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Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Importance of the Hispanic Market & Tweeter FOLLOWERS

As Dance4One has, is and will continue to "evolve" into something truly UNIQUE, the communication, VISION and target audience, too has, is and will continue to not only "evolve", but will continue to become MUCH sharper and clearer...The following THREE pieces of correspondence were JUST sent within the last 24 hours to my largest Tweeter Follower (Bob Debbas), a Hispanic reporter (Katie Beasley with WRDW-TV News 12,, and an individual who strongly believes in, and supports the Hispanic market (  In addition, my "message" is available on my Facebook page (Dan Getz),,, as well as being periodically posted on Mark Zuckerberg's business and private sites, Oprah Winfrey's site, Sarah Palin's site and Rick Perry's site, as I believe ALL of these avenues possess a "common thread" to not only eachother, but to Dance4One's political, social, and/or religious core values and "mission statement" which is, "To to be a visionary, artist & entrepreneur who believes in and ACTIVELY PROMOTES the fusion of the arts and commerce through FAITH...

Dear Bob:

Ever since you began following me (Dance4One) on Twitter, I have been intrigued/perplexed as to why someone like you, with 98,000 Tweeter “followers” would be following me, and what, exactly I might have said or conveyed in my first couple tweets to intrigue your apparent interest?

Since that day, I have “dummied down” what I do to this: “I own Dance4One, MGC & Ambit Energy. I am a visionary, artist & entrepreneur who believes in the promotion & fusion of the arts and commerce through FAITH,” but am still not completely satisfied that I am adequately conveying what I do…

Here’s another attempt at that via a bullet list style of communication…

  • Dance4One is both symbolic and a means of “directing” potential interest in ANY of my ventures/companies to One site, which also directs them to at least knowing about the ONE I serve.
  • The vision of Dance4One is to actively promote the fusion of the arts, creativity, dance, etc. with commerce/business via international dance/creative art teams sponsorships (particularly under-priviledged children traveling from 3rd world countries in SE Asia to more prosperous nations and/or locations in Europe, the Middle East and USA), corporate sponsorships of artists, dancers, multi-media/film FAITH-BASED individuals and/or teams (not necessarily Christian but good, wholesome folks that would not otherwise have the opportunities provided by programs like “America’s Got Talent, You think you can Dance, American Idol, etc.) and Christian based organizations like GOD TV and Christian film producers/companies.
  • The vision statement of MGC, aka More Green Consulting is to save companies (and individuals) time and money through financial, operational, procedural and data analysis.
  • As a Marketing Consultant for Ambit Energy, I can save individuals and companies money on their energy costs (electricity and natural gas, dependant on what has been deregulated, and Ambit’s presence in specific states)
  • My two BIG ideas are…
    • “Pitching” a parallel platform to Facebook that transcends the “SOCIAL” network to an ECONOMIC network that connects companies/individuals that can PROVIDE a service or product to companies/individuals that NEED a service or product, AND transcends the offerings/shortcomings of LinkedIn, Monster and Careerbuilder (that ALL contain VOLUMES of STALE and UN-USEFUL data…to FACEBOOK/Mark Zuckerberg.
    • “Selling” Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg and the Hispanic market on the value of my ownership of sites like

Bob, my request, simply stated is…

  • I want to know more about what YOU do
  • I want to know HOW I can communicate my “message” more clearly
  • I want to know HOW I can attract Investors (I believe I need a minimum of $100,000 to “carry” my personal/business expenses for ONE YEAR, but that a minimum of $1,000,000.00 would allow me to gain much more ground, more quickly.

Bob, thank you for your professionalism, friendliness, consideration and time you have already given me.  In order to launch my #1 Idea (Parallel Platform to Facebook), and once agreed upon and launched by Facebook and I, I will be giving, free of charge or obligation, 100 to 1000 ONE YEAR subscriptions (valued between $29.95 and $199.95) to first 100 to 1000 that email me at with “FREE SUBSCRIPTION” in the SUBJECT LINE.  Feel free to “reserve” this offer by emailing me NOW, and encouraging others you may share this information with, to do the same thing…The idea behind this is to actually be able to offer a “network” to the first subscribers, which will undoubtedly come from some of the 500 million FACEBOOK subscribers…

In addition to all of the above, I am also “dabbling” in writing Children’s/Language/Special Needs/Allegories books (of which I have included several samples) and buying/selling merchandise, vehicles, memorabilia, restaurant/coffee equipment with regard to company/store closings (Borders and Blockbuster) and Liquidation Sales…

Thank you for your interest in Dance4One and me personally and any additional information/guidance you may be able to provide.


Dan Getz
Twitter: @Dance4One
PO Box 836662
Richardson, TX 75083


Katie (WRDW-TV News 12,, I saw a recent article written by you and I would be interested in the following...
  • Your help finding the Location of a YAHOO article from maybe 4 to 6 months ago suggesting either UNIVISION or Telemundo was rapidly gaining marketing much so that CBS was near being replaced by a Hispanic Television station as the NUMBER three (next to ABC and NBC) network
  • Request that you begin following (and read my previous 100+ Tweets since December, 2010) me on Twitter @Dance4One, and visit/friend me on Facebook (Dan Getz), and
  • Note that I (Dan Getz/Dance4One) OWN and (as well as 50 or so other related HISPANIC domains) that I believe will be "pushing" MORE Hispanics towards FACEBOOK
  • I am developing a PARALLEL PLATFORM to Facebook that will transcend/complement the "social" aspect of networking through economic networking (which will ALSO transcend the likes of Career Builder, Monster and LinkedIn), probably involve a partnership/merger with Facebook,  utilize FACEBOOK's 500 million subscriber base as a "launching pad" for this product, AND draw a large % of Hispanics who do not currently use FACEBOOK to both FACEBOOK and this "parallel platform" via the aforementioned HISPANIC domains I already own.
  • If you see ANY value in the above information, I will offer you an EXCLUSIVE "deal" for my "story" and PRESS RELEASE...If you will check Businesses Registered in Galveston, TX, you will find Dance4One (aka, YoBalioQuatroUn) and More Green Consulting (aka, MG Consulting)
If I were to summarize who I am and what the companies I represent/own/operate are, I would say, "I own Dance4One, MGC & Ambit Energy, and am a visionary, artist, writer & entrepreneur who believes in the promotion & fusion of the arts and commerce through FAITH."

Thank you for your potential interest and/or assistance with my request.

Very truly yours,

Dan Getz
Twitter: @Dance4One
Facebook: Dan Getz
Phone: 469-254-6520 (dial 011 if calling from outside U.S.)

I have attached a letter I sent to one of my followers that communcates who I am.  I just began following you on Twitter, and DO see the HUGE value of the Hispanic market, which I believe a HUGE percentage of do NOT use, or even know about FACEBOOK...
I own the DOMAIN, which I believe could be developed to direct the Hispanic market AND Advertisers targeting the Hispanic market to FACEBOOK, but cannot get investors, FACEBOOK/Mark Zuckerberg and even Mark's friend Oprah Winfrey to give me, a viritual no-name, the time of day...
In addition to writing and trying to publish several books (Children's, Language Aids, Special Needs, Allegories and various other subjects) and working on various other projects and start-ups, I am also trying to "pitch" an idea of a Parallel Platform to FACEBOOK that would connect the WORLD (including the Hispanic Market) socio-economically.
Finally, I need YOUR help in locating/validating an article published by YAHOO RECENTLY (within the last 4 to 6 months I believe) that I distinctly recall being about either UNIVISION or TELEMUNDO steadily and rapidly (though a largely un-noticed "SLEEPING GIANT") gaining market share and ratings that VERY PROBABLY would cause the #3, CBS (#1 and # 2 are ABC and NBC) to be REPLACED by a Hispanic Television Network (again, either Univision or Telemundo).
Regardless of what you can or cannot do, I would like to connect through Twitter, Facebook and any other avenue we mutually agree to...
Thank you,
Dan Getz (Facebook)
Twitter @Dance4One

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