

(My signature below indicates that it is my choice to have services provided by the providers listed above)."

There is then one unsigned signature line for the "Patient/Parent/Guardian Signature" (with this statement directly below, "(Nurse signature required on patient's discharging from Priority 3)", and then TWO unsigned places for a "Staff Signature" and "Date/Time".

At the bottom of this section there is a statement that reads, "The local office of the protection and advocacy of the disabled: ADVOCACY Inc. (800) 880-2884, 1420 W. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX 75247-4932."

On the final page of the Hospital Discharge Papers from Green Oaks Hospital, a line reads, "Your caregivers today were:" and then lists "Butler, Roger G MD" as the Physician and "EL" as the Nurse.

A line then reads, "Prescriptions given to patient:" and then lists three of the aforementioned medications, quantities and "number of refills" as follows:

Depakote, quanity of 15 and Number of Refills as 1; Remeron, quantity of 15 and Number of Refills as 1; and Trazadone, quanity of 30 and Number of Refills as 1.

In addition to this and still within the section entitled "Prescriptions given to patient:", two statements read, "AVOID DRUGS AND ALCOHOL" and "RETURN TO HOSPITAL IF SYMPTOMS INCREASE".

In the final section of the Hospital Discharge Papers, entitled "Follow-up", it reads, "GUYTON, BROGAN has been referred to the following clinics/specialists for follow up care: LIFENET, 9708 Skillman, Dallas, TX 75243, Ph: 214-221-5433." with a "Note:" that says, "FOLLOW-UP WITH LIFENET AT THE BRIDGE ON FRIDAY DECEMBER 16, 2012 AT 9:00 AM FOR MEDICATION MANAGEMENT AND HOSPITAL FOLLOW-UP", then lists "PARKLAND MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, 5201 Harry Hines Blvd., Dallas, TX 75235, Ph: 214-590-8000."


Penciled in on the last page of these discharge papers is a hand-written note (most likely written by Brogan Guyton) that says, "North Star A2358046 1-888-800-6799".

What is not stated in the "Follow-up" section of these discharge papers is any reference to The Salvation Army, the shelter he presumably should have been staying at according to The Homeless Certification Letter The Salvation Army completed for Brogan on December 13, 2012 (2 days AFTER his discharge from Green Oaks), who may have, if they had known specifically of the medications prescribed and the warning and dangers involved with drinking alcohol with any of these drugs, possibly been able to 1) have a conversation with Brogan to help him FULLY understand the significant risk of continuing to drink alcohol (particularly when taking these prescribed medications), 2) help ensure that he [Brogan] was able to get to his appointment at LIFENET at The Bridge (Marshal Polk has indicated that Brogan had indicated to him that he [Brogan] was a few minutes late, presumably due to the fact that the free shuttle from the Parkland Prescription Center to The Bridge does not leave until 8:30 a.m., and his appointment was at 9, and Brogan may have very possibly missed the first shuttle or the shuttle was simply running behind schedule, and ultimately was told [presumably by a LIFENET employee] that he missed the appointment and would need to reschedule),3) Advise/Counsel/Ensure that Brogan take the medications prescribed (preceded by ensuring that Brogan was able to get the prescriptions FILLED, which can be very confusing and intimidating when incomplete paperwork, inadequate explanations/inquiries, and minimal funds often prevent the filling of needed medications) , and 4) allowed his case-worker at The Salvation Army to assist Brogan with any of the discharge instructions or follow-up he may not have fully comprehended or understood at the time of his discharge.

The Summary of Emergency Shelter Rules issued by the Union Gospel Mission of Dallas, Calvert Place (that Dance4One was able to obtain a copy of from some of Brogan Guyton's personnel effects) outlines the specific rules and procedures for Conduct, Client Intake, Evening Schedule, Bunks and Lockers, Client Mail and the Issuance of Clothing.  Even with the existence of a completed and signed application, Dance4One would be unable to confirm with the Union Gospel Mission that Brogan Guyton actually stayed at the Union Gospel Mission due to various Federal, State and Local Privacy Laws concerning such matters.

Finally, the Completed and Signed (by Brogan Guyton on November 9, 2012) Application for Certified Copy of Birth or Death Certificate from the Bureau of Vital Statistics (located at 1500 Marilla, Room 1FN, Dallas, TX, 75201 and a phone number of 214-970-3092) shows Brogan Clyde Guyton was born on August 10, 1992, in Atlanta, GA (county stated as "Fulton) to his Father, Fred Clyde Guyton and Mother, Lisa Brogan Guyton at the Pedmont Hospital.

Please note that in an earlier article by Dan Getz with Dance4One ( that Brogan's mother's name was inadvertantly reported to be "Linda", instead of Lisa, and that Brogan Clyde Guyton's name was the combination of his mother's middle name (Brogan's first name) and father's middle name (also Brogan's middle name).  As previously reported by Dance4One, Brogan Clyde Guyton's mother, Lisa Brogan Guyton, died when Brogan was just 15 years old.

The applicant's name was reflected as Guyton Brogan with a Middle Initial of "C", and a mailing address of 4116 Kilgore Street, Dallas, TX 75212, a phone number of 214-518-0124, and an alternate phone number listed as 678-591-1382.  Furthermore, the "Relationship to Person Named" was indicated as "Self"; the "Purpose for Obtaining Record" was indicated as "IDification" [sic], and was completed and signed on 11-9-12 by "Brogan Guyton".

Dan Getz with Dance4One was unable to confirm whether or not this document was submitted to the Bureau of Vital Statistics or if so, the status of said application.

Posted by: Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" at Dance4One,, YouTube 12131966dan, Facebook (Dan Getz and Dance4One), Twitter @Dance4One, and LinkedIn (Dan Getz).


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Journey is not COMPLETE and Obama outlines unapologetically liberal vision in inaugural speech...BOTH 100% TRUE...but...

by Dan Getz, International Blogger,
Reporting "LIVE" from: Denny's,
12733 LBJ Freeway, Garland, TX
Both the statement of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama during the Inaugural Celebration (his sweating in/inauguration actually took place one day before on Sunday, January 20, 2013 in a Private Ceremony) of "Our Journey is not Complete..." and this statement by the Associated Press in Washington D.C. of "Obama outlines unapologetically liberal vision in inaugural speech" that ran as the Headline in MANY papers (including The Dallas Morning News) this morning, could not both be so true...or further from the TRUTH.

When President Obama stated, "Our Journey is not complete..." he went on to say, and I quote, "...until our gay brothers and sisters are treated the same as everyone else...".  As I stated in my FACEBOOK post yesterday, " PRESIDENT OBAMA sworn in as the President of the United States of America, TODAY in PRIVATE ceremony...Re-Posted by Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" at Dance4One...,, YouTube 12131966dan, Facebook (Dan Getz and Dance4One), Twitter @Dance4One, and LinkedIn (Dan Getz).

Now Mr. President, LET's TALK about that HOLDING up the UNITED STATES CONSTIUTION which GUARANTEES FREEDOM of SPEECH and the RIGHT to BEAR ARMS (without the INTERFERANCE or INTEROGATION of DOCTORS)...Also, LET'S TALK about the PLEDGE of ALLEGIENCE to the FLAG of the UNITED sTaTeS of AMERICA which DECLARES "I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE to the FLAG of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, and to the REPUBLIC for which it STANDS; ONE NATION under GOD, InDiViSiBlE, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL." 'cause there are a "few" police departmaccording to a USA NEWS on March 19, 2012ents and FEDERAL and STATE judges that are apparently either CONFUSED about the LAW, or are WILLFULLY disregarding it...", Mr. Obama is completely missing the mark, as far as I (and MANY in our country) are concerned.

Our country is at a crossroads in terms of FREEDOM, LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL.  The homosexuals are a VERY tiny minority, compared to the homeless, jobless, Hispanics, men, women, children, African Americans, handicapped, United States Veterans, disallusioned, hopeless and mentally ill "minorities" that are quickly becoming the MAJORITY of the UNITED states of America when it comes to being treated unfairly, unjustly and through the discrimation, profiling and harrassment of many, many police forces and local, state and federal judges throughout the United States of America.

In March of 2012, President Barack Hussein Obama signed an Executive Order that "could potentially give him the power to institute martial law in the United States in times of peace or during a national threat." according to an article published by USA NEWS on March 19, 2012 (see  The same USA NEWS article went on to say, and I quote, "The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order will give Obama power over 'resources and services needed to support such plans and programs.'"

If all of the above is what President Barack Hussein Obama means when he says, "Our Journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like everyone else (with the exception of LAW ENFORCEMENT, I have to assume), then there is NOTHING "natural" about this "citizen" whose birthplace is still widely disputed, and IMPEACHMENT proceedings should be initiated IMMEDIATLY on the grounds of NOT upholding the U.S. Constitution (as he AGAIN swore to do TWO times, during the last TWO days) in terms of Executive Approval of CENSORSHIP of FREE SPEECH, the "axing" of the Right to BEAR ARMS and unfairly and unjustly harrassing, imprisoning and persecuting  U.S. Citizens based on their economic status, race, religions beliefs, etc. through this ILLEGAL declaration of Marshal Law (which is the same as handing the Legislative, Judicial AND Executive branches of governement's AUTHORITY into the hands of a few rogue, unintelligent, ignorant and hateful policemen (and women),where they make and interpret their own "law", judge that "law" and then are handed, through an EXECUTIVE ORDER of the President of the United States of America, "executive" authority and impunity.

And when the VERY liberal Associated Press admittedly states, "Obama outlines unapologetically liberal vision in inaugural speech,", we as American Citizens, who are GUARANTEED through our U.S. Constiution, and more specifically through our Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag, "...with Liberty and Justice for ALL,", should be VERY alarmed, afraid and concerned...enough to stand up and take action, bearing arms in our quest to restore Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (as declared by Patrick Henry in the 1700's), if absolutely necessary, to ensure the RESTORATION of Liberty and Justice for ALL in first America, and then as an International Leader, .the NATIONS of the WORLD (see
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Three in, for and by ONE...A Day to DREAM...again!

by Dan Getz, International Blogger
Reporting "LIVE" from Parkland
Health & Hospital System, Dallas, TX

7 months from now on August 28, 2013 will mark the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous "I have a DREAM" speech.  In the same year (1963), except three months later on November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assasinated.  Four years and about 4 months later on April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King, Jr. would also be assasinated.

Despite the vast array of personal and political views today, nobody can deny the fact that both of these men were truly GREAT MEN who were courageous, dreamed BIG dreams and saw the Day of the FULFILLMENT of those DREAMS... where INJUSTICE would be dealt a DEATH BLOW, and be FAIRLY JUDGED, and when Liberty, Freedom and Justice for ALL would prevail once again.

Yesterday, I had the priviledge of participating in THREE separate and distinctly unique events, whereby I was not only able to DREAM again of a BRIGHTER FUTURE for my city, state and country, but also saw the distinctive earmarks, rumblings and fruition of those DREAMS...not only for myself and my COUNTRY, but ultimately for the NATIONS.

My day began fairly normally at 4:00 a.m....Get up...Shower...Breakfast and a nice walk, bus ride and additional walk (due to the unpredictable, but oh so predictable delays of the DART #2 bus) to my final destination...arriving at around 6:00 am at the S.O.U.L CHURCH ( which is an open-air ministry that feeds, clothes and ministers to the homeless and poor a few blocks west of The Bridge (a Homeless Recovery Center, located at 1818 Corsicana, Dallas, TX 75201).  Born and raised poor in Kenosha, WI, Pastor Leon had DREAMS that did not include the poor and the lost. But after he surrendered his life to Christ in 1994, Pastor Leon began to hear the voice of God which eventually led to ministry on the streets of Dallas, the replacement of OLD DREAMS with NEW DREAMS...and today, the FULLFILMENT of those DREAMS.

After a truly beautiful service that ended with 300 or more broken and healed men, women and children coming together in a huge circle of linked arms and hands and the exorbitantly abundant and generous feeding of all by multiple volunteers from various area churches, I walked a bit aimlessly towards Main Street Gardens, a large dog and public park located between Main and Elm and Harwood and St. Paul.

Immediately I spotted on Elm Street a very nice Harley Davidson Police Motorcyle, two police (a man and a woman), a large tour bus/motorhome, another very nice "civilian" motorcycle parked sideways in front of the tour bus/motorhome, and several very handsomely dressed and looking men and woman (most with still and video cameras and tri-pods), that radiated importance and confidence.  Though very closed-mouth about their specific agenda, they were very courteous to my inquiries as a reporter/blogger, and "unofficially" disclosed to me that they were shooting a car commercial for Acura (  Due to the time-sensativeness and "classified" content of their shoot, they could not allow me to take pictures, nor even disclose the make and model of the vehicle they were shooting...BUT based on the vehicles shown on their website, I believe it was the 2013 Acura ILX (150-hp, 2.0-liter, i-VTEC® 4-cyl.
201-hp, 2.4-liter, i-VTEC® 4-cyl. 111-hp, 1.5-liter, 4-cyl. Hybrid Starting at $25,900

In spite of the impressiveness and sheer elegance of the vehicle and driver being shot, something about this shoot impressed me even more.  It was the honest intrigue and interest in the PEOPLE in the park yesterday.  Anyone who is familiar with this particular park KNOWS of the co-mingling and interaction of races, the economic extremes from the middle and upper class wealthy to the poorest of the poor and homeless, the sports, athletic and pet-owner oriented to the artistically and intellectually inclined, from the very old, to the very young...and everything inbetween.  It was the picture of a FIELD of DREAMS...that if you BUILD it, it WILL COME...from the ones LIVING out their those living in the place of regret and sorrow from failed the one inspired by the TRUTH of "You cannot FAIL, if you CHOOSE to get up AGAIN", and that NO MATTER WHAT...they were GETTING UP to TRY and TRY and TRY (like PINK sings of in her song entitled "TRY"...

At 11:00 sharp I left the park and headed, (still a bit aimlessly, but definitely more directed), to the St. Jude Chapel at 1521 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75201 ( which put me just in time for their 11:30 Mass.  Now I am not Catholic (I was raised Baptist, but tend to steer more towards a non-denominational/charismatic/penecostal "stream"), nor have ever even attended a Catholic Church, but something and Someone directed me to this specific place of BELIEVERS...

This particular service, I learned, was the "Second Sunday in Ordinary Time", January 20, 2013).  The start of the service began with a dramatic/theatrical 1st person recording of a person playing the part of the Virgin Mary and her recollection of the time in history when an Angel appeared to her in a Vision or Dream and told her that Jesus, the Son of God would be conceived and birthed through her with the aid of the Holy Spirit.  This rendering of the Immaculate Conception was followed bv several comments, readings, prayer and the opening and reading of the scriptures by Father Jonathan Austin and the leading of praise and worship by Angela Orlino.

Though every part of the service, ceremony and message rang of TRUTH and INSPIRATION, the most memorable and meaningful portion to me personally was the beautiful rhetoric Father Austin used to clearly explain the TRUTHs of the AGES...That ALL scripture is the Word of GOD, and should be read DAILY by ALL...That ALL creation must recognize, and be inspired to create by the CREATOR...That we are ALL designed to be CHARISMATIC or "Exercise a compelling charm that inspires devotion in others"...and that when Father Jonathan Austin personally visited the late Pope John Paul II in Rome a few years back, he witnessed the deep groanings and undecipherable "words" of his [the Pope's] spirit that Pope John Paul II adamently and clearly articulated to the Father as "tongues".

So by the time I left this small Catholic Chapel around 1:00 pm, I realized I had been a participant in THREE beautiful moments that inspired the frution and spurring on of DREAMS...and all before the clock struck ONE...For me, threes symbolize "confirmation" as it often takes me three times to "get it", and recognize and hear the TRUTH.  A "one" in the Hebrew language means "UNITY" and of course GOD in the Jewish, Christian and Catholic faiths is described as the "The THREE in ONE", or the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

So TODAY, as we "officially" witness the inauguration of President Barack Hussein Obama and remember the LIFE and DREAMS of Martin Luther King, Jr., dare to DREAM your own DREAM, laying aside fear of failure...cause you can only fail by choosing not to get up...and DREAM...again.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013


by Dan Getz, Internatinoal Blogger, PRESIDENT OBAMA sworn in as the President of the United States of America, TODAY in PRIVATE ceremony...Re-Posted by Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" at Dance4One...,, YouTube 12131966dan, Facebook (Dan Getz and Dance4One), Twitter @Dance4One, and LinkedIn (Dan Getz).

Now Mr. President, LET's TALK about that HOLDING up the UNITED STATES CONSTIUTION which GUARANTEES FREEDOM of SPEECH and the RIGHT to BEAR ARMS (without the INTERFERANCE or INTEROGATION of DOCTORS)...Also, LET'S TALK about the PLEDGE of ALLEGIENCE to the FLAG of the UNITED sTaTeS of AMERICA which DECLARES "I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE to the FLAG of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, and to the REPUBLIC for which it STANDS; ONE NATION under GOD, InDiViSiBlE, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL." 'cause there are a "few" police departments and FEDERAL and STATE judges that are apparently either CONFUSED about the LAW, or are WILLFULLY disregarding it...
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Good Things Come to those who WAIT...

by Dan Getz, International Blogger

I'm sure that most of you have heard the old adage, "Good things come to those who WAIT," right?  But I would be willing to bet that most of you are also not fully aware of the significance or meaning of the Hebrew word "WAIT" or "QAVAH" as it is written in Isaiah 40:31 when it says, "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."

The Hebrew word "qavah"is a verb (i.e. ACTION word as several of my favorite Elementary teachers used to remind me) which means, "To wait, look for, hope, expect", "To Collect; Bind Together", "Wait for (Probably, originally twist, stretch, then of tension of enduring, waiting," "cord," "be strong, strength, also strand of rope, and "endure, remain, await, threads, spider's threads, web".(See and

Do you see it?  The word wait, as used in this passage of scripture, is not a passive or non-action type of word.  It is not only ACTIVE, but it is a "binding, or a rope"...with SOMETHING or SOMEONE.  That SOMEONE is the FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT, and when we WAIT, or intertwine ourselves with HIM, we will "mount up with wings like eagles...we will run and not be weary...we WILL walk and NOT faint..."  It is ALL about RELATIONSHIP with HIM as a CORD, or STRAND of THREE is NOT easily broken.

So TODAY, as the devil and world attemps to throw EVERYTHING it can against you, WAIT on the LORD and He WILL renew your strength...for if HE be FOR us...who can possibly be against us?  For what may be impossible for man, IS truly POSSIBLE with OUR God...

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dance4One Journalist Questioned, Detained, Searched and Let Go by Dallas Police Department Corporal and Partner

by Dan Getz, International Blogger

Reporting LIVE from:
The Hotel Adolphus
1321 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX, 75202

About 3:30 pm CST, approximately 30 minutes after leaving the Dallas Convention Center (host of the 33rd Annual National Cheerleading Association Senior and Junior High School Championship), Dan Getz, Owner and President of Dance4One was directed to "Come Here," by two City of Dallas Police Officers, and then forcibly told (and guided by one of the Officer's bodies and hands) to put his hands on the hood of Unit 2784 of the Dallas Police Department.

When Getz told them he was headed to "the Korean lady who passes out Chicken each Sunday," he was then asked if he objected to the search of his pockets, person, a backpack containing his laptop and another bag, to which he consented, though with verbal and visible hesitation as to why he was "randomly" being stopped for simply walking down Ervay Street, about a block southwest of The Bridge (site of a Texas Workforce location, Parkland Memorial Hospital Clinic, various Social Services which include Emergency and Transitional Shelter for both Men and Women over the age of 18) located at 1818 Corsicana Street in Dallas, TX.

At some point  Mr. Getz's wallet and valid Texas Driver's License was removed from his right pants pocket by one of the Officers who later claimed to be a Corporal.  When Dan Getz informed both Officers that he was an international blogger of a blog ( that is NOW READ in 100+ Nations, the Officer identifying himself at that point as "Corporal" became visibly and audibly upset and went into a 2 to 3 minute "tirade" of how he had a four year degree in "law" and "did Getz see the 'stripes' on his uniform indicating the dedication, rank and service he had and was performing for the City of Dallas Police Department?"  The "Corporal" went on to belittle and mock Getz's four year Bachelor of Arts Degree in Advertising, and strongly recommended that Getz remove "Dance" from his blog name, as "he [the 'Corporal'] "didn't Dance."

After several more questions that strongly implied Getz's assumed criminal intentions, including the deliberate and willful concealment of arms and knives, Getz was told he was "free to go", by the "Corporal", but that he had to turn around, and cross back over Interstate 35, "which was the site of the Korean Church" Getz was looking for.

Though Getz knew that the church the "Corporal" had pointed out was in fact NOT a Korean church, but the "Eagle's Nest Cathedral" led and pastored by W.V. Grant, he nevertheless complied, as at this point he was visibly shaken and afraid of a yet possible arrest (or worse), over the apparent illegal detainment and infringement of his 1st Ammendment Rights under the Constiution of the United States of America, which he clearly stated to both Officers several times.

As Getz was walking away, he told the "Corporal" and his partner that he [Getz] was fully aware of the shooting that killed a man 6 days ago on Monday, January 7, 2013 around 6:00 p.m. at The Bridge [same Bridge mentioned above and located at 1818 Corsicana Street in Dallas, TX]. 

Furthermore, Getz communicated to both Officers that he was in the early stages, as an Investigative Reporter for Dance4One, of uncovering what by all appearances, and the absence of any news media reports, City of Dallas Police Department Press Releases, Arrestf(s) or Detainment of ANY suspects (although multiple witnesses inside The Bridge saw the suspect, heard several flashes from a gun, and heard more than one gun shot) appears to be a City of Dallas Police Department Cover-up, with the collaboration and full cooperation of The Dallas Morning News (founded by George Dealy in 1885, approximately three years before the Dallas Commercial Record was founded in 1988).

As Getz continues to gather, compile and confirm additional and existing eye-witness accounts and testimony (including Bridge Personnel and Security), that information will be made available through this blog (, Twitter @Dance4One, FACEBOOK (Dance4One and Dan Getz), and additional social media outlets.

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Dance4One COVERAGE of 33rd Annual Senior & Junior High School National Championship, Dallas, TX at Dallas Convention Center

by Dan Getz, International Blogger
Reporting from the Dallas Convention
Center Starbucks, January 13, 2013

The last performance of the 2 day 33rd Annual NCA Senior & Junior High School National Championship is scheduled for 9:56 pm, and will be performed by Choctaw High School ADV-COED Division, and is located in Choctaw, OK. 

Scheduled to perform at 2:00 pm this afternoon will be the Rockwall-Heath High School (located in Heath, TX), INT-JV/FRESH Division Cheerleading Team, followed by the Holy Cross High School (of New Orleans, LA) INT-JV/FRESH Division at 7:00 p.m., according to both Alex and Alexis, both members of the Cheerleading Squad (and competing today), and students at Holy Cross High School.

According to one of the team members (and her mother) of St. Matthews in San Antonio, TX, the St. Matthews Catholic School, NOV-SJHMS Division Cheerleading Squad finished 3rd (out of 8 in their Division) earlier this morning.

According to Senior Vice President of the NCA Junior and Senior Championships, Karen Lawrence, approximately 4,000 to 4,500 students from 22 states will have performed 300 routines by the end of this two day championship.  Schools as far away as California and Alaska,, and 1 elementary school from Kentucky performed in this year's NCA National Championship.

More Information on the NCA and NCA Championship, as well as video from this year's competition can be found by clicking on the following links:!/NCAcheer?fref=ts, or

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Opportunity Knocks...and Knocks...and Knocks...Will YOU open WIDE the DOOR of YOUR hEaRt?

by Dan Getz, Internatinoal Blogger

Dear Mr. George and/or Mr. Huckabee,

Will you PLEASE contact me, as I am VERY interested in your FOUR parcels of property located on Maple Street, just outside Downtown Dallas, TX.  I am meeting with my Business Plan Analyst and her Copper Mine Investment firm next week, so should be ready to discuss a REASONABLE offer by this coming Friday or the following Monday.

I left my contact information on the four vehicles located on these properties today, as well as spoke to the gentleman who got into the artistically decorated Jeep (back and side windows), who told me he would relay my interest in the purchase or lease of these properties to one or both of you.  I could also be interested in the duplex and home located behind these 4 parcels as well, if you happen to know the current owners.

Here is one of my FACEBOOK albums that I think you will be interested in seeing.!/media/set/?set=a.4349507292951.2151394.1145663938&type=1

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Very Truly Yours,

Daniel Getz

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Friday, January 11, 2013


By Dan Getz, International Blogger

Today, January 11, 2013, 41 graduates of the Dallas Police Academy entered the City of Dallas Police force.  This particular class was the Recruit Class 328 with a MOTTO that reads, "Dedicated, Motivated - Here to be the Best."

The graduation ceremony was held today at the El Centro College Campus located in the West End of Downtown Dallas, TX  between 2:00 p.m and 3:00 p.m. CST.  According to the program for today's graduation celebration, the Dallas Police Department was founded in 1881 and is committed to "Honor, Dedication and Service."

Inside the program were a number of very impressive statistics acheived by specific Officers that were completed during their training at the City of Dallas Police Academy.  The top proficiency rating for Physical Fitness was 94.80% achieved by Officer David Sanchez.

Officer Coreen Edmond received a 100% Firearms Proficiency Rating and the highest Academic Average rating acheived was 92% by Officer Ken Nguyen, who ALSO received the highest Overall Academy Average at 91.56%.

Officer Waylon Osborn received the highest Driving Performance Rating at 100%, but Officers Briana Garcia, Ryan Lowman, Christopher Alisch and Haley Morgan all were a close second by achieving a 99% Driving Proficiency Rating.

The Opening Ceremony and Introductions was conducted by Lieutenant Mackie Ham.  The Address to the Graduates was conducted by Former Dallas Police Chief, David Kunkle, with current Chief of Police, David O. Brown proceeding Kunkle with his Remarks and Congratulations to the NEWEST employees of the City of Dallas, TX Police Department.

Congratuations to the entire Graduating Class, and May the SPIRIT of JUSTICE reign in OUR city, state, nation and WORLD again, through EACH one of YOU...1-11-13 (that is TWO ELEVENS, CONFIRMED or more precisely, THE CONFIRMATION of a DOUBLE PORTION of BELOVED SONS/DAUGHTERS (see MORE on NUMEROLOGY and SYMBOLOGY at and MORE on JUSTICE and FREEDOM for ALL in OUR NATION at

Photos of the Graduating Officers and Family and Friends can be seen at!/media/set/?set=a.4344270682039.2151328.1145663938&type=1 AND!/media/set/?set=a.4344432486084.2151332.1145663938&type=3.

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by Dan Getz, International Blogger
Reporting from SOMEWHERE in
Dallas, TX on January 11, 2013!/Dance4One11

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Poetic & Historic LOOK at the PAST and FUTURE of the CITY and COUNTY of DALLAS, TEXAS & The UNITED states of AMERICA...

by Dan Getz, International Blogger

Following is a Poetic Journey through the HISTORY of the City and County of Dallas, TEXAS and OUR NATION...The RESTORATION of UNITY amongst BELOVED Sons...and Daughters is on the HORIZON, and COMING SOON through the WINDS of CHANGE...

Visit the Newest FACEBOOK Album of Dan Getz with Dance4One entitled, "NEW...A FOUR HOUR & 40 MINUTE JOURNEY this MORNING" (314 photos) at:!/media/set/?set=a.4339352279082.2151251.1145663938&type=1.

Doing what is shown here...TAKING PICTURES of HISTORY and CURRENT EVENTS is what promped DART POLICE officers Doherty (Badge #423), R.D. (Badge #483) and J. Abbot (Badge #408) to issue Dan Getz with Dance4One a "DART POLICE DEPARTMENT TRESPASS WARNING" on 1-6-2013 that prohibits Getz from riding on ANY DART TRAIN (but buses are okay) or from entering the MAJOR BUS AND TRAIN TRANSIT AND TRANSFER STATIONS at CBD West 920 San Jacinto, Dallas, TX 75202, Rosa Parks Plaza at 901 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75202 or CBD East 330 N. Olive Street, Dallas, TX 75202. for ONE YEAR from said WARNING, or January 6, 2014.  Shame on your "officers" Doherty, RD and Abbott and DART Management for allowing such INCOMPETANT MEN to be in a position of authority...

...The IRONIC thing is I did not have a single encounter or confrontation with ANY police TODAY taking 314 pictures when 2 pictures of an ambulance, police car and what appeared to be a drunk man in the WEST END prompted the aforementioned "citation"...

Do you even realize, DART what you have DONE to cripple the LIFE and LIVELYHOOD of a man (Dan Getz with recovering from MAJOR heart surgury to correct a life-long BIRTH DEFECT known as Wolf, Parkinson, White Syndrome, suffering from BLOOD CLOTS in both LEGS and a HERNIA when he is trying to simply LIVE and get to WORK?  Do you have ANY idea how hard it was to walk 10-12 miles from the WEST END to my final destination and back and forth several times over the last several days due to INCONVENIENT, DELAYED and NON-EXISTENT bus schedules? 

I am very sure you do not, as MOST of the MANAGEMENT of DART has NEVER stepped a TOE on ANY DART bus or train...EVER...and CANNOT possibly KNOW the daily and voluminous amount of INCONSISTENCIES, INJUSTICE, DELAYS, FRUSTRATION, INSANITY, etc. ANY ONE of MANY of US encounter on a DAILY BASIS when we CHOOSE to ride the DART or TRE buses or trains...

But trust you get to KNOW "DANgerous" with Dance4One...

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Proposed Brogan Guyton COMMUNITY CENTER, Dallas, TX

by Dan Getz, International Blogger
Reporting from Dallas, TX
January 9, 2013

TODAY makrs a WEEK since Brogan Guyton's untimely death...

See the Brand New FACEBOOK photo album entitled, "FIELD of DREAMS...It is ALREADY will THEY come?"!/media/set/?set=a.4336616290684.2151213.1145663938&type=1

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In LOVING Memory of Brogan Guyton...1992 to 2013

by Dan Getz, International Blogger

TODAY, I CHOOSE to lay aside my multiple "hats"...and be REAL, real.  I lay aside my reporter hat.  I lay aside my analytical hat.  I lay aside my 3rd parson hat.  I lay aside my survivor hat.

I CHOOSE to put on my hat of LOVE.  I proudly place upon my head the hat of FRIENDSHIP.  I put upon my head the hats of COMPASSION, MERCY and FORGIVENESS.  I put on my FIRST PERSON hat.  These hats are the KEYS to VISION, MEMORY and CLOSURE.

As I left the Salvation Army this morning I had the rare priviledge of witnessing something truy spectacular that few will rarely see.  At least a hundred men of all ages and walks of life were filing past me.  Because the Salvation Army has multiple programs to truly help those in need, it was safe to assume that these men were part of one such program.  I was right after further inquiry of one of the individuals that filed past me.  They were all part of a Substance Abuse program authored and administered by the Salvation Army.

I then became choked up as I realized that I was witnessing a parade of the bravest, most valiant men I have EVER had the priviledge of being around, let alone being able to "brag" on the many FRIENDSHIPS I have acquired on a complex and difficult journey of my own through depression, suicidal thoughts, financial disaster and mistakes and multiple domestic issues that has resulted in the lengthy separation and estrangement from my three beautiful children Zackary (21), Hannah (19 this month) and Noah (16). 

A man stopped me in the hallway this morning and said, "You are Brogan's dad, right?"  I almost said, "Yes, I am" but knowing the TRUTH, said, "No, but I did know Brogan." and went on to tell this man the little I had known, and have learned about Brogan in the last several days.

I learned this morning in conversating with Mr. Polk, that Brogan had a tattoo on his chest that read, in part, "Linda, RIP" in LOVING MEMORY of his mother who died when Brogan was 15.

Brogan, I know you are dead and gone, but your Spirit shall LIVE forever in OUR hearts...the hearts of men and women...friends and family that LOVED and LOVE you as their OWN.  I want you to know, on behalf of myself and the friends you easily acquired during your short stay in Dallas, TX that your LIFE was not, nor will be in VAIN.  The MEMORY of your LIFE shall be in OUR hearts FOREVER.  Like you, my mother passed away when  I was 15 and she was 33 due to colon cancer that was deemed inoperable 31 years ago this coming May, 2013.  I can so relate to your pain and agony that overtook your spirit, soul and body.  Those who have experienced this type of tradgedy can relate with us.  Those who have not, cannot, or struggle to fully understand even when they want to.

Brogan, if you are "listening" and I sense you are, we want you to KNOW that we do not blame or accuse you of antything.  In saying what I am bout to say, I neither condone or condemn the suicial victim such as yourself.  What I am bout to say shakes my own theological position and even now hesitate to say what is on my heart.  But, at the onset of this post I promised to be REAL real, so proceed, though cautiously.

Brogan, in speaking to multiple FRIENDS of yours...both in Atlanta, GA and Dallas, TX, I believe it is safe to say that you struggled with "demons" of your own...demons of alcoholism...demons of depression...demons of dispair...demons of hopelessness...demons of mental instability...and aultimately the Angel of Death, accompanied by none other than the Demon of Suicide and Lucifer himself who ALL lied to you and convinced you that your LIFE was ultimately not worth LIVING.

Saying all of this, and KNOWING the little I know about your faith, family and friends, I believe I am safe in concluding that you were and are a Child of the MOST HIGH God, and had FULLY given your HEART to our Lord Jesus Christ.  I also believe that since OUR GOD is a merciful and forgiving GOD, WHO does not condemn those who have confessed their BELIEF in the SALVATION Jesus Christ provided through His Death on the cross 2,000 years ago, and His RESURECTION 3 days later, you are LIVING with HIM in heaven above.  I mean, why would a God of Mercy and Compassion condemn one ailing, dying and sick BELIEVER to hell simply because the cause of DEATH had "suicide" associated with it, and "Let In" another BELIEVER who DIED of natural causes?

Please understand READER...I am not codoning SUICIDE.  In fact, I want to strongly admonish the man, woman or child who is considering this option now, to PLEASE, PLEASE reconsider your optionS.  You have OPTIONS.  Despite how bad things have been, are, or you fear will become, you TRULY do have those in your LIFE that you can depend on, and who DO care for YOU, and will sorely MISS YOU if you CHOOSE to take your own LIFE...and the "fact" that you OWN your OWN life is a MISNOMER, squared.  He, your CREATOR is the ONLY ONE that "owns" you, but will NEVER make you feel owned or used, because He LOVES you...and I...that MUCH.

Brogan, there are many, many things I wish I had said and done for you, but  Not in person anyway.  However, I call out to your spirit, and to the spirits of the dying, afraid and alone...Please KNOW you HAVE at least ONE TWO.  First and foremost His name is JESUS CHRIST.  Secondly and not nearly as important, you have a FRIEND in me.  I might have failed you in the past, and will most assuredly fail you in some way in the future, but there is a GOD Who is above EVERY created and heavenly being that will NEVER fail you nor forsake you.  God the Father is HIS NAME...His Son's name is JESUS CHRIST and His HELPER and TEACHER is HOLY SPIRIT.  He ALONE will guide you to ALL truth and SALVATION.  His LOVE is ETERNAL and lasts FOREVER.  Your situation on EARTH was and is TEMPORARY and MORTAL.  Brogan, through your LIFE many have, and will come to KNOW your ABBA FATHER or "PaPa" as I have fondly grown accustomed to calling HIM.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Possibly last man to talk to and see Brogan Guyton before he died...IDENTIFIED

by Dan Getz, International Blogger
Reporting from Dallas, TX

Possibly the last man to speak with and see Brogan Guyton before he stepped into a moving DART train this past Wednesday evening around 7:30 pm. has been identified as Marshall Polk. 

An idnetified source (who knows Mr. Polk) said that Marshall had told him that Brogan visited him (Marshal Polk) at the Parkland Memorial Hospital shortly before he apparently committed suicide.  The source went on to say that Brogan had indicated to him (Marshal Polk) that he was going outside for a smoke, but never returned.

Dan Getz, the investigative reporter for this and several other articles on the Dance4One blog (see and has left information for Mr. Polk, a current resident of the Salvation Army, to contact him with the hope that any details he can provide, may in fact save another life some day.

Anyone interested in participating in or contributing towards a Memorial Service for Brogan Guyton here in Dallas, TX should contact the Salvation Army or Dan Getz with Dance4One via FACEBOOK.  In the meanitime a PAGE has been set up on FACEBOOK by Dance4One entitled, "Brogan Guyton Memorial (1992 to 2013)" at!/groups/140469342776314/.

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