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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why do Cool Guys like Billy Bush and Kidd Kraddick talk Trash while their “Bomb-Shell” Co-Hosts Exude Senseless, Meaningless, and Mindless Chatter? Exploring what “Makes” and “Breaks” the Young & New Artists of Today.

By Dan Getz, Blogger

I have to admit that if I had written this story right after I heard several minutes of commentary last week between Hollywood Access Hosts Billy Bush and Kit Hoover regarding Justin Bieber, I would have most certainly ended up with a TRUTHFUL, Fact-Based article, yet admittedly a vomit-spewed mess that NOBODY ultimately likes, particularly if they end up being the ONE who has to clean it up.  In my opinion what I heard was nothing less than Malicious and Uncalled For BULLYING and MOCKING, something which is recently being taking VERY seriously by most Educators, but does not seem to matter when it comes to the Music and Entertainment Industry.  However, had I spoken precisely what I felt inside, when I heard it, I would have ended up being guilty of the exact same thing…Malicious, and Uncalled For Bullying and Mocking.

To be honest, even after thinking about, and sorting out this story in my mind over several days, I am still a little hesitant to speak my mind as I KNOW, being a “newbie” to the music/arts/movie/entertainment industry myself how easy it is to tick someone off, and essentially “commit political and professional suicide”.  However, despite the current thinking of today that you HAVE to do, or not do CERTAIN THINGS to be Successful, I must hold to my core values and journalistic commitment to speak the TRUTH, and be a relentless “Bulldog for JUSTICE”.

Billy Bush’s Twitter Account (@billybush) states, “Christian, Proud American, dad, dude, hockey fan, Love 2 ski Do Radio and TV.v”.  Justin Bieber was quoted by Urban Christian News as saying recently during an interview with Billy Bush, “I'm a Christian. I definitely let people know. I'm not throwing it in their face and telling them, 'You have to find Jesus,' but I'm down for Jesus.”.  Urban Christian News went on to say this about Selena Gomez (Justin’s current girlfriend for those of you not “in the know”): “Selena Gomez is also a devout Christian. The two make it a practice to pray together frequently, and Selena holds regular prayer sessions with her band members before they go on stage to perform at her concerts.”  Dan Getz (me) and Dance4One proudly proclaim on multiple websites, “I dance to the beat of a different Drummer, whose name is Jesus…”.  The point of this is that Billy, Justin, Selena, I (and many others in the Entertainment Business like Tim Halperin and Colton Jacobson) are CHRISTIANS, and we SHOULD not only be RESPECTFUL to eachother, but to society as a whole.  I’m not saying that we will always AGREE (in fact, the most SUCCESSFUL and HEALTHY relationships consist of Agreement AND Disagreement), but I believe that TRUE SUCCESS consists of, among other things, RESPECT.

So Billy I will tell you plainly, that the way you spoke (both verbally and non-verbally with your body language) about your recent interview with Justin Bieber (with video showing Justin playing the piano in the background) was nothing short of Bullying, Belittling, Mocking and Disrespectful.  You (as most in the entertainment  industry) called him “The Bieb” multiple times, rolled your eyes, and seemed to have nothing GOOD to say about the UNDENIABLE measure of SUCCESS this young man has.  I believe that whether or not a person likes or dislikes a certain sound or genre of music, or even the looks and personality of a particular ARTIST, that ANYONE who can play multiple instruments and flies around and lives in multi-million dollar planes and homes does possess a certain measure of SUCCESS.  These ARTISTS not only inspire CREATIVITY and SUCCESS in others, but are the REASON for people like YOU’s (and I’s) employment and SUCCESS.

Kidd Kraddick, while I admittedly do not yet know where you stand spiritually, and DO admire you for promoting Tim Halperin when America and American Idol ultimately “cast him aside” after several successful rounds, do have a “bone to pick” with you as well.  After listening to KISS 106.1 (Dallas, TX) a lot of yesterday and today for the first time in a very long time, I was appalled at the amount of mockery, snickering, disrespect and BULLYING I heard from you and multiple co-hosts with regard to SEVERAL artists that even ya’ll admitted were selling records despite the “overkill” of negativity I personally heard exuded throughout the last two days.  And since I am already WAY OUT on a LIMB anyway, I might as well tell you that when calling KISS 106.1 FM at 214-787-1061 that the phone rings and rings (with no human or answering machine EVER picking up).  When contacting Clear Channel Communications (at 214-866-8000) yesterday, they indicated the “problem” was due to it being a special Halloween format, but I experienced the exact same thing TODAY since 7 am this morning…NO ANSWER.  Perhaps this article will prompt you to fulfill my reason for the calls…To ask you to please play more Tim Halperin/Rise & Fall songs, and to play and dedicate “New York” to my friend Kimheak in Cambodia whom I have skyped, emailed and chatted with, but have never met face to face…yet.

I will close by saying that I do respect you Billy and Kidd (not to be confused with Billy the Kid), and want to remind you that you, too are SUCCESSFUL.  But I also believe that while I may ultimately burn some bridges in the process of becoming more SUCCESSFUL, I am, and will be SUCCESSFUL without having to change my core values and beliefs.  In addition, while I do call myself a “Christian”, I prefer to simply say that I am a Follower and Believer in Jesus Christ…’cause religion kills, but Jesus saves.

*More Information can be found on Dan Getz and Dance4One at,, or by FOLLOWING @Dance4One on TWITTER or FACEBOOK. Names with asterisks may or may not have been changed for this story.

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