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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dance4One Journalist Questioned, Detained, Searched and Let Go by Dallas Police Department Corporal and Partner

by Dan Getz, International Blogger

Reporting LIVE from:
The Hotel Adolphus
1321 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX, 75202

About 3:30 pm CST, approximately 30 minutes after leaving the Dallas Convention Center (host of the 33rd Annual National Cheerleading Association Senior and Junior High School Championship), Dan Getz, Owner and President of Dance4One was directed to "Come Here," by two City of Dallas Police Officers, and then forcibly told (and guided by one of the Officer's bodies and hands) to put his hands on the hood of Unit 2784 of the Dallas Police Department.

When Getz told them he was headed to "the Korean lady who passes out Chicken each Sunday," he was then asked if he objected to the search of his pockets, person, a backpack containing his laptop and another bag, to which he consented, though with verbal and visible hesitation as to why he was "randomly" being stopped for simply walking down Ervay Street, about a block southwest of The Bridge (site of a Texas Workforce location, Parkland Memorial Hospital Clinic, various Social Services which include Emergency and Transitional Shelter for both Men and Women over the age of 18) located at 1818 Corsicana Street in Dallas, TX.

At some point  Mr. Getz's wallet and valid Texas Driver's License was removed from his right pants pocket by one of the Officers who later claimed to be a Corporal.  When Dan Getz informed both Officers that he was an international blogger of a blog ( that is NOW READ in 100+ Nations, the Officer identifying himself at that point as "Corporal" became visibly and audibly upset and went into a 2 to 3 minute "tirade" of how he had a four year degree in "law" and "did Getz see the 'stripes' on his uniform indicating the dedication, rank and service he had and was performing for the City of Dallas Police Department?"  The "Corporal" went on to belittle and mock Getz's four year Bachelor of Arts Degree in Advertising, and strongly recommended that Getz remove "Dance" from his blog name, as "he [the 'Corporal'] "didn't Dance."

After several more questions that strongly implied Getz's assumed criminal intentions, including the deliberate and willful concealment of arms and knives, Getz was told he was "free to go", by the "Corporal", but that he had to turn around, and cross back over Interstate 35, "which was the site of the Korean Church" Getz was looking for.

Though Getz knew that the church the "Corporal" had pointed out was in fact NOT a Korean church, but the "Eagle's Nest Cathedral" led and pastored by W.V. Grant, he nevertheless complied, as at this point he was visibly shaken and afraid of a yet possible arrest (or worse), over the apparent illegal detainment and infringement of his 1st Ammendment Rights under the Constiution of the United States of America, which he clearly stated to both Officers several times.

As Getz was walking away, he told the "Corporal" and his partner that he [Getz] was fully aware of the shooting that killed a man 6 days ago on Monday, January 7, 2013 around 6:00 p.m. at The Bridge [same Bridge mentioned above and located at 1818 Corsicana Street in Dallas, TX]. 

Furthermore, Getz communicated to both Officers that he was in the early stages, as an Investigative Reporter for Dance4One, of uncovering what by all appearances, and the absence of any news media reports, City of Dallas Police Department Press Releases, Arrestf(s) or Detainment of ANY suspects (although multiple witnesses inside The Bridge saw the suspect, heard several flashes from a gun, and heard more than one gun shot) appears to be a City of Dallas Police Department Cover-up, with the collaboration and full cooperation of The Dallas Morning News (founded by George Dealy in 1885, approximately three years before the Dallas Commercial Record was founded in 1988).

As Getz continues to gather, compile and confirm additional and existing eye-witness accounts and testimony (including Bridge Personnel and Security), that information will be made available through this blog (, Twitter @Dance4One, FACEBOOK (Dance4One and Dan Getz), and additional social media outlets.

Posted by: Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" at Dance4One,, YouTube 12131966dan, Facebook (Dan Getz and Dance4One), Twitter @Dance4One, and LinkedIn (Dan Getz).


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