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Monday, December 19, 2011

Doing Whatever it Takes in Spite of OUR Circumstances...

A Little About Mr. Armando…
After playing basketball and soccer for my high school, and baseball for my national team, I went on to get a degree in Physical Education at San Marcos University in Lima, Peru. I have taught disciplines like gymnastics, sports, and karate at The Little Gym for nearly 10 years. With a desire to offer more options for our youth, I decided to start SBGA:
"We are proud to present to you a kids program that plants the seed of sports and fitness for life."

We strive with our dedication to teach the fundamentals of sports in a fun environment through respect, discipline and teamwork.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Update on Timothy House Boys Orphanage/Touch Foundation in Pakistan...

Reposted by Dan Getz, Blogger

Timothy House Pakistan is working for the uplift for the poor, neglected and child labor involved boys in Pakistan. It is working and growing every day by learning and experiencing. Here is the detailed report of all activities done in the month of November, 2011.

Birthday Celebration:

Finally we celebrated the birthday of our first child belonged to Timothy House Pakistan on 1 Nov, 2011. It was Waseem’s 14th birthday but literally it was his first birthday he celebrated ever. I and my husband bought a new school bag for him and my children (Peehu & Azal) gifted him a wrist watch. He also received a nice coloring kit from my family. He was very happy and also very shy by being birthday boy.


Timothy House Pakistan had thanksgiving this year for the first time with the boys. We also invited their school friends and community children to come and share the blessings. we told them what is thanksgiving and why we do celebrate this. We had a prayer meeting with the children. We invited children to come on dice and say as prayer what they want to share with God. After that we cut the thanksgiving cake and at the end we had a delicious dinner.

December Test:

Boys had to go through from their second term in school before they have their Christmas holidays. It was started from 16 Nov, 2011 and it ended on 2nd of December. They worked really hard to pass it out but results are not declared yet.

Christmas Preparations:

We have started out Christmas preparation. Boys helped their grandma (my mom) to make Christmas Star and to hang it out on the possible height on the top of house. They are really excited. We are working on a easiest script for the boys so they could take part in Christmas drama. We are also planning to decor house with lights and to arrange a born fire on Christmas eve.
Financial Contributions can be made by contacting the Touch Foundation Group (on FACEBOOK) at!/groups/248661138512431/ OR by going to (see DONATE/PAYPAL on RIGHT near TOP of PAGE and be sure to include "TIMOTHY HOUSE" in the Payment Details).

More information on the Timothy House Orphanage/Touch Foundation can be found by visting the Touch Foundation Facebook Group at!/groups/248661138512431 or by contacting Dance4One (YouTube Channel 12131966dan, and

Sunday, November 27, 2011

19 year old Student from Bangladesh, Ima Churu Interviews Occupy Dallas "unofficial" spokesperson "DANgerous"

This FACEBOOK interview occurred a couple moments ago...More information on Ima Charu can be found on this blog at  More Information on Dan Getz, Dance4One and Occupy Dallas can be found at,, YouTube Channel 12131966dan and

Ima Charu (Bangladesh) – Dan will u like to explain the reaom behimd OCCUPY DALLAS movement?
Dan Getz (Dance4One/Occupy Dallas) – As you you know Ima I, as Dance4One have only been aware of and been actively involved with Occupy Dallas since October 9th, 18 days ago. I was vaguely aware of Occupy Wallstreet, but had no knowledge of Occupy Dallas until the aforementioned 18 days ago (you can ask me more questions about how r paths crossed if you want)...Anyway, this is my understanding based on my limited time of being connected to Occupy Dallas...It is about the restoration of Injustice and Equality based on the US Constitution and the FREEDOMS guaranteed in this LEGAL DOCUMENT...we are not asking for anything we have not already been GUARANTEED within the LAW of the Land...In conjuction with this, we would also say that we are sick and tired of BIG corporations and BIG BANKS "buying" our politicians and legislatures...sending millions of dollars to these entities in order to influence and create LAWS that protect and benefit the executives of these entities, but fail to protect and actually injure US...the is about Restoring Justice and Equality to the 99% and bringing Accountability to and for the 1% (the big banks and companies that are basically bribing our politicians and legislatures along with GOVERNMENT that supports the 1% and refuses and fails to protect the 99%)...

Ima Charu (Bangladesh) – Who are this 1% according to u?

Dan Getz (Dance4One/Occupy Dallas) –  I would say again that this 1% consists of the Big Banks, Corporations and Government who continue to influence law with this money and power and basically run this country with no regard for the PEOPLE'S Voice...This is a Democratic Republic which means that we, the PEOPLE elect a man or woman who is SUPPOSED to "mirror" or "reflect" OUR VOICE...that is not what is happening now...

Ima Charu (Bangladesh) – Do u (protesters ) hv any specific demands?

Dan Getz (Dance4One/Occupy Dallas) – I nor the Occupiers I know really like the word "demands"...that sounds like (at least to me) like someone holding another person or entity hostage and demanding a with that being said, I would use maybe the word, "plea" or "request" or "defense opening statement or argument" like in a court of law...we are simply reminding ALL Americans of our rights...already "awarded" in the U.S. Freedom of Speech...the right to assemble...the right to Lfe, Liberty and the Pursuit of is hard for the 99% to experience these FREEDOMS when simple things like excluding a sub-section of the public (the Occupy Dallas members in this instance) from using the PUBLIC you know about this?

Ima Charu (Bangladesh) – no I don't ,tell me about it

Dan Getz (Dance4One/Occupy Dallas) – well there were actually two demands...and yes these were DEMANDS made by the City of Dallas...1) that Occupiers could not use the PUBLIC RESTROOMS (bathrooms) in the Dallas City Hall...all other tax paying citizens could use the PUBLIC restrooms, but if you were in anyway involved in the Occupy movement, we were NOT allowed to use the PUBLIC RESTROOMS...and the other DEMAND made by the city was that we were not allowed to keep or possess ANY "semi-permanent signage"...but they could not even define what "semi-permanent" meant...i mean an American Flag on a pole is "semi-permanent" right? These were the two primary reasons the city stated we were in violation of the LEGAL CONTACT or PERMIT we had with the City...we were LEGALLY permitted to stay encamped until December 9th I believe...and the City broke this agreement...they violated this LEGAL contract...

Ima Charu (Bangladesh) – is there any significant approach of u (protesters) to uphold ur rights??

Dan Getz (Dance4One/Occupy Dallas) – Yes. I think the simplest way to say this is to use a term I was not familiar with until recently...SOLIDARITY...keep the message of protest simple...something that EVERYONE can understand...yes we all have different views and "complaints", but the primary message, from what I have been able to formulate is what I stated earlier...the Restoration (that means we already have been given the LEGAL RIGHTS we are "demanding" and we simply want them RESTORED or brought back into practice) of JUSTICE and EQUALITY...

I want to make one other statement if I could...

Ima Charu (Bangladesh) – do u blv this movement is the start of new USA?
Dan Getz (Dance4One/Occupy Dallas) – No. it is not a start or a new...but the re-start or RESTORATION of an OLD USA... The statement i wanted to make earlier is this...I am an international blogger now read in 60+ nations ( and YouTube Channel 12131966dan)...I am the Public...i am Occupy Dallas...and when a this case the Dallas City Police and City of Dallas start "slicing and dicing" the "public" and excluding this sub-section from using a PUBLIC RESTROOM, what is next? Saying brown, black or yellow people cannot use a PUBLIC RESTROOM? Maybe people with turbins or funny looking beards cannot use the PUBLIC restroom? My point is that these are BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS...and if we cannot even agree on this as a NATION, then we truly are in more trouble than what we think...

R u still there?
Ima Charu (Bangladesh) – yeah..u r being tortured???

Dan Getz (Dance4One/Occupy Dallas) – not in the way we have talked about in terms of what we have discussed about the split of East and West Pakistan (which became Bangladesh and Pakistan), Yemen, Afghanistan, etc. that we have discussed in the past...but there have been numerous unjust arrests...people being sent to jail...bulldozing down the encampment and given 10 minutes to get their estimated $250,000 of personal property (including MINE) that was destroyed by the City Sanitation Department...United States of America FLAGS being laid down on the muddy ground and trampled upon by the City of Dallas Sanitation Department and many other unspeakable abuses of OUR this sense we are being "tortured" for simply trying to uphold the LAW...

I have about 5 minutes before I have to there any last question or two you would like to ask me?

Ima Charu (Bangladesh) – what do u think GOVERNMENT should do in order to support 99%?

Dan Getz (Dance4One/Occupy Dallas) – Very good question, Ima and the answer is more simple than most people think...HOLD the 1% accountable for their actions...

Ima Charu (Bangladesh) – u mean punish them????

Dan Getz (Dance4One/Occupy Dallas) – Accountability in Government is also the basic "message" of Sarah is my opinion that she should reconsider running for the 2012 presidency...but not as either a Republican or Democrat, but as an Independent...and position herself as intent on becoming our "FIRST WOMAN president...we have given the FIRST Black man to be a president a shot, and he has not fulfilled his promises and does very little to protect the is time for CHANGE...I believe, that just as Esther in the bible was "born for such a time as this..." Sarah too was born for this hour...she personally holds strong beliefs regarding Destiny and Purpose...u just have to listen to the Audio Tape CD Series "The Beliefs and Values of Sarah Palin" to figure this out...I encourage ALL PEOPLE to seek out the is only through TRUTH that ANY nation can stand UNITED.

Ima Charu (Bangladesh) – Do i believe SARAH PALIN could handle this curcumstances as a leader?

Dan Getz (Dance4One/Occupy Dallas) – when I say hold accountable, i do mean that if a person does something that is against the law, they should be punished...when an executive a company willingly runs a company into the ground and he is given a huge severance package when the people...the 99
% are left without a job, that executive should PAY for his mistakes...same with banks...and goverment... I now want to answer the question about Sarah Palin...

Yes, I have a lot of FAITH in Sarah not only as a person with a HIGH LEVEL of INTEGRITY, but as a WORLD leader...

Ima Charu (Bangladesh) – I wanna know...

Dan Getz (Dance4One/Occupy Dallas) – I told her yesterday via a YouTube ut message that she...and I are World leaders...neither of us have a lot to show for it...yet...but that is who we is directly related to our Destiny and Purpose...she is a stable and very capable Woman of Integrity and Courage and Inner Faith in SOMEONE much bigger than her...and this SOMEONE is where her Confidence and aBility come from...With Man...or Woman this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible...

Ima Charu (Bangladesh) – actually i wanna know a lot..but for today it could be enough

Dan Getz (Dance4One/Occupy Dallas) – Thank you Ima Charu for taking the time to seek out the TRUTH and interview me...kind of a man or entity with "two hats" a reporter/blogger for Dance4One (, and YouTube Channel 12131966) and as a recent and active member of Occupy Dallas ( will of course answer all of your questions and do another interview or two if you like...thank you again and blessings to you in your endeavors as a 19 year old old student pursuing a College Degree at a very renowned university in Bangladesh...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dance4One NOW on YouTube too...

by Dan Getz/Dance4One Blogger
Reporting from Starbucks

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

When Heaven Meets Earth Like a Sloppy Wet Kiss…

Dance4One Blogger, Dan Getz

Reporting from Shady Grove Church

There is a popular Christian song that has a phrase that says, in part, “…When Heaven Meets Earth like a Sloppy Wet Kiss…to express the passion that surpasses the human explanation or words of how much LOVE the Lord Jesus Christ has for the entire World…the Believers…and Unbelievers...His LOVE is the SAME for people on both sides of the “fence”.  In fact, the expression is so vivid that many who associate themselves with the Christian Faith have insisted on “editing” the words to say something less that what this expression is meant to convey.  But most people that have spent any amount of time with the person they truly love, KNOWS that a SLOPPY WET KISS is ALL about PASSION…Deep-Rooted LOVE that cannot possibly be expressed, of the special moment between Lovers, in any other way.

Over the last 3 ½ years or so, Jeremiah 29:11 (and the verses that contextually are before and after vs. 11) has become extremely valuable and meaningful to me.  This passage in the Christian Holy Book, called the Bible says this in The Message translation: “"Pray for Babylon's well-being. If things go well for Babylon, things will go well for you. ‘Yes. Believe it or not, this is the Message from GOD-of-the-Angel-Armies, Israel's God: Don't let all those so-called preachers and know-it-alls who are all over the place there take you in with their lies. Don't pay any attention to the fantasies they keep coming up with to please you. They're a bunch of liars preaching lies--and claiming I sent them! I never sent them, believe me.’  GOD's Decree! This is GOD's Word on the subject: ‘As soon as Babylon's seventy years are up and not a day before, I'll show up and take care of  you as I promised and bring you back home. I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out--plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. When you call on me, when you come and pray to me, I'll listen.  When you come looking for me, you'll find me. Yes, when you get serious about finding me and want it more than anything else, I'll make sure you won't be disappointed.’ GOD's Decree. ‘I'll turn things around for you. I'll bring you back from all the countries into which I drove you’--GOD's Decree—‘bring you home to the place from which I sent you off into exile. You can count on it.’”

Another “bonus” to this passage, at least for me, is the significance of 11’s in the Hebrew language (the language the OLD TESTAMENT was originally written in).  Elevens signify, symbolize and mean “Beloved Son [or Daughter]”.  The 11 in Jeremiah 29:11 is easy to see and note.  However, do you realize that 2+9 equals 11 and TWO elevens would be a “DOUBLE PORTION of Beloved Son’s and Daughters"?

I will close with quoting John 3:16 (and I believe 17 and 18 too again from The Message Translation, this time from the New Testament which was originally written in the Greek language), the truth of which was conveyed by a 5 year old girl at a Shady Grove Church service a couple weeks ago…”This is how much God loved the world [emphasis added by Dance4One]: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one [emphasis added by Dance4One] need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone [emphasis added by Dance4One] can have a whole and lasting life. God didn't go to all the trouble of sending his Son merely to point an accusing finger, telling the world [emphasis added by Dance4One] how bad it was. He came to help, to put the world [emphasis added by Dance4One] right again. Anyone [emphasis added by Dance4One] who trusts in him is acquitted; anyone [emphasis added by Dance4One] who refuses to trust him has long since been under the death sentence without knowing it. And why? Because of that person's failure to believe in the one-of-a-kind Son of God when introduced to him.”  Do you see, as the 5 year old girl reminded the people attending Shady Grove Church that particular Sunday morning, how much the God of the Universe loves the WORLD and that HIS LOVE has no boundaries and is not limited to only Christians, or a certain, often segregated group of “believers”?  It is the hope and desire of Dance4One that ALL the World KNOW this God…MY GOD…but regardless of the decision individuals have, are, or will make, Dance4ONE embraces ALL people…ALL faiths…ALL NATIONS...and those who have, are and will make choices that go against my [Dan Getz/Dance4One) personal beliefs…because I am a FOLLOWER of Jesus Christ and sometimes even distance myself by saying this, rather than identifying myself as a Christian….because if He LOVED the WORLD…so can WE.

More Information about Dance4One or Shady Grove Church (regular services are Wednesdays at 7 pm, Saturdays at 5 and Sundays at 10) can be found at or

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dance4One CALLS KISS 106.1 FM’s Kidd Kraddick a “FRAUD”, and Recommends former American Idol Contestant, Tim Halperin find a new “Promoter” of Rise & Fall

By Dan Getz/Dance4One Blogger
Reporting from Dallas, TX

Dance4One’s Dan Getz calls himself a “Bulldog for Justice”,, and last night provided a perfect platform for the “bulldog” in Getz to be released on the unsuspecting guy who happened to answer the phone at KISS 106.1 FM in Dallas, TX.

Getz was quoted as saying TWO times, “I’d like to request the song NEW YORK by American Idol contestant Tim Halperin from his newest album, “Rise & Fall” be played and then dedicated to Kim in Cambodia, from Dan at Dance4One,” to which he received FIRST the answer, “Who is that?” and then two hours later, “I still haven’t been able to find out who you are talking about,” by the same the same individual.

 After the second, what amounted to a refusal to play Halperin’s music, Getz replied “Isn’t this the same station that has Kidd Kraddick who Tim Halprin  publicly thanked at his concert at the Plano Feastival two weekends ago in Downtown Plano, TX for ‘working with him and promoting his [Tim Halprin’s] music and newest album, Rise & Fall’”?

The reply Getz got is what angered him the most and prompted the immediate drafting and release of this story.  The phone attendant (or DJ for all I know) at KISS 106.1 FM answered “Yes, but we’re not going to play something on our show that nobody listens too.  Kidd Kraddick, I’m sure is playing him [Tim Halperin] during the Morning Show, and if he were good enough, we’d know about him too, and be playing his stuff.” Getz then  retorted before hanging up, “In at least the three days I’ve been listening to the Morning Show with Kidd Kraddick, I have not heard ANY of Halperin’s songs played, and how can you possibly gauge what ‘people want to hear’ if you refuse to play his music or simply Google “Tim Halperin” or “Rise and Fall” to find out WHO he is?”

I (Dan Getz with Dance4One, and YES, I was  speaking in the THIRD PERSON about MYSELF) would go on to say this, “Tim, I would encourage you to look MUCH farther and beyond Kidd Kraddick or KISS 106.1 FM (or American Idol, and quite possibly America for that matter) for multiple reasons that go WAY beyond the instance relayed above. 

First, I have been trying since the morning of Halloween, October 31, 2011 to JUST get someone to answer the phone (letting it ring on multiple occasions 30 to 50 times) at KISS 106.1 FM in Dallas, TX (which happens to be owned by Clear Channel Communications who owns and operates SIX Radio Stations in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, and can be reached after 1 or 2 rings during normal business hours at 214-866-8000).

 Second, if Kidd Kraddick and his other co-horts on the Morning Show would spend LESS time mocking true artists and musicians and carrying on in what I would classify as strong R and even X-rated dialogue, and MORE time actually playing the music of extremely talented musician’s like Tim Halperin and his band members, albums such as Halperin’s “Rise & Fall” just might be given an opportunity to be heard by America and the World.

I will close this article by “speaking” to you directly Tim Halperin. “Tim, you ARE a SUCCESS regardless of what FRAUDS like Kidd Kraddick are doing, or not doing.  If a guy like KIDD can’t even successfully ‘promote’ you from the MORNING SHOW to the EVENING SHOW, you need to find someone who will...quickly…and before America forgets, or even realizes who you ARE.”

More Information on Internationally Known Blogger, Dan Getz and Dance4One can be found at, or (NOW READ in 60 NATIONS) and by TWEETING @Dance4One or EMAILING

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why do Cool Guys like Billy Bush and Kidd Kraddick talk Trash while their “Bomb-Shell” Co-Hosts Exude Senseless, Meaningless, and Mindless Chatter? Exploring what “Makes” and “Breaks” the Young & New Artists of Today.

By Dan Getz, Blogger

I have to admit that if I had written this story right after I heard several minutes of commentary last week between Hollywood Access Hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover regarding Justin Bieber, I would have most certainly ended up with a TRUTHFUL, Fact-Based article, yet admittedly a vomit-spewed mess that NOBODY ultimately likes, particularly if they end up being the ONE who has to clean it up.  In my opinion what I heard was nothing less than Malicious and Uncalled For BULLYING and MOCKING, something which is recently being taking VERY seriously by most Educators, but does not seem to matter when it comes to the Music and Entertainment Industry.  However, had I spoken precisely what I felt inside, when I heard it, I would have ended up being guilty of the exact same thing…Malicious, and Uncalled For Bullying and Mocking.

To be honest, even after thinking about, and sorting out this story in my mind over several days, I am still a little hesitant to speak my mind as I KNOW, being a “newbie” to the music/arts/movie/entertainment industry myself how easy it is to tick someone off, and essentially “commit political and professional suicide”.  However, despite the current thinking of today that you HAVE to do, or not do CERTAIN THINGS to be Successful, I must hold to my core values and journalistic commitment to speak the TRUTH, and be a relentless “Bulldog for JUSTICE”.

Billy Bush’s Twitter Account (@billybush) states, “Christian, Proud American, dad, dude, hockey fan, Love 2 ski Do Radio and TV.v”.  Justin Bieber was quoted by Urban Christian News as saying recently during an interview with Billy Bush, “I'm a Christian. I definitely let people know. I'm not throwing it in their face and telling them, 'You have to find Jesus,' but I'm down for Jesus.”.  Urban Christian News went on to say this about Selena Gomez (Justin’s current girlfriend for those of you not “in the know”): “Selena Gomez is also a devout Christian. The two make it a practice to pray together frequently, and Selena holds regular prayer sessions with her band members before they go on stage to perform at her concerts.”  Dan Getz (me) and Dance4One proudly proclaim on multiple websites, “I dance to the beat of a different Drummer, whose name is Jesus…”.  The point of this is that Billy, Justin, Selena, I (and many others in the Entertainment Business like Tim Halperin and Colton Jacobson) are CHRISTIANS, and we SHOULD not only be RESPECTFUL to eachother, but to society as a whole.  I’m not saying that we will always AGREE (in fact, the most SUCCESSFUL and HEALTHY relationships consist of Agreement AND Disagreement), but I believe that TRUE SUCCESS consists of, among other things, RESPECT.

So Billy I will tell you plainly, that the way you spoke (both verbally and non-verbally with your body language) about your recent interview with Justin Bieber (with video showing Justin playing the piano in the background) was nothing short of Bullying, Belittling, Mocking and Disrespectful.  You (as most in the entertainment  industry) called him “The Bieb” multiple times, rolled your eyes, and seemed to have nothing GOOD to say about the UNDENIABLE measure of SUCCESS this young man has.  I believe that whether or not a person likes or dislikes a certain sound or genre of music, or even the looks and personality of a particular ARTIST, that ANYONE who can play multiple instruments and flies around and lives in multi-million dollar planes and homes does possess a certain measure of SUCCESS.  These ARTISTS not only inspire CREATIVITY and SUCCESS in others, but are the REASON for people like YOU’s (and I’s) employment and SUCCESS.

Kidd Kraddick, while I admittedly do not yet know where you stand spiritually, and DO admire you for promoting Tim Halperin when America and American Idol ultimately “cast him aside” after several successful rounds, do have a “bone to pick” with you as well.  After listening to KISS 106.1 (Dallas, TX) a lot of yesterday and today for the first time in a very long time, I was appalled at the amount of mockery, snickering, disrespect and BULLYING I heard from you and multiple co-hosts with regard to SEVERAL artists that even ya’ll admitted were selling records despite the “overkill” of negativity I personally heard exuded throughout the last two days.  And since I am already WAY OUT on a LIMB anyway, I might as well tell you that when calling KISS 106.1 FM at 214-787-1061 that the phone rings and rings (with no human or answering machine EVER picking up).  When contacting Clear Channel Communications (at 214-866-8000) yesterday, they indicated the “problem” was due to it being a special Halloween format, but I experienced the exact same thing TODAY since 7 am this morning…NO ANSWER.  Perhaps this article will prompt you to fulfill my reason for the calls…To ask you to please play more Tim Halperin/Rise & Fall songs, and to play and dedicate “New York” to my friend Kimheak in Cambodia whom I have skyped, emailed and chatted with, but have never met face to face…yet.

I will close by saying that I do respect you Billy and Kidd (not to be confused with Billy the Kid), and want to remind you that you, too are SUCCESSFUL.  But I also believe that while I may ultimately burn some bridges in the process of becoming more SUCCESSFUL, I am, and will be SUCCESSFUL without having to change my core values and beliefs.  In addition, while I do call myself a “Christian”, I prefer to simply say that I am a Follower and Believer in Jesus Christ…’cause religion kills, but Jesus saves.

*More Information can be found on Dan Getz and Dance4One at,, or by FOLLOWING @Dance4One on TWITTER or FACEBOOK. Names with asterisks may or may not have been changed for this story.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Anonymous University of Texas at Dallas Dancers

by Dan Getz, Blogger

Help Dance4One go VIRAL...See "Anonymous UTD Dancers" at

19 Year Ima Charu from Bangledesh Speaks Out on Human Rights Abuses in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Interview between Dan Getz, Blogger for Dance4One and 19 year old Ima Charu on Friday 10-28-11


Dance4One - My good friend are you? Can you tell me what you know about the human rights abuses currently happening in either Pakistan or Afghanistan? I know you are living in Bangledesh, but because of your passion concerning protecting the rights of women and children, I would be interested in knowing what you know about either of these two countries...

Ima Charu - well about PAKISTAN,BBC and CNN telecast some reports that was quite scare.
some terrorists r shooting people on the street(mostli civilians). even a police officer was killed with his family in his own ho,e

Dance4One – wow...that is sad, and I do not mean to sound callous or hard, but people all over the world are killed every day. why does this particular news scare and concern you?

Ima Charu - but the GOVERNMENT seems to be ignorant of the fact/

Dance4One – I think u have hit on something...the difference is the government seems to not be aware, and if they are, they do not seem to care. Is that what u r saying?

Ima Charu - if there are people(civilians) die without any reason by unknown people.and government is not able to find who the are,that means government is not able to protect the people.specially after the death of OSAMA BIN LADEN,the situation became worse.a pedestrian says,'i dnt know if i can return home,people r killed every day.on street home,no one knows who the killers are.' do u know about MUKHTARAN MAI? she was raped as a part of punishment of their tribe in pakistan(it is ruled by TALEBANS)

Dance4One – I am embarassed to admit...but no, I do not know who this person is, and this is the first I have heard that she was raped as you stated. Tell me just a little about who Mukhtaran Mai is? I am of course assuming she was not also killed when she was raped.

Ima Charu - MUKHTARAN MAI did not get her justice before,but she tried to contact international; media.the with the support of people all over the world SHE WAS ABLE TO GAIN HER RIGHT,and the people who commited the crime were jailed/. but recently they all have become free. and gov. does not want to give her protection. IN AFGANISTAN it's a normal story when baby girls r married to OLD (not older only!!)men,and sometimes the girls are beaten to death

Dance4One – Ima, unfortunately we are out of quick quick quertion (and I defiintely want to do a follow up interview regarding the information you have provided)...r u still 18 or are you now 19? and u r studing to be a doctor (not nurse) right?

Ima Charu - u may watch the move KHUDA KE LIYE.that provides a complete picture of PAKISTAN

Dance4One – great...can u quickly answer the last 2 questions?


Dance4One – i will get back to you on the ???? I really have to run...Blessings to you.. I will let you know sometime next week about setting up a follow up interview...You are a real inspiration...Keep doing what u r doing...u r definitely ALREADY making an influence on your world...


Dance4One – the feeling is mutual...YOU are an inspiration and there is an ABUNDANCE of Blessings AWAITING YOU...the key to staying ALIVE is BELIEVING and having FAITH...

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Tim Halperin…picture of TRUE SUCCESS at Plano, Texas Feastival

by Dan Getz, Blogger Reporting from Plano, TX

Apparently how American Idol and the general American public view SUCCESS and how WE in TEXAS view SUCCESS are two different things.  Halperin’s modesty, “realness” and raw, undeniable talent was not only refreshing, but obvious to all who witnessed Halperin’s performance Saturday evening at the Plano Feastival in Plano, TX.

As the band was performing it’s final sound and equipment checks, Halperin was seen interacting with, and signing autographs for his young “tweener” fans…much like a big brother interacts with a younger sibling.  Testing the waters a bit (as an adult and technically media), I introduced myself as an Independent Blogger for Dance4One, and requested an autograph.  Tim not only graciously got up and signed a fold out map of the DART system (the only item I could readily put my hands on), but suggested doing an interview if I could stick around for a bit after the show, which I of course readily accepted.

Tim (lead vocalist and keyboards player) and the band played a number of songs I recognized from his new “Rise & Fall” album currently available on I-tunes in singles or as the full album (only $10).  My personal favorites were “I Wanna Fall in Love” and “New York” ( which Halperin executed PERFECTLY. 

After the “official” show was done, the “real show” began, and there was NO show to it, as Halperin and his fellow band members continued to carry and present themselves in a way that is not only rare in the music and art “arena”, but hard to describe in words.  I alluded to his character earlier when I mentioned he acted in a way that was “like a big brother”, particularly when talking to, and signing autographs for his mainly 5 year old to maybe 15/16 year female fans, even when it was obvious they were “fawning” over Tim and had been through the line multiple times. But it was more than that.  It was a humbleness, strong sense of right and wrong, and respect that usually comes from excellent parenting, a strong faith in Someone bigger than yourself, and an inner resolve to do and say the right things, no matter what. 

While Mr. Halperin may not have the fan base I think he one day will have, Tim had a stability and confidence about him that was secure in the fact that he WAS and IS successful no matter what the majority of people may, or may not say or think about him…NOW…or in the Future, and whether or not the charts reflect a Rise…or a Fall.  It was crystal clear to me as a representative of Dance4One, that Tim has, and is learning to CONNECT Art and Business THROUGH Faith, by BEING ArtDOING Business…and HAVING Faith.  Thank you Tim for demonstrating your core values, and talent, on and off stage.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

RE-RELEASE OF "Is the DART hitting the Bulls Eye or Even the Target? A 31 Day Journey THROUGH Art, Business & Faith"

When I first ran this story on October 26, 2011, I had the intention of disguising my identity until the last or 31st day.  In retrospect that would have been a HUGE mistake.  Although ALL of the information below has been presented in a CREATIVLY TRUTHFUL manner, the EXPANDED TRUTH is that I, Daniel Getz,, YouTube 12131966dan, FACEBOOK (Dan Getz & Dance4One), Twitter @Dance4One and LinkedIn (Dan Getz) are both "Joe" and the narrator of this story...MY STORY...Subsequent Days may, or may not appear in sequential order.  Every effort will be made to POST Subsequent "days" on my BLOG, now read in 60+ NATIONS at on WEDNESDAYS...Enjoy MY STORY...MY Adventure and READ ON and TELL all your FACEBOOK, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo and BLOGGER FRIENDS to JOIN ME :-)
By Dan Getz, Blogger

When I met up with Joe* approximately 16 months ago, I found him under a bridge near one of the DART stations helping a family who had lost nearly everything, save a tent, a LOT of clothes, cooking utensils, several pets (including a rabbit in a cage), and several other assorted “survival-type” items.  Although Joe quickly informed me that he had just lost his job, himself, he shared with me part of this family’s story.  There was a father, a mother, a 19 year old son and I believe a brother of the wife, and then that brother’s wife (sister-in-law) of the mother. 

Joe told me that he had met the mother a few weeks earlier pan-handling at an intersection maybe a mile south from where we were at.  It was the middle of the summer in Texas, so it was obvious that she was exhausted and extremely hot.  The day Joe spotted her, he initially felt a twinge of conviction (I later found out he was a devout Christian) for having had passed her by (which had happened at least once or twice before) and a couple miles up the road, made a U-turn and returned to the place where he had seen her.  But she was not there.  So seeing a place where he could pull in and park, he did, and began to inquire at several of the businesses to see if they had seen this person in the area, and did they know if she was a “regular” at this particular location?  Nobody had, and about to get in his car and resume his plans for the day, he spotted Lori*, whom he had already identified as “the mother”.  Joe, in his charismatic and friendly way was able to quickly determine the fact that Lori was hungry and offered to buy her a SUBWAY sandwich and a drink, and sit down and have lunch/dinner with her.

Lori, though obviously hungry, was more than eager to talk and explain herself, very much like an accused man or women insisting on their innocence.  In fact, “She talked so much, Joe said, “I had to gently remind her that ‘It was okay.  We could talk later, but right now it was important to eat, and listen to what I had to tell her.’” “What I had to tell her” Joe said, “was that I did not blame her in anyway, and although I was limited as to the extent I could help her (because, as you know I had recently become unemployed myself), I had several practical ideas of how I might be able to help, if she would just eat and listen.”

And that’s about where I left Joe the last time I saw him, approximately 16 months ago, UNTIL I ran into him at a Starbucks in North Dallas recently…I said, “Hey Joe, is that YOU.  Do you remember me?  I’m that guy that…

And Joe said, in the same overtly positive and optimistic tone he had carried throughout our several weeks of communication and interaction many months earlier, “Yeah, Yeah…I remember…Do you know what I just bought?  It’s a 31 day Regional Pass for DART…I lost my motorcycle to the bank a couple weeks ago…I’m unemployed again…but I do still have a little in the bank and a car and apartment.  So I figure I’m gonna learn the WHOLE DART SYSTEM NOW…while I’ve got a little “breathing room”, and hopefully find some work through my writing, blogging and travels on the DART system before the end of my 31 day pass.”

And so…this is JOE’s story…

To Be Continued (in 31 ADDITIONAL segments)…

*More Information can be found on Dan Getz and Dance4One at OR by FOLLOWING @Dance4One on TWITTER or FACEBOOK.  Names with asterisks may or may not have been changed for this story.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Netflix's CEO does not LISTEN to his Friends, Collegues and most importantly his CUSTOMERS...

The article below was copied and pasted as is by Dan Getz/Dance4One Blogger from (Starting at "How Netflix Lost 800,000 Members, and Good Will).

...I (Dan Getz with Dance4One) have only TWO comments and BOTH are directed to CEO Reed Hastings...ONE Stop BLAMING others for YOUR and Netflix's MISTAKES, and Start LISTENING to your Friends, Collegues, and Customers, as it is apparent you do not value their opinions.  And TWO, in reference to the VERY last line  of this article (where you have been quoted, Mr. Hastings), Missionaries often DIE for their Beliefs and "Faith"...

How Netflix Lost 800,000 Members, and Good Will


, On Monday October 24, 2011, 8:17 pm EDT
Reed Hastings was soaking in a hot tub with a friend last month when he shared a secret: his company, Netflix, was about to announce a plan to divide its movie rental service into two — one offering streaming movies over the Internet, the other offering old-fashioned DVDs in the mail.

“That is awful,” the friend, who was also a Netflix subscriber, told him under a starry sky in the Bay Area, according to Mr. Hastings. “I don’t want to deal with two accounts.”

Mr. Hastings ignored the warning, believing that chief executives should generally discount what their friends say.

He has since regretted it. Subscribers revolted and many dropped the service. The plan further tarnished a once widely respected Internet service that had already been wounded by an unpopular price increase in the summer. Mr. Hastings was forced to reverse the planned split — but not the price increase — three weeks later and apologized.

On Monday, the company revealed the damage that had been done. It told investors that it ended the third quarter of the year with 800,000 fewer subscribers in the United States than in the previous quarter, its first decline in years. The stock plummeted more than 25 percent in after-hours trading.
Despite the decline in subscribers, the company did well financially in the quarter. It reported net income of $62.5 million, or $1.16, a share, compared with $38 million, or 70 cents a share, in the year-earlier quarter. Revenue rose 49 percent to $822 million. Both revenue and income topped analysts’ expectations.

Like many other companies built in Silicon Valley, Netflix prides itself on its analytical, data-driven approach to making decisions. But it made a classic business misstep. In its reliance on data and long-term strategy, the company underestimated the unquantifiable emotions of subscribers who still want those little red envelopes, even if they forget to ever watch the DVDs inside.

Mr. Hastings said in an interview last week, his most detailed discussion yet of the bruising period, that he had been guilty of overconfidence and of “moving too quickly.” But he said he still believed — as do nearly all investors and analysts — that Netflix’s future lay not in DVDs but in streaming over the Internet. “We still need to move quickly in streaming,” he said.

Twice in the interview, Mr. Hastings linked the hostility toward Netflix’s price change and proposed breakup to the angry mood of the country, even citing the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street movement by name.

He said — and repeated it on a conference call for investors on Monday evening — that subscribers had been bothered more by the summer price shock than by the breakup plan. Until September, a combination of video streams and DVDs cost as little as $10 a month; now, that same package costs $16. “We are done with pricing changes,” Netflix said Monday in a letter to shareholders.
Mr. Hastings said he was not sure whether the plan to split the company had been presented to customer focus groups before it was made public. Mr. Hastings said he assumed it had been. But he said he did not recall what those focus groups had said about the plan.

He said Netflix was now trying to slow its decision-making to ensure that there was more room for debate about major changes at the company.

How Netflix came to be so out of touch with its customers is a cautionary tale for other companies that try to transform to new media from old. As the company’s streaming Internet service caught on with consumers, subscriber numbers soared and, with them, the company’s stock, rising ninefold from the start of 2009 to peak above $300 in July.

Last year, Fortune magazine put Mr. Hastings, 51, on its cover as the businessperson of the year after he seemed to pull off the rare feat of finessing the “innovator’s dilemma” by navigating Netflix to the digital future from its DVD rental business.

A key to its success was the way it blended its new and legacy businesses. While the library of material available for streaming was relatively sparse because of Hollywood licensing restrictions, Netflix customers could find many of those missing movies, especially new releases, in the company’s far larger DVD selection.

But Netflix needed to spend more money to license additional material for its streaming service. Collecting $10 a month from subscribers was insufficient as costs ballooned. Mr. Hastings defended the increase last week and again on Monday, but he said it was “too big a price change all at once.” Hubris played a big role in the errors, he said.

For well over a year, all the signs seemed to indicate to Netflix that customers were ready to move quickly to a future in which movies and TV shows would come to them instantly over the Internet instead of in the mail. Mr. Hastings said the decision to form Qwikster, as the mailed DVD company was to be called, had been based in part on data that showed a faster-than-anticipated increase in streaming by its customers.

In the first quarter of this year, for the first time, DVD shipments were down year over year, leading Netflix to declare that the DVD business had peaked. “Very few” new subscribers were choosing to get DVDs in the mail, Mr. Hastings said.

Stuart Skorman, a Bay Area entrepreneur who previously ran a chain of movie rental stores and an Internet movie venture, last year worked with Netflix managers after licensing to the company a database of movie recommendations. He said he was struck at that time by how little Netflix seemed to care about its DVD rental business.

“I think they should have been paying much more attention to it because that was their customer base,” he said. “That’s what made them special.”

Steve Swasey, a Netflix spokesman, disputed the idea that the company did not care about its DVD business, saying it was still acquiring discs for the service and was focused on speedy delivery of movies.

The breakup announcement in September seemed “very data-driven,” said Rich Greenfield, a media analyst for BTIG Research. “I think the company thought, because many people aren’t watching the DVDs, let’s accelerate the transition.”

What the company seemed not to respect was the premium that consumers place on having options — even if they don’t actually take advantage of all those options. Just ask any all-you-can-eat buffet operator, or a gym owner who sells six-month memberships.

Netflix’s red envelopes “were basically occupying slots in between the couch cushions for long periods of time,” Mr. Greenfield said. “But even if there wasn’t usage of the DVDs, there was a perception of value.”

Mr. Hastings said he expected that the DVD-by-mail business would “last a long time.” He identified two long-term markets for it: rural customers who cannot or do not have broadband Internet access for streaming, and “film school types” who want a comprehensive catalog of old films.
The scrapped plan to form Qwikster has led to speculation among analysts and executives, like Mr. Skorman, that Mr. Hastings wants to sell Netflix. While Netflix beat big rivals in the DVD rental business, like Blockbuster and Wal-Mart, it faces an increasing phalanx of formidable players in streaming movies, like Apple, Amazon and Hulu.

Mr. Hastings denied he had any such plans. “Mercenary C.E.O.’s are always preparing for a sale, and missionary ones are always preparing for the long term,” he said. “I’m clearly in the latter camp.”