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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

About More Green Consulting...and Q&A

Dan Getz is the visionary behind More Green Consulting, a firm created to develop, harness and implement solutions that save companies and professionals time, money, and energy.  As a high level Financial/Operational Analyst, his intuitive, no nonsense problem solving and negotiation skills have saved businesses millions of dollars.  Companies like Metro PCS,  Henry Wurst Inc, BMK LP, Frito Lay, and more employed his careful analysis and strategies that delivered astounding results.

In an economic climate where more and more people are negatively impacted, few are optimistic and many are clouded by fear, Getz is a man who sees opportunity in impossibility. With stubborn, yet methodic determination, clear headed optimism, and simple but thorough analysis his solutions win again and again. He is unconventional, bold, relentless, but ever sensitive to and mindful of his clients’ own insights and expertise.

Getz is a forward thinker who takes what is both obvious and hidden to produce effective solutions. With a degree in advertising and experience in the financial world he has the uncommon ability to think like both the consumer and the executive. As an effective communicator, he often networks internal departments, suppliers, consumers, consultants, and much more, with eachother.

His work ethic makes him a man much admired.  As an unapologetic Christian whose beliefs mirror biblical standards for moral character, he is found to be just as honest as he is intelligent and capable. In the words of Martin Luther who said, “All work is sacred” Dan Getz takes on every client's problem as though he were solving it for God Himself. His work is a calling…a conviction…and not merely a means of financial gain. Such moral character is virtually a guarantee of confidentiality and the highest satisfaction.

He founded More Green Consulting in response to the needs he sees everyday from the struggling independent business owner to the captain of industry. Dan Getz brings his clients an enthusiastic energy and relentless passion to help them maximize every possibility.

See what MGC can do for you TODAY by giving them a call at 469-254-6520, or via email at

Questions and Answers – MG Consulting

Q – How do I get started?
A – You can call MG Consulting at 469-254-6520, email us at or visit the Dance4One website at to set up an appointment for your FREE 30 minute consultation.

Q – What happens in a 30 minute FREE consulation?
A – The short answer is “Whatever YOU want – it is YOUR time.”  The longer answer is, that I primarily listen to what YOU have to say.  I have found that by listening to YOU talk, we, together, will often “stumble” upon areas where improvement is needed, even if YOU don’t have any idea of what you need or want at beginning of the FREE consultation.  I offer very little advice as I have found that FREE advice does neither of much good, and is NOT what I am offering for free.  However, if a prospective client still has questions that they feel they need to ask during the FREE consultation (generally AFTER they have researched my website and spoken to me to set up the appointment for their FREE consultation), they most certainly may.  However, when the 30 minutes has expired, I have to begin billing at my normal hourly rates.

Q – So what happens AFTER the 30 minute consultation?  Am I under any obligation to purchase anything?

A – Again, the answer is “Whatever YOU want.”  On occasion, by simply letting a person talk they decide they have everything they need to make changes to their organization so that it will run more efficiently than before they talked to me.  However, I have found that NONE of us can possibly know EVERYTHING, or DO everything necessary to become more efficient in what we do.  We need help, and that is where MG Consulting comes in.  When the 30 minutes is up, a prospective client may realize they need to tell me more than the 30 minute allotment of time alots for, so all additional time is then charged at my normal hourly project management/hourly rates.  Once the (now) client believes they have given me enough information to proceed with developing a Cost Saving/Efficiency Analysis, they may select what level of report they would like for me to produce.  Depending on the level of report selected, the final report can take from one day to several weeks to complete.  In most cases, higher level reports (Bronze, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus for example) require a minimum of 1 billable hour of consulting time in order to glean enough information for me to make intelligent recommendations.

Q – How does a referral work?

A – A referral can work, generally, in one of two ways…A “straight” referral without any further involvement is just that…During the 30 minute FREE consultation and possibly billable time after that, WE may discover that YOU have a need, and I know someone that can help with YOUR need.  We have all heard the old cliché of “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.  Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.”  I have found that adding value to that fish, and requiring payment for the name of that “fish” will do us BOTH more good in the long run than simply GIVING you the name of that “fish”.  Depending on the level of expertise needed, my rates for referrals start at $25/referral and would never be more than $500/referral.  You pay me the referral fee; I give you the name of my contact (which have been screened by me personally and in the near future will be required to be members in good standing with; and you proceed with establishing a business relationship with my referred contractor and/or company with no strings attached to me or MG Consulting.

In most cases, however, I have found that YOU will decide to retain my services as a Project Manager who will continue to identify, simplify and add efficiency to not only the initial business processes WE identified TOGETHER during our FREE and possibly paid consultations, but for other business processes WE identify along the way.  As multiple processes are identified as needing improvement, the level of expertise needed to fix these issues can vary widely, and requires very specific skill sets to address the issues effectively.  This often requires additional referrals to contractors I know, have worked with in the past, or have come to know recently through other projects I have, or am currently managing.  In these cases, not only may additional consulting time or referral fees be necessary, YOU, the client often realize YOU need a Project Manager (like me) to manage the various consultants and ensuing projects that tend to evolve.  You can rest assured that I am always looking for ways to improve efficiency and save my clients money, so will ALWAYS keep you informed and up to date on current, estimated and projected costs, timeframes for completion and less expensive alternatives.

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