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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kidd Kraddick...A Return to the HEARTBEAT of America

by Dan Getz, International Blogger

My friend and colleague, Jessica Miller told me recently, "Write from your heart.  Write about what you do every day", after listening to me complain about a particular part of my business not panning out like I thought it would.  The last few days I have done exactly that, and there is a "flow" in my writing like I have never experienced least not for a very, very long time.

It is now being reported that Kidd Kraddick died this past Saturday of a preventable and easily treatable heart disease, rather than the previously reported probable cause of death...a brain aneurism.

I am not here to past judgment or dwell on the fact that the "Kidd" should have done this or that.  Anthony Hopkins, playing a part in a thriller called "The Bear" made this statement about the "should haves" and shames of life when a man that ultimately "died of shame" kept dwelling on his mistakes and making statements like "I should have done this...or that": (paraphrased) "People, in the wilderness ultimately die of shame.  They start dwelling on their mistakes.  They  begin saying things like "I should have done this or that"...and ultimately they fail to do the ONE thing that could have saved them...THINK."

But Kidd Kraddick did NOT die in SHAME.  Did he make a mistake in not getting this checked on sooner? Maybe.  But the KIDD Lived his life in a way that was the polar opposite of shame.  He, at some point in his life, chose to BE and LIVE and RETURN TO the "Heartbeat of America" era about 50 or 60 years ago where people actually cared for and looked out for eachother...a time when Presidents like JRK and Civil Rights Activists like Martin Luther King, Jr. Dared to go against the grain, LIVE and go the extra mile or two to aid their fellow man...or woman...even to the point of laying down their own life.

Won't you join me in celebrating the LIFE of people like JRK, Martin Luther King Jr., Kidd Kraddick and countless other RENOWN and UNKNOWN individuals and groups of individuals who have taught US to LIVE through their LIVING, and the laying down of their own lives for US?  Do not let this simply be a fleeting moment decision or whim.  As NIKE has stated over and over through a VERY effective ad campaign...JUST DO IT.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Kidd Kraddick, Dead at Age 53; but Dying...LIVING

by Dan Getz, International Blogger,

Life is Unpredictable with Ups and Downs; Full of daily choices that ultimately determine our journey and destiny.  Such is the Life...and Death of Kidd Kraddick, only 53 years old.  The "Kidd" died, LIVING...doing EXACTLY what he LOVED...Helping others and dealing "cards" of peace, love and friendship to others, including MANY children, that otherwise was not in many's dealt "deck of cards"...

Although final autopsy results have yet to be determined or take place, it is suspected that David "Kidd" Kraddick died suddenly of a brain aneurism Saturday, while playing at a golf charity event that benefited children with special medical needs.

David Kraddick had a knack for DOING and SAYING what he believed to be true, regardless of the naysayers and critics and learned to "hold his ground", not matter the intensity of the opposition.  I think that is why I liked him so much as the same character trait and passion is evident in my own life, as evidenced by this "not so glamorous" article I posted on my blog a number of months ago, when I felt that Kidd Kraddick was not adequately promoting or getting sufficient playtime for my friend Tim Halprin (who advanced through several rounds to American Idol but was ultimately voted off the show):

I still don't believe, for whatever reason, Tim Halprin was not adequately represented or had his songs played often enough in the Dallas area (Clear Channel Communications owns at least 6 radio stations in the DFW metroplex, including Q102 and KISS 106.1 FM).  But that doesn't mean that I don't STILL hold the highest regard and respect attainable for Mr. David "Kidd" Kraddick.

Kidd, if you are listening...and I believe you are...please KNOW that your LIFE will be sorely missed.  But also KNOW this: YOU inspired ME and countless others through your LIVING and choosing to IMPACT the LIVES of others who otherwise had little hope of anything more than assured death, or a life cut short by an incurable or inoperable medical condition.  You gave US a reason for LIVING, no matter how long we have or had.  You taught us to LIVE, even in the DYING.  You taught us to find the bright side, no matter how dark or ugly the circumstances we were dealt, either by poor personal choices, or unexplainable or unpredictable fate.  May you rest in peace, KNOWING that your legacy will live on forever, and continue to not only impact this generation, but the generations to come.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

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Friday, July 26, 2013

DART Spokesman, Lyons Releases NEW Details on Young Man Struck by Train 7 Months Ago...

by Dan Getz, International Blogger,

In an email dated July 25, 2013, Mr. Morgan Lyons stated, "The person hit by the train was approximately 200 yards south of the station when he stepped from behind an overhead powerline pole. Our investigation found he was hidden from the operator's sight until he stepped in front of the train. This areas [sic] is clearly marked as a restricted area/no trespassing location. However, we must still maintain access to the location for our maintenance teams."

This was in response to the following email exchange between Mr. Lyons and Mr. Getz on July 24th and July 25th, 2013, after a request for an interview between DART Media Relations and Dance4One was declined.

Morgan Lyons
Mr. Getz, I'm not available for an interview, but are there specific question [sic]...
Jul 24 (2 days ago)
Dan Getz <>
11:39 AM (18 hours ago)
to Morgan
Yes,  In light of the attached photos, why is it that DART has not made a greater effort to block access to, or place a more prohibitive boundry/fence to the ladders shown in these photos that provide easy access to ANYONE wishing to climb down those ladders, particular one such as Brogan Guyton who seems to have chosen to do exactly that on January 2, 2013?
Where, precisely did Brogan step in front of the train?  Was it to the north of the platform, and barely around the first curve (to the slight northwest), which he could have only gained access to, after first (and easily) climbing down the ladder shown in these photos?  A DART spokesman named Mark Ball, who apparently spoke to a Dallas Morning News Reporter stated, "The train had just pulled out of the station and was just picking up speed when it struck the man, he said.", which seems to coincide with the above "theory" of the precise location Brogan stood "behind a pole" and then jumped out in front of the train.
I'd also like to know of ANY press releases by DART concerning the incident yesterday that occurred around 6 am concerning the collision of either a DART bus or train (99% certain it was a train) and commuter vehicle in the vicinity of the West End.  I spoke to an eye witness who stated she saw the collision but I could not locate any type of statement, story or press release from any news agencies, including DART.
This is one of at least 4 to 7 stories I carried on the Brogan Guyton incident.  I have received 18,000 hits on my blog (now read in 124+ Nations) since running the original story.  (
Thank you Mr. Morgan Lyons for responding to my inquiry.  I plan on running a story on my theory within the next 24 hours and will be glad to offer you the opportunity to comment on it prior to publication.
Daniel Getz,
YouTube 12131966dan
Twitter @Dance4One
Phone #: 469-209-2038

Morgan Lyons
12:38 PM (18 hours ago)
to me
The person hit by the train was approximately 200 yards south of the station when he stepped from behind an overhead powerline pole. Our investigation found he was hidden from the operator's sight until he stepped in front of the train. This areas is clearly marked as a restricted area/no trespassing location. However, we must still maintain access to the location for our maintenance teams.
We issued no announcements on yesterday's incident where a motorist drove into the center section of a light rail vehicle. There were no injuries.
Dan Getz <>
6:15 PM (12 hours ago)
to Morgan
Mr. Lyons, do you or DART Management seriously think the threat of a criminal trespass arrest is going to deter a suicidal person?  It is my opinion, and I believe will be the opinion of the vast majority of the 38,000 individuals reading my blog in 124 nations, that a 6 to 8 ft high gate the width of that ladder would have at least deterred and possibly caused enough attention when Mr. Brogan Guyton stepped down from the platform to go around that obstacle. 
It's hard to fathom, even when no injuries are reported, that the T-boning of a DART train car by a motorist that was reportedly drunk, is not news-worthy. 
I do appreciate your reply and statement of the facts.
Thank you and have a nice day,
Daniel Getz,

The following additional photos were taken by Dan Getz with Dance4One on July 24, 2013 at the DART Southwestern/Parkland light rail train station.  Previous stories published by Dance4One and the Dallas Morning News can be found by searching "Guyton" on THIS website:

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Second Chance for Tommy and I

By Daniel Getz, International Blogger,


This morning I happened to hear a news reporter state the following: “I once attended a funeral for a two year old.  Sometimes in life there are certain things that impact us forever.  This was one of those times.”


Such is the case of the suicide of my 20 year old friend, Brogan Guyton, who was tragically killed at the beginning of this year by throwing himself in front of one of the DART trains after contemplating it for about 4 hours prior to his final decision.


I had seen what I know now to be signs of his impending death about 3 weeks earlier when I spotted him in the West End very disheveled and obviously distraught; a sharp contrast to the energetic and optimistic young man I had casually met a month or so earlier.


When I learned of his death in the Dallas Morning News, I swore to myself at that time that I would NEVER let that happen again…at least not on MY “watch”.


So this morning when I met another young man while having breakfast that is 18 and was visibly “upbeat” despite residing in a shelter and having no job, though reasonably discouraged, I quickly realized this was a second chance for me to make a difference in a young man’s life.


What I have is nothing special.  But I do know people that know people that can mentor and help this man embrace his manhood and become a productive contributor to society.  So I am meeting him (we’ll call him “Tommy”) again tomorrow morning over coffee and we'll go from there.


I’d like to challenge you to do the same as I.  You don’t have to look very hard to spot a “Tommy” on the streets of Dallas, TX.  Use discernment because all homeless people are not as they say, and do not have the character and upbringing of “Tommy”.  However, there are many, many “Tommy’s” who are the “real deal” and desperately need someone to stop and take the time to give them a second chance.  Please try not to be blinded by the stereotypes and prejudice that is all around us.  As the “Great Gatsby” learned to do, choose to, at times, to look through “rose colored glasses.”  Perhaps you will be surprised, as I once was, to see more clearly than you have ever seen before.