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Friday, October 11, 2013

THIS is WHO i am...

by Dan Getz, International Blogger,
Reporting from San Antonio, TX
October 11, 2013 at 3:10 pm CST

"FOLLOW me on FACEBOOK...Because this is WHO i am... AND (Password to VIEW is DAILYBREAD)." was tweeted from @Dance4ONE a few moments ago.

I have been inspired by MANY throughout this JOURNEY called LIFE...Pink, through her song entitled "TRY" was the primary inspiration of TRYING...Dan Getz...the BRAND NEW Vimeo Video Shot, Edited and Produced by The Arrington Group in Dallas, TX [ (Password to VIEW is DAILYBREAD)].

LIBERY WALK by Miley Cyrus has inspired me many times to step out well beyond the societal "norms"...

Taylor Swift continues to amaze and inspire me through her multiple genres of music (country, hip-hop, rock, etc.) and multi-directional facets of art and creativity (clothing and perfume lines, movies, TV, music, etc.).

My friend Tina, lead singer for Deaf Angel, has inspired me EVERY time I listen to her song entitled "Directions" from their newest album "Brutally Beautiful" (

But today, Henry David Thorough inspired me to BELIEVE and STEP OUT again through this quote of his..."Go CONFIDENTIALLY in the DIRECTION of your DREAMS. LIVE the LIFE you have IMAGINED."

There are MANY, MANY more people that have lead me to this place of CONFIDENT CONTENTMENT in FINALLY knowing WHO i REALLY am...and I am truly grateful...particularly for the ones...the family members...the fairweather "friends"...the back stabbers... who made my life a LIVING HELL...through your mis-judgements, sarcasm, mockery, and painful rejection of who i am, time and time again...For without you I could not have possibly realized how stuck and hopeless and directionless I had become in my mundane and ridiculously hilarious conformity and co-dependence on what SOCIETY...through YOU... thought was best for me.

But I choose to LOOK FORWARD, and NOT look BACK...and to focus on the TRUE friends who have TAUGHT me to truly LIVE...Thank you and May God richly bless YOU for loving me, and leading me to the LIGHT at the end of a VERY DARK and PAINFUL Tunnel...

Posted by Dan Getz, aka "Dangerous", Dance4One (,, FACEBOOK (Dan Getz and Dance4One Group AND Page), Twitter (@Dance4ONE), YouTube 12131966dan, LinkedIn (Dan Getz) and (Password to VIEW is DAILYBREAD; Professionally Shot, Edited and Produced by Chase Arrington of The Arrington Group).


Monday, October 7, 2013

Dance4ONE demands JUSTICE...UNJUST Hard-Line Wal-Mart Managers Hold to Corporate Policy DEMANDING Customer Wait 9 Hours for Refund

by Dan Getz, Blogger for
Reporting from Rowlett, TX,
October 7, 2013 at 1:00 pm CST

Until the prophetic "LET" declared in Amos 5:24 COMPLETELY REPLACES the "UNTIL" aptly and intuitively spoken by Martin Luther King, Jr. when he said on August 28, 1963, "Until Justice Rolls Like the Waters...and Righteousness Like the Mighty Stream..." Injustice will REMAIN INDEFINITELY. This is precisely the reason that Wal-Mart continues to struggle through a mryiad of problems and...INJUSTICE. 
Take for instance the fact brought to the surface by the Occupy Movement/ through it's 99% vs. the 1% campaign...that the CEO of Wal-Mart (Michael Duke) makes more in ONE hour than the aveage Wal-Mart worker will make in an ENTIRE year...or $16,826.92 per hour, vs. $8.75 per hour (see  Liberty and Justice for ALL???  I think NOT.  Give me LIBERTY or Give me DEATH?  Perhaps.

Today, yet again, INJUSTICE "wagged it's ugly head" at a Wal-Mart located in Dallas, TX.(or more precisely, the store located at 3155 W. Wheatland Road, Dallas, TX 75237 which can be contacted at 972-709-1400).  A customer who visited this particular store for the first time this morning, has been a loyal customer of Wal-Mart for several decades, but wished to remain anonymous, stated the following to Dance4ONE:

"At approximately 11:30 pm yesterday evening I made about a $15.00 purchase at the Wal-Mart located between Highway 67 and Interstate 20 on Wheatland.  The only reason I was at this particular Wal-Mart was that in order to arrive at a new job assignment in Cedar Hill at 5:00 a.m. today I had to catch the D.A.R.T. Blue Line and Bus Route 466 prior to midnight the night before and then catch a taxi early the next morning (i.e. today) to travel the remaining distance to my final other words, I was merely killing some time during an otherwise uneventful...and sleepless evening/early morning.

At approximately 3:00 a.m. when I contacted the taxi service to request a taxi and get a precise amount of what the fare would be, I quickly realized I was going to be about $10 short on the fare, and needed to return about $10 worth of merchandise so that I could pay the cab driver and arrive to my new job assignment on time...which would be 5:00 a.m.

Thinking that a customer should, and would be handled as such...a CUSTOMER, I was shocked when I was told that any return and refund could ONLY be done during ANY Wal-Mart's established Customer Service Hours, which happened to be 7 am to 10 pm at this particular location.  The Manager went on to reiterate, when bluntly asked, that 'Yes, even if a CUSTOMER made a purchase at 10:00 pm and promptly realized at 10:01 pm that he needed to return the merchandise he had just just purchased, he would HAVE to wait NINE HOURS...until 7 am the next morning to make the return and receive his or her refund.'    When I explained my situation in more detail, and that if I was not able to pay the taxi driver and arrive on my first day to my brand new job assignment I would most likely be fired, the Customer Service Manager (I believe her name was Elizabeth) was not only extremely rude and blunt in her tone, attitude and body posture, but was cold and firm in her position that 'It was logistically IMPOSSIBLE to issue a refund outside of this established company-wide policy dictating the ONLY TIMES refunds could be issued, not only at this particular store, but at ANY Wal-Mart store across the country.  When I finally was granted my request to speak to her boss and make the same, logical appeal to her, I was told exactly the same thing, except with more coldness, rudeness AND resolve NOT to serve the Customer...namely ME.

I ultimately got to my destination due to a kind-hearted and symathetic cab driver named 'Charles' with Yellow Cab who allowed me to short pay him for his service.  When I returned to the same Wal-Mart store this morning around 7:48 am (due to a communication issue between the agency I work for and the foreman of the company I was sent to whereby my assignment has been delayed a day) to return the merchandise for my refund (so that I could pay the bus fare for the return to my home), I was told by Customer Service Representative, "Shun" the TRUTH that 'Yes, it was a corporate policy to only issue refunds during the specified and established Customer Service Hours, BUT that exeptions COULD be made, particularly when dealing with situations where a CUSTOMER would be significantly and negatively impacted if an exception to this policy was NOT made.' 

Shun went on to say that were no logistical and/or equipment limitations (as both 'Elizabeth' and her boss adamantly stated) that would prevent this transaction from being made outside of the established Customer Service Hours, and that a MANUAL OVER-RIDE was not only possible, but very clearly should have been performed."

Dance4ONE would love to hear your input on this article.  Do you agree or disagree or do you have your own story or stories of INJUSTICE that NEED to be TOLD, either at a Wal-Mart or ANY other facet of society within the United States or...WORLD?  FACEBOOK MESSAGE either Dan Getz or Dance4One (Group or Page) and be sure to check US out at either of our two websites, and, YouTube Channel 1213!966dan, Twitter @Dance4One, LinkedIn (Dan Getz) or (Recent Video PROFESSIONALLY Shot, Edited and Produced by the Arrington Group, and inspired, in part by Pink's TRY and entitled "TRYing...Dan Getz" and is MY STORY).