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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Do YOU have what it takes to survive in today's economy?

By Dan Getz, Blogger,

In yesterday’s article entitled “2011…The Year of Blessing” (, I concluded my article with these thoughts, “I challenge you to begin to look at the world differently than you do today…that if you will begin to look at the world around you more intently…more closely… and in spite of your circumstances and what you think you see, you will soon discover yourself to be surrounded by immeasurable GOODNESS and BLESSING…”

Since the inception of Dance4One, I have tenaciously insisted that ALL of US possess GIFTS inside of US, that when realized and tapped into CAN and WILL produce tangible, and often unbelievable results.  The Free Enterprise System was founded and based on this very principle…It is about CONNECTING Creativity or what I like to call “Art” with Business…through FAITH.  You see…ALL of us possess at least one…and more often than not multiple CREATIVE talents.  Think about it…Isn’t the origin of the most innovative business or idea CREATIVITY?  And then…to get that idea “off the ground” so to speak, it must be fueled by lots of passion and FAITH, right? 

My new friend, Gina Gardio-Graves, Director and Founder of the JV University & Directions University ( and said during a very informative webinar I attended last night (and Tony Robins has quoted) “Winners take imperfect action while losers are still perfecting the plan”.  Napoleon Hill stated, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve.”

So what am I saying, and have I adequately answered the question, “Do you have what it takes to survive in Today’s Economy?” Only YOU can truly answer that question, but I believe EVERYONE has what it takes…INSIDE of them…to not only survive, but to be VERY successful, and have fun while doing it!  The key is MINDSET…A mind set on the Negatives and focused on what the NAYSAYERS say will produce NEGATIVITY.  A MIND SET and focused on possibility and optimism WILL produce POSITIVE results.  Immobility produces stagnation, and stagnation leads to DEATH.  Mobility produces MOVEMENT and ACTION, both KEY components to LIFE.

I have much to say on this subject, but for today I will leave you with these two thoughts.  An entrepreneur, Mary Kay Ash says it like this, “The only difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is extraordinary determination.”  I say it like this, “Be Art.  Do Business.  Have Faith…CONNECTING Art and Business through FAITH.”  When we CHOOSE to BELIEVE who we ARE, and what we were CREATED to BE, we WILL achieve EXTRAORDINARY results, regardless of, and in spite of our surroundings or circumstances…and yes, even including a sluggish and recessed economy.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2011…The Year of Blessing

by Dan Getz, Blogger

O.W. ends up as #11 on my list of influential people I'd like to meet
There is significance in the number ELEVEN.  In the Hebrew language, the number ELEVEN means “Beloved Son or Daughter”.  The numbers 1 and 4 also carry a certain amount of significance, as do TWO’s and THREE’s…and many other numbers, I am sure.

A ONE in the Hebrew language means “Unity” and a FOUR means “Universal”.  Two’s are often referred to as a “Double Portion”, and I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage, “Two is Better than One.”  I know that the number THREE bears significance in the Christian Faith as the “Trinity” is used to personify the God-head, “Three-In-One” or Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  However, the number THREE has become a number of CONFIRMATION for me personally, as I often have to “see” or “hear” something THREE times before I believe or do it.

A short while before the end of 2010 (and about the same time I quite coincidentally moved into my apartment 1111 in Building 11), I began to think about the anomaly and possible significance of there being all 1’s in the date of January 1, 2011…1-1-11, and felt an unction to travel to the Middle East…specifically to be in Amman, Jordon on 1-1-11.  I then planned to stay in a place called El Metn, Lebanon (just outside of Beruit) for six days after that.  I won’t go into all of the significance or details of this particular trip, but I was in Amman, Jordon for 20 hours, or more specifically, 17 of the 24 hours of 1-1-11 (I arrived at the hotel at 9:00 pm on 12-31-10 and left there at 5:00 p.m. on 1-1-11.)

Before I go into the significance of the date, 1-1-11, I want to point out two things about how the dates and times above ALSO correlate to the number ELEVEN.  First, if you look at the numbers 17, 2 and 4 (when I mentioned I was in Jordon for 17 hours of a 24 hour period on 1-1-11) you will see that 17 minus (2+4) is 11.  In addition, by using all the numbers from the date 12-31-10, ELEVEN can also be derived by this computation: [(1+2)*3]+1+1=11.

The significance of this date (1-1-11) is this: It contains TWO (or a double portion) of Elevens, or a DOUBLE PORTION of Beloved Sons and Daughters.  This date could also be interpreted this way: A Double Portion of Universal Unity of Beloved Sons and Daughters because of the FOUR 1’s and TWO ELEVENS.

During 2011 there are FOUR instances where the date consists of ALL 1’s or 11’s: January 1, 2011, January 11, 2011, November 1, 2011 and November 11, 2011.

Jeremiah 29:11 not only says “I know what I’m doing.  I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for,” but is also proclaiming, through the numerical reference of 29:11, the same thing as the date 1-1-11, “A Double Portion of Universal Unity of Beloved Sons and Daughters.”  Do you see how 2+9 equals 11, and how adding another 11 is the same as TWO 11’s, as is the case in 1-1-11?

The 235th birthday of our country was two days ago, July 4, 2011, or 7-4-11.  A Seven Plus a Four is 11, and when added together with another 11 (for the YEAR), you again have TWO 11’s, or a DOUBLE PORTION of Blessing.

In the number 235, an ELEVEN can be found.  TWO multiplied by THREE is Six.  A Six Plus a Five is ELEVEN, and the computation would look like this: [2X3]+5=11.

My birthday this year will be on December 13, 2011 or 12-13-2011.  Add up all the individual digits…1+2+1+3+2+1+1…and you have ELEVEN.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I moved into my apartment 1111 (in Building 11) prior to the end of 2010.  What I didn’t mention is that the date I signed my lease (November 23, 2010) also bears a correlation to ELEVEN…actually TWO 11’s: The month of November is the 11th month, and thus the FIRST 11.  Now, let me show you how the 2, 3, 2 and 1 in this date equate to ELEVEN: [2x3x2]-1=11.

I believe that even in as horrific a date and images as 9-1-1 brings to mind, Blessing can be found…a 9 + 1 +1 is ELEVEN.  In this number I also see a TRIPLE CONFIRMATION (3X3=9) of BELOVED SONS and DAUGHTERS (11).

I am in no way a scholar or expert in numerology or symbolism, and I am certain I have much to learn regarding these subjects.  In addition, I don’t always see the potential significance of a number immediately.  It is often when I take the time to look at all the numbers individually, and think about the different ways they can be combined mathematically (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) that I “discover” the computation of the whole has significance.

Whether you dismiss all of this as sheer coincidence, or possibly label me as a “fanatic” or maybe even a “nut”, I challenge you to begin to look at the world differently than you do today.  For me, a simple road sign (i.e. Speed Limit 65…6+5=11) can remind me of my Father’s Blessing…His incredible love for me…For you, it may be something different…But I can assure you…that if you will begin to look at the world around you more intently…more closely… and in spite of your circumstances and what you think you see, you will soon discover yourself to be surrounded by immeasurable GOODNESS and BLESSING.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

...One Nation UNDER GOD, Indivisible, and with Liberty and JUSTICE for ALL

by Dan Getz, Blogger

As we...the UNITED STATES of AMERICA...a truly BLESSED NATION are celebrating 235 YEARS of FREEDOM today , it is important for ALL of us to REALIZE...and REMEMBER...and to be THANKFUL for several key components of OUR FREEDOM...

First and foremost we must REMEMBER that OUR FREEDOM was not obtained for FREE.  In fact, the cost of Our Freedom was clearly counted, although perhaps not fully realized then, by Patrick Henry in his "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech delivered at the Second Virginia Convention approximately 15 months prior to Thomas Jefferson's rought draft of the Declaration of Independence being printed by John Dunlap of Virginia by the order of the Continental Congress on the night of July 4, 1776.  Many men and women over the last 235 years (and even before that) have unselfishly given their lives for OUR freedom...and continue in this quest today as we fight not only against flesh and blood, but against extreme and evil ideologies...that not only have claimed, but continue to claim countless...and, women and children not only in the United States, but around the world...911...April 19th, 1995 in Oklahoma City...Yemen...Israel...Pakistan...Afghanistan...Iraq...and many, many places around the globe...We thank you...the Men...the Women...and the Children...of both the United States and the WORLD who have unselfishly laid down YOUR lives for OUR FREEDOM...We shall never, ever FORGET your SACRIFICE for US, the United States of America...

Secondly, the VALUE and IMPORTANCE of not only the words "UNDER GOD", but also "ONE NATION" and "INDIVISIBLE" must be REMEMBERED and REALIZED and should not be recklessly ommitted and abandoned as NBC so carelessly and foolishly chose to do recently during it's televised broadcast of the U.S. Open.  Many in our country today have responded with comments like "What's the big deal with editing out 'UNDER GOD' from our Pledge of Allegiance?", and not only don't realize their ignorance in this statement, but have failed to even realize that NBC ALSO ommitted "Indivisible" and "ONE NATION" from OUR pledge seconds after the first ommissions...

Let me explain why these THREE phrases and/or words are IMPORTANT to EVERY American...

Despite what you may have heard, or what others or you may believe about the foundation of America, this nation WAS built on godly (as defined by the Christian Faith) principles, and was founded by men who unappologetically identified themselves as Christians.  "Listen" to what just a few of them said, as quoted from's%20Judeo%20Christian%20Heritage.htm,:

Patrick Henry (remember the "Give me Liberty or Give me Death" guy?) said:  "It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason peoples of other faith have been afforded asylum, prosperity and freedom of worship here." and, "The Bible is worth all other books which have ever been printed."

Benjamin Franklin stated, "History will also afford frequent opportunities of showing the necessity of a public religion...and the excellency of the Christian religion above all others."

John Quincy Adams said,  "So great is my veneration for the Bible that the earlier my children begin to read it the more confident will be my hope that they will prove useful citizens of their country and respectable members of society.  I have for many years made it a practice to read through the Bible once every year."

U.S. Grant made this obervation: "The Bible is the sheet-anchor of our liberties."

Andrew Jackson concluded, "That book, sir, is the rock on which our republic rests."

Robert E. Lee declared, "In all my perplexities and distresses, the Bible has never failed to give me light and strength."

Abraham Lincoln stated, "I believe the Bible is the best gift God has ever given to man.  All the good from the Saviour of the world is communicated to us through this book."

Samuel Adams, who has been called the "Father of the American Revolution" said to Britian, "We again make our solemn appeal to the God of heaven to decide between you and us.  And we pray that, in the doubtful scale of battle, we may be successful as we have justice on our side, and that the merciful Saviour of the world may forgive our oppressors."

George Washington made this proclaimation: "You do well to wish to learn our arts and ways of life, and above all, the religion of Jesus Christ.  Congress will do everything they can to assist you in this wise intention."

Even the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia has this Bible verse engraved upon it!  "Proclaim liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof. LEVITICUS 25:10"

This Nation, was undoubtedly built on the premise that we are UNDER GOD.  I personally believe (along with Isaiah the prophet as spoken in Is. 14:12-23) that when we as a nation recognize our position of submission to Almighty God, He blesses us, but when we, as a nation begin to think and behave as if we are beyond or above God, His blessing could very well be withdrawn.

So to disregard, or blatantly remove the word "Under God" from our nation's Pledge of Alegiance IS a BIG DEAL, and should be viewed as such, as the consequences of God not only removing His Blessing from our Nation, but being "cast out" (Isaiah 14:19) and "cut off" (Isaiah 14:22) are VERY SIGNIFICANT...

Furthermore when you "add insult to injury" by ALSO removing "ONE NATION" and "INDIVISIBLE" from our pledge (which is the FOUNDATIONAL "brick and mortar" of our country's passionate BELIEF SYSTEM , you not only will most likely be a nation  in, or being lead to CIVIL WAR, it is NOT POSSIBLE to still have "JUSTICE and LIBERTY for ALL."

My final point is that America IS a BLESSED NATION, and the LORD of HOSTS is specifically reminding us of this during 2011.  I will go into more detail in a future BLOG POST with regard to the SYMBOLOGY of NUMBERS, but let me say this about the number ELEVEN, ONE and FOUR...11 in the Hebrew language symbolizes "Blessed Sons and Daughters."  The number ONE symbolizes UNITY.  And the Hebrew meaning behind the number FOUR is UNIVERSAL.  In 2011, there are FOUR times where ALL the numbers consist of ONLY 1's or 11's...1-1-11, 1-11-11, 11-1-11 and 11-11-11.

The significance of AMERICA celebrating 235 years of FREEDOM in 2011 is this....If you take 2 and multiply it by 3 you get 6.  Add the 6 to 5 and you get ELEVEN.  Combine the 11 in 2011 with this ELEVEN found in 235, and you have a DOUBLE PORTION of BLESSING for His Sons and His Daughters...

So join me in REMEMBERING and DECLARING our Pledge of Allegiance..."We pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands...One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL."

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Timothy House - Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan

URGENT NEED for 10 ORPHANS in Pakistan...

July 2, 2011, 2:00 A.M. CST

Dance4One has been made aware of a VERY URGENT need for 10 Orphaned boys ages 6 to 13.  Irum Naz, about a year and a half ago felt God leading her to step in and help the most needy children of Pakistan.  Four of these children were former brick layers.  Brick Layers in Pakistan are often confined, routinely beaten, often sold into what amounts to be slavery by their own parents, and forced to lay a minimum of 1,000 bricks per day to earn $5 or $6/day for their entire FAMILY.

I spent 2 hours this evening with Irum on SKYPE and the most urgent need RIGHT now is $600 for the FOLLOWNG:
  • $400 to for Utilities (Gas and Water).  They are TWO MONTHS behind and believe that any day they will have their utilities cut off
  • $200 for food, tutuion fee, stationary items and medical examine as one of the child has a bad cough for last month and the doc said we need to go for some tests, he is afraid that it can be T.B
For photos of these orphans, you may visit:!/media/set/?set=a.115302775227103.24367.100002421441644D

For DONATIONS through PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD, please go to: the DONATE NOW button on THIS BLOG or click the followng LINK:

100% of ALL DONATIONS received by Dance4One will be sent by Western Union (at Dance4One's Expense) to the Timothy House/Irum Naz.

Here is a Letter from Irum Naz, Founder of Timothy House, Toba Tek Singh, Pakistn:


My name is Irum and I am resident of Pakistan. I am working with an orphanage in which we have 10 children. The vision of this orphanage is to make available the basic needs, education and the understanding of the Word of God for the children who has lost their parents and now looking at everybody around them to find love and affection but find nothing. We also welcome such child who belongs to the community who is living under the line of poverty and cannot even think about getting educating. When we started working, we learnt about a very sad fact that these children does not know anything about God and His great love for the mankind. For them feeding themselves is the issue and for that they work hard for the day long.

Now in the centre, children are not only getting standard education but we are trying to give them a comprehensive knowledge of Gospel so that they could realize that how special they are to Him and He has plans for them. We are trying our level best to give a home like shelter, proper diet, good education and a healthy environment so they grow with a positive approach with humanitarian and biblical values. In this regard we feel blessed that God has been guiding and helping us in different ways. In the beginning, we had no place but He made ways and my husband agreed to build a House for the children. By the grace of God now we have a proper double story building where children could feel home. Boys are enrolled in a well reputed school where principal of the school did not demand for the admission fee but we have to pay monthly fee of the children in the school. We got ‘Sunday School Kit’ as a gift from a friend which provides the basic knowledge of the bible. During this whole journey, me and my husband are in prayers for our needs and challenges and He makes the ways.

Now government has increased the rates of electricity, gas and water as our country Pakistan is facing the energy crisis and we are facing load shedding at its worse but due to lake of funding, we are unable to pay our utility bills. Now I am writing to you to give assistance in this regard. I am praying to that May He guide you to consider my request with a kind heart for the children because if we don’t pay our bills, the relevant departments will terminate our connection as it is already been 2 months that we have not paid our bills. I humbly request you that please think about the children and contribute whatever you can so they could enjoy the basic needs of the life. May God bless you to make the right decision.

Be blessed.

Your sister in Christ,
Irum Naz