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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Timothy House - Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan

URGENT NEED for 10 ORPHANS in Pakistan...

July 2, 2011, 2:00 A.M. CST

Dance4One has been made aware of a VERY URGENT need for 10 Orphaned boys ages 6 to 13.  Irum Naz, about a year and a half ago felt God leading her to step in and help the most needy children of Pakistan.  Four of these children were former brick layers.  Brick Layers in Pakistan are often confined, routinely beaten, often sold into what amounts to be slavery by their own parents, and forced to lay a minimum of 1,000 bricks per day to earn $5 or $6/day for their entire FAMILY.

I spent 2 hours this evening with Irum on SKYPE and the most urgent need RIGHT now is $600 for the FOLLOWNG:
  • $400 to for Utilities (Gas and Water).  They are TWO MONTHS behind and believe that any day they will have their utilities cut off
  • $200 for food, tutuion fee, stationary items and medical examine as one of the child has a bad cough for last month and the doc said we need to go for some tests, he is afraid that it can be T.B
For photos of these orphans, you may visit:!/media/set/?set=a.115302775227103.24367.100002421441644D

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100% of ALL DONATIONS received by Dance4One will be sent by Western Union (at Dance4One's Expense) to the Timothy House/Irum Naz.

Here is a Letter from Irum Naz, Founder of Timothy House, Toba Tek Singh, Pakistn:


My name is Irum and I am resident of Pakistan. I am working with an orphanage in which we have 10 children. The vision of this orphanage is to make available the basic needs, education and the understanding of the Word of God for the children who has lost their parents and now looking at everybody around them to find love and affection but find nothing. We also welcome such child who belongs to the community who is living under the line of poverty and cannot even think about getting educating. When we started working, we learnt about a very sad fact that these children does not know anything about God and His great love for the mankind. For them feeding themselves is the issue and for that they work hard for the day long.

Now in the centre, children are not only getting standard education but we are trying to give them a comprehensive knowledge of Gospel so that they could realize that how special they are to Him and He has plans for them. We are trying our level best to give a home like shelter, proper diet, good education and a healthy environment so they grow with a positive approach with humanitarian and biblical values. In this regard we feel blessed that God has been guiding and helping us in different ways. In the beginning, we had no place but He made ways and my husband agreed to build a House for the children. By the grace of God now we have a proper double story building where children could feel home. Boys are enrolled in a well reputed school where principal of the school did not demand for the admission fee but we have to pay monthly fee of the children in the school. We got ‘Sunday School Kit’ as a gift from a friend which provides the basic knowledge of the bible. During this whole journey, me and my husband are in prayers for our needs and challenges and He makes the ways.

Now government has increased the rates of electricity, gas and water as our country Pakistan is facing the energy crisis and we are facing load shedding at its worse but due to lake of funding, we are unable to pay our utility bills. Now I am writing to you to give assistance in this regard. I am praying to that May He guide you to consider my request with a kind heart for the children because if we don’t pay our bills, the relevant departments will terminate our connection as it is already been 2 months that we have not paid our bills. I humbly request you that please think about the children and contribute whatever you can so they could enjoy the basic needs of the life. May God bless you to make the right decision.

Be blessed.

Your sister in Christ,
Irum Naz

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