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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

About Dance4One, aka, an entertainment company, was set up as a proprietorship in Galveston, TX on December 21, 2010 and is dedicated to the promotion and stimulus of the arts, creativity, and business THROUGH Faith, according to Dan Getz, founder and owner of  Getz, a highly skilled interpretative/free-style dancer and an aspiring businessman and entrepreneur, believes EVERY individual possesses gifts within him or herself, that when FULLY realized and exercised to their full potential, can not only achieve a high level of satisfaction and fulfillment for the individual, but can also provide significant financial gain for the person willing to exert and apply themselves.

In an economic climate where more and more people are unemployed, underemployed or facing such perceived or real possibilities, few are optimistic and many are clouded by fear, Getz is a man who sees opportunity in impossibility, and has dedicated himself to the mission of proclaiming, teaching and raising proselytes who hold these same values, passion and vision.  Despite the naysayers and sometimes strong criticism and skepticism of others, he presses on with a stubborn, yet methodic determination, clear headed optimism, and a simple message of hope, as he continues with unrelenting zeal to stimulate hope, belief, and optimism, in others through his own faith in and fiery passion for Jesus Christ.

The concept and ideology behind is twofold.  Getz was not always an accomplished and skilled dancer.  In fact, he candidly confesses in his own words, that when he used to go country western dancing, he “sucked”, stepping all over his partner’s feet, and possessing no real sense of rhythm.  “About 1 to ½ years ago”, he shares, “At a time in my life where I was at, or assuredly near ‘rock bottom’, and fear, oppression and depression were encircling me, I began to slowly step outside my comfort zone, and dance at a church I was a member of, and attending at the time.  At first, the dance and steps was very awkward, shaky and uncertain, but then something began to slowly happen as I pressed on with an unyielding determination, faith and hope that I could find hope and joy in spite of my bleak circumstances through my faith and firm belief that Jesus Christ was my Savior…my Rock…and my Strong Tower… and that according to Jeremiah 29:11, His plans for me were for good, and not evil and that I had a hope and a future regardless of my current ‘reality’.  In spite of what others thought, communicated through their disapproving glances, or plainly said to me directly or indirectly, I chose to continue to step out…to dance in a way I had never done before, despite what I might, or might not be feeling inside.  As I committed to dance as if no one else were in the room, save for the King…My King…my dance steps, movement and what appeared at times to be choreographed routines developed in a way I can only ascribe to the One I had chosen and committed to dance for.  At some point, perhaps when someone disapprovingly asked me ‘What ARE you doing?’  I coined the phrase, ‘I dance for ONE.’  Originally, I set up a website named ‘ as a place where I could simultaneously direct others to me and my business (a Marketing Consultant for Ambit Energy at the time), my Christian faith, and possibly at some point, use as an interactive and personal blog where I and others could collectively share our ideas, faith, creativity and writing.  But with the inception and vision to start a consulting business through MG Consulting, aka More Green Consulting, I quickly realized that not only did I physically dance for One, but when I put Jesus Christ at the center of EVERYTHING…my work…my play…my faith…my family, He would not only be glorified, but He would cause me to succeed in a way that I had always believed in, but had never ‘tasted’ or seen, as I danced for One.”

As this realization and vision began to unfold, the mission, concept and design of Dance4One began a quick and at times, confusing and unclear transformation.  The heart behind Dance4One is to be a focal point or portal for reflecting what Getz believes is the reality that creativity, the arts, business and faith can, and should be fused together as ONE.  Therefore, all communication, current or future websites, businesses or content is, and will continue to come through or  As Dan Getz continues to develop and refine his vision for Dance4One, it is very probable that Dance4One will evolve into event planning, dance teams made of youth and people of all ages, race and cultural backgrounds, and corporate and private sponsorships of talented, gifted and creative individuals who not only express themselves through dance, but through multiple art forms…drawing, painting, writing, singing and playing various musical instruments to name but a few.

Dance4One is much more than a means of financial gain, but one built on faith, hope and the passionate desire and zeal to impart into others the belief in themselves through Faith, that they CAN do whatever they set their minds to do…that not only are the gifts that he believes EVERYONE possesses something that can, and should be used to their fullest and greatest potential, but something that can, and should bring significant financial gain.  In his own words, Getz declares, “As ALL people begin to rise up and really believe what God says about them…that the plans for them by God are for good, and not for evil, and that they have a specific purpose and are destined for greatness, not only will they benefit in the form of personal fulfillment and financial gain, others will benefit from not only heeding this simple message themselves, but many others will benefit as well through charitable work and contributions to those living in the cities, provinces and nations surrounding and connected to these now passionate, and fully convinced individuals and organizations.”

To learn more about Dance4One, and what we can do to assist and enhance you personally or your organization, please call 469-254-6520, or send an email to

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