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Monday, December 10, 2012

Random Chaos or Master Plan Authored by ONE Master DESIGNER?

by Dan Getz/Dance4One Blogger

Have you ever thought about how BOTH the Big Bang THEORY and the THEORY of Creation are exactly that...THEORIES?  But more often than not, the public education system within the United States of America touts Creationism as a bunch of lies and fairy tales (if Creationism is even mentioned or included in the text books and lectures at all) and teaches the Big Bang THEORY as a matter of FACT.

This was not always the case.  Even 15 or 20 years ago when Creationism was finally allowed to be included in the text books and taught by teachers, it was at least taught ALONGSIDE  Evolution (another THEORY) as an additional THEORY.  However, over time nearly an entire generation (or perhaps even two or three) of young people either do not even know about God or Creationism, or laugh off CREATIONISM and the existence of God as a big joke that could not possibly contain a single element of truth.

But I will refrain (for now) from going into a tireless charade of opinionated arguments that more often than not, ultimately land both sides at exactly the same place each started at...except for being a little more frustrated and further convinced that their THEORY is the one that should be considered as a matter of FACT.

The reason and inspiration of this blog post came from a "random" text message I received on Sunday that read, "My brother Sonny thought it would be a good idea to a word of the day, he ask me to go first then I would choose the next person etc. But you have to reply all [sic]". 

Now I knew immediately that I did NOT know any Sonny and therefore most certainly did not know Sonny's brother, but rather than immediately texting this "friend" and informing him that he had obviously texted someone other than the intended recipient, I decided to "play along" and texted the following response:

"So WHAT is the word of the day?"  Sonny's brother went on to communicate not only what his inspired Word of the Day was, but that I was next on the list to communicate my Word of the Day to the rest of the "family" with the same instructions to "Reply All [sic]".  Sonny's Word of the Day was as follows:

"OK since I'm first my word is LIVE, Live each moment to the fullest, as it might be your last, to hold someone, to kiss someone, to tell someone you love them!"

I went on to ultimately communicate that I received his word, agreed full heartedly with the TRUTH of this word, and after sharing my Word of the Day for TOMORROW, that I was admittedly not this individual's nephew (as he still assumed I was) to which he rapidly responded...

"Welcome to the family".

So for now I leave you with at least several thoughts/questions to think about today, THREE of which are:

1) Is there truly a God who is ALIVE and has an interest in ME? 2) I most certainly have received A VERY GOOD Word of the Day for TODAY and 3) I KNOW there will DEFINITELY be a WORD for TOMORROW, but what about After that if Sonny's brother (or sister) or Dan with Dance4One fail to continue with the same SYNERGY, PASSION, and DEPENDABILITY of their first communication?

Much of the answers lie on what YOU and I do with what we have received TODAY and what we CHOOSE to do tomorrow.  If you have an awe-inspiring TRUTH you have either heard or KNOW to be TRUE through your own EXPERIENCE, feel free to post it on my FACEBOOK page (Dan Getz or Dance4One) or in the COMMENTS section at the end of this POST.  I, and the WORLD, would love to hear from YOU and DO whatever it takes to get us FURTHER and to a BETTER-OFF place than where we ARE right now TODAY.

Posted by: Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" at Dance4One,, YouTube 12131966dan, Facebook (Dan Getz, Dance4One & Christian T-Shirts Plus by Dance4One & Shared Vision), Twitter @Dance4One, LinkedIn (Dan Getz) and


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