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Friday, August 24, 2012

Patsy Morgan, wife of PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE A. Zombie Interviewed by DANgerous with Dance4One

Reporting from El Centro College,
Dallas, TX, "DANgerous" with
August 24, 2012, 2:10 p.m. CST

Around 1:45 pm CST Presidential Candidate A. Zombie was spotted getting out of a Black Suburban in the vicinity of St. Paul and Bryan Streets in Downtown Dallas, TX.  At least one unidentified TV CREW captured the sighting, along with several by-standers who willing and readily took advantage of the opportunity for a photo shoot with A. Zombie and his wife, Mrs. Patsy Morgan.

When Mrs. Patsy Morgan was asked the following question by "DANgerous" with Dance4One, "What is the campaign message that your husband, A. Zombie is most passionate about and wants Americans everywhere to know?", she responded, "I'm not sure you are aware of it or not, but Dish Network haas arbitrarily decided to pull AMC programming that includes shows like 'The Walking Dead".  We believe that if you want to watch a show with Zombies in it, you have the right to do that, on the network or programming vehicle of your choice.  Furthermore, if a network, like Dish Network refuses to provide the programming that their subscribers want, they should leave that company and seek another who will listen to the voice of their customers."

Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" then asked Mrs. Morgan this question, "Does A. Zombie have any international aspirations to run for a position of leadership in any other countries beside the United States because Dance4One is currently read in 60+ Nations?" to which she responded, "No, not at this time, at least not now, anyway."

After a couple more photos and shots from the TV camera crew, both Mr. A. Zombie and Mrs. Patsy Morgan climbed back into the Black Suburban and drove away to an unspecified destination.  However, after clicking on their campaign site at Dan Getz found their tour stop schedule to be the following: San Diego, CA on 8-20-12, Dallas, TX on 8-24-12 (Today, making Dallas, TX the SECOND scheduled tour stop), Tampa, FL on 8-28-12, Atlanta, GA on 9-1-12, Charlotte, NC on 9-3-12 and New York, NY on 9-5-12. 

Mr. Getz with Dance4One then spontaneously decided to announce the GIVE AWAY of one FREE T-Shirt from his and partner, Shared Vision's Christian T-Shirts Plus by Dance4One & Shared Vision company ( to ONE person from EACH city that EMAILS ( a photo or video of A. Zombie, or his wife Mrs. Patsy Morgan while they are campaigning in one of the above cities they have listed in their tour stop schedule.  Details of this FREE T-Shirt GIVE AWAY will be posted soon on, FACEBOOK (Dan Getz, Dance4One, Christian T-Shirts Plus by Dance4One & Shared Vision) and Twitter @ Dance4One.

For more details on Mr. A. Crombie's Campaign Platform, please be sure to read the letter below from their website at, visit their website, and ASK them when they stop in YOUR city.

Posted by: Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" at Dance4One,, YouTube 12131966dan, Facebook (Dan Getz, Dance4One & Christian T-Shirts Plus by Dance4One & Shared Vision), Twitter @Dance4One, LinkedIn (Dan Getz) and

Dear DISH Subscriber:
Did you know that AMC just received the most Emmy nominations of any basic cable channel? 34 nominations for shows like “Breaking Bad”, “Mad Men”, “The Walking Dead” and “Hell on Wheels”. Yet despite the popularity and demand for these shows, DISH continues to black out AMC, IFC, WE tv, and Sundance Channel. To add insult to injury, DISH continues to charge you for them; you just no longer receive them.

DISH’s decision to drop AMC, WEtv, IFC and Sundance Channel had nothing to do with our fees, or our shows. In fact, unlike almost every other dispute you see between providers and programmers, and despite DISH’s misleading claims to the contrary, this is not about fees.

The simple truth is that DISH is using their consumers as pawns to attempt to gain leverage in a lawsuit involving an old and unrelated business venture that has nothing to do with AMC, nothing to do with our shows or fees, and certainly nothing to do with DISH subscribers, who just want to watch the shows they love and are paying DISH for. You will not see any AMC Networks’ shows on DISH any time soon.

In other words, since DISH’s reason for depriving you of AMC programming is based on a lawsuit that won’t be resolved for a long time, this problem won’t be solved shortly, unlike other disputes between programmers and providers, which typically are resolved in a matter of days (weeks at most).

If you want to watch “Breaking Bad”,” Hell on Wheels”, “The Walking Dead”, and “Mad Men”, you will have to switch TV providers. We can help you do that. The good news is, every other cable, phone and satellite company — except DISH — carries AMC in their basic package. Many providers are offering special incentives for people to switch. Call now at 1-855-2-DROP-DISH (1-855-237-6734) and let us help you gain access to the shows your friends and neighbors are watching.

We can help you regain access to AMC, IFC, Sundance Channel and WE tv by calling the above number, visiting or contacting us on Twitter @AMC_Assist.
Thank you for your support of our shows and our networks. We want you to be able to watch the TV you love, and we’ll do whatever we can to help make that possible.

AMC Networks

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