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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

About LAST GATORS in the West End, Dallas, TX

by Dan Getz, International Blogger

I received this FACEBOOK message from my friend Lilith this morning, to which I replied, and reluctantly, at first, decided to post in TODAY's BLOG POST.  I met Lilith and her husband "Hoody"around October, 2011 at the Occupy Dallas encampment that was eventually raided and razed by the City of Dallas and City of Dallas Police Department early Thursday morning around midnight on November 17, 2011.(  You can see a previous Interview of WFAA news anchor Cynthia Vega by Dan Getz at AND

Lilith Grace Blind

As we waded through a city of tents occupied by homeless, hippies, and criminals who had nowhere else to go. The city had a place for most things that you needed. Food, Clothing, first aid, and entertainment were scattered throughout the population. I especially enjoyed the drum circles. Anyone could join in with any kind of percussion.

Then there was Dan.

Anywhere there's music was good for Dan. Thin and fiery he spoke with passion for dance. He had a t-shirt that he designed himself with his motto "dance 4 one." God gave him an amazing love for dance and he gives all glory to God.

As we asked Dan more about his dancing for the Lord, we learned that he goes to bars, clubs and raves around the cities and that he is well known as a regular.

Who would imagine that your calling could be going to bars and dancing with girls? I'm not one to judge someone else's servant but this was far from the run of the mill calling from God.
As we talked more we found out that we ran in the same circles and frequented some of the same venues. I know many of our friends go out to get away from "life."

The club scene is not the horrible image some make it out to be: a bunch of deviants dropping psychedelic drugs and playing with glow sticks all night. There are many things to crave distraction from: family, the past, being alone. That distraction can mean many things, some people become alcoholics, some become workaholics, drug abusers, some people obsessively plan, clean, or live and breathe their hobby. The people Dan has been called to were the ones that hung out in dance clubs. He goes to these clubs and lives with his passion given to him. He can dance past last call - until the lights are turned on. Weather he dances solo or cordially invites a partner he knows his dancing is for the glory of God.

He is fun and approachable and expects nothing in return for his friendship. He's not there to hook up with a date and he treats the ladies like they should be treated - he respects them like a sister. He sets a standard for what they should be treated like so they know what they are worth.

If someone is too drunk or something gets slipped into a lady's drink, Dan takes it as a personal responsibility to make sure she is properly cared for. He builds relationships with the people in his social circles for one purpose - to show them who they are through God's eyes.

Sometimes life comes back and bites them. they have another ex to add to the list or family or friends turn on them. Maybe they keep hitting brick walls. They know an ear that is willing to talk about anything without judgement. When they have finished venting he is sure to show them what they are worth and point them to a path that will benefit them, and everyone around them most.

How many of us have friends and family that are too close for us to reach?

What difference would it make if someone seeking to walk like Christ was in their lives, with the sole purpose of showing them what they are worth?

The dance floor is His mission field and he knows the native's ways. He sets out to heal the sick and wounded. We all were given a ministry of reconciliation - this is the refuge Dan offers to those he's been assigned.

what do you think?
Dan Getz

that is awesome...that is my heart...I still need that Paul/Barnabus "going"...having another brother...or sister with me when I go to these places will keep me in check...particularly when the ladies sometimes misread my moves and come on pretty strong in their dance...sexually...but there is that Fear of the Lord thing...especially as I get more and more recoginized around town...I MUST keep my reputation swqueeky clean...and I KNOW that I MUST enjoy the serenity and annonymity of the NOW meaning I must enjoy being able to sometimes bounce in, and out...with nobody REALLY knbowing who I am...I sense this time is drawing to a close...I know I am destinied to speak to rulers and kings and presidents of PREPARE the WAY of our be a voice shaken like a reed in the wolderness as John...I would like to run this...part of fear of being called eogtisical or prideful wants to not run it...but this fits in with what was prohetically spoken over me...VALIDATION of others...

Last night I was at Gators...a club in the West End...they have a roof top that is open on the weekends and when it is not raining...but last night there was nobody up there after I walked the long stair way to the top, opened the door which was unlocked and went out to an empy but BEAUTIFUL rooftop patio...and then the song from the bottom began to play...with the newest Kereoke singer starting to sing...I don't remember the words now, but they were words I was hearing for the first time...yet they were words that resonated within my in my confidence of who I AM, which has gained more and more momentum and the steps and dance becoming even more refined and appear to be rehearsed and learned...I, in perfect rythm began to descend the long stair case...with all eyes on me by the way I was about half-way this point, al little fear and self-conciousness crept in...but knowing I could not stop now, a burst of confidence and God's steps began to flow with intensity as I hit the small area that was really not set up as a dance floor this night (like on the weekends when about 5 to 10 of these tables are removed for LOTS of people to dance and I received lots of claps and "kudos" when I finished...BUT...

a bartender came over to my table at the end of several songs (with continued accalades from the "audience") and told me plainly that if I was not going to buy anything I had to leavce...and besides "didn't I realize I was making quite a spectacle of myself?" When I replied that "Wasn't it ironice that HE was the one complaining, but NONE of the audience seemed to have "his" opinion (which he quickly became the "spokesman" for the "people"), he was more resolved to make sure I left immediately...which I plain site of the "audience", , knowing THEY knew this was not right, and NOT their "opinion" but HIS and maybe his boss...ALONE...

When I explained that I was on blood thiners, and that I could not risk drinking alcohol, which is already a natural blood thinner, he wanted me to buy a Coke costing $2.60...I had $2, but was about $50 short and by this time didn't really even care about buying anything from this bar... I exited the Bar, and "Bill" asked me why I was leaving and I told him I had been asked to leave because i hadn't bought anything and was a little short for even a COKE, "Bill" dug into his pocket and gave me a $5...when i TOLD him i only needed maybe $.50 or $1.00, he said "No Worries...keep it"...

With a new resolve...all of the above taking less than a minute to "work out" i proudly bounced rythm to the song playing which had the repeated lyrics of "Your not welcome here anymore" bought my $2.60 coke (with a significant amout of change to spare still in my pocket NOW) and danced my heart...and HIS heart out for the next several hours...with "Bill" proudly proclaiming and VALIDATING me...or rather the God in me, although unbeknownst DIREXTLY to most, "YOU are FUN...and YOU cannot stop now" with "Bill" throughout the entire evening stopping introduce me to hsi friends...both before he came in...and friends he had met that night...and making sure I was "ok" and when i stopped to rest a moment, reflecting and conveying concern and an admonition to "MOVE around...ALL OVER...and not just in one place...which made me smile...and KNOW I was in the PERFECT PLACE...that night...with my FATHER...especially when a large group sang...the music played...and I danced in what apears to be rehearsed
choreography...but is the FIRST time I have danced to the song...I wanna KNOW what LOVE is...most not readily detecting that I am not looking at ANYONE...but have my hands, my arms and my eyes and head LOOKING the ONE I dance for...Jesus Christ my Savior and LORD...

And Lilith wrote back with THIS extremely timely and prophetic word for Dance4One Ministries...AMEN and AMEN and so BE it...

Lilith Grace Blind

not only for the sake of your reputation, but because all of these girls see themselves as having to be worthy of attention. That they have to give to receive. There is no way you could possibly just want to love them and want nothing in return. They have never seen that kind of love in the world. (notice a working metaphor of mankind to God) That's why God will give you His eyes for them - they are souls - they are His daughters. They are hurting, and lonely in a crowd and they have not seen their TRUE glory - you have been entrusted with the privilege to bring their self worth to a place where they can even be able to think God could love them - you are rolling out the red carpet for the broken and wounded - you are called to shower them with God's love and Grace. It's natural they will want to "pay" for the attention because their flesh and the world has taught them that. The good news is - it's really a sign of progress - it means they have seen a tiny bit of the light that's in you. I know that part can be hardest for you - but know that is the tipping point - the part where if you press in to God they will get to receive His love. It's not about them converting - it's about them receiving free Love.

You are a LIGHT in the darkness the more you draw close to God the brighter you will be. You are GOING to stand out.

When your actions line up with your words your reputation will be a witness. If you mess up- you get to show humility and repentance only a man of God could display. When someone is in need you get to show that your Love - the Love that is in you from Christ - does not stop at just words but you'll be there to volunteer, you'll go pray and sit a a hospital with the sick, you'll SHOW them that you care - - - something they may have NEVER had on a Godly level.

Sorry - I know anonymity is comfortable, but you are too amazing to
be under the radar. Good thing you have a comforter. With you all times.

I used some of this stuff to change up the blog a bit - - - i am speaking growth life and strength into the ministry that is growing in you.

I can't reassure you that God will be sending you someone to help minister - but I know He knows what you need more than you know what you need.

Make a list of ALL the things that you want in your partner - compare it to the Holy Spirit.
Posted by: Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" at Dance4One,, YouTube 12131966dan, Facebook (Dan Getz and Dance4One), Twitter @Dance4One, and LinkedIn (Dan Getz).


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