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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dance4One CALLS KISS 106.1 FM’s Kidd Kraddick a “FRAUD”, and Recommends former American Idol Contestant, Tim Halperin find a new “Promoter” of Rise & Fall

By Dan Getz/Dance4One Blogger
Reporting from Dallas, TX

Dance4One’s Dan Getz calls himself a “Bulldog for Justice”,, and last night provided a perfect platform for the “bulldog” in Getz to be released on the unsuspecting guy who happened to answer the phone at KISS 106.1 FM in Dallas, TX.

Getz was quoted as saying TWO times, “I’d like to request the song NEW YORK by American Idol contestant Tim Halperin from his newest album, “Rise & Fall” be played and then dedicated to Kim in Cambodia, from Dan at Dance4One,” to which he received FIRST the answer, “Who is that?” and then two hours later, “I still haven’t been able to find out who you are talking about,” by the same the same individual.

 After the second, what amounted to a refusal to play Halperin’s music, Getz replied “Isn’t this the same station that has Kidd Kraddick who Tim Halprin  publicly thanked at his concert at the Plano Feastival two weekends ago in Downtown Plano, TX for ‘working with him and promoting his [Tim Halprin’s] music and newest album, Rise & Fall’”?

The reply Getz got is what angered him the most and prompted the immediate drafting and release of this story.  The phone attendant (or DJ for all I know) at KISS 106.1 FM answered “Yes, but we’re not going to play something on our show that nobody listens too.  Kidd Kraddick, I’m sure is playing him [Tim Halperin] during the Morning Show, and if he were good enough, we’d know about him too, and be playing his stuff.” Getz then  retorted before hanging up, “In at least the three days I’ve been listening to the Morning Show with Kidd Kraddick, I have not heard ANY of Halperin’s songs played, and how can you possibly gauge what ‘people want to hear’ if you refuse to play his music or simply Google “Tim Halperin” or “Rise and Fall” to find out WHO he is?”

I (Dan Getz with Dance4One, and YES, I was  speaking in the THIRD PERSON about MYSELF) would go on to say this, “Tim, I would encourage you to look MUCH farther and beyond Kidd Kraddick or KISS 106.1 FM (or American Idol, and quite possibly America for that matter) for multiple reasons that go WAY beyond the instance relayed above. 

First, I have been trying since the morning of Halloween, October 31, 2011 to JUST get someone to answer the phone (letting it ring on multiple occasions 30 to 50 times) at KISS 106.1 FM in Dallas, TX (which happens to be owned by Clear Channel Communications who owns and operates SIX Radio Stations in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, and can be reached after 1 or 2 rings during normal business hours at 214-866-8000).

 Second, if Kidd Kraddick and his other co-horts on the Morning Show would spend LESS time mocking true artists and musicians and carrying on in what I would classify as strong R and even X-rated dialogue, and MORE time actually playing the music of extremely talented musician’s like Tim Halperin and his band members, albums such as Halperin’s “Rise & Fall” just might be given an opportunity to be heard by America and the World.

I will close this article by “speaking” to you directly Tim Halperin. “Tim, you ARE a SUCCESS regardless of what FRAUDS like Kidd Kraddick are doing, or not doing.  If a guy like KIDD can’t even successfully ‘promote’ you from the MORNING SHOW to the EVENING SHOW, you need to find someone who will...quickly…and before America forgets, or even realizes who you ARE.”

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