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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Journey is not COMPLETE and Obama outlines unapologetically liberal vision in inaugural speech...BOTH 100% TRUE...but...

by Dan Getz, International Blogger,
Reporting "LIVE" from: Denny's,
12733 LBJ Freeway, Garland, TX
Both the statement of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama during the Inaugural Celebration (his sweating in/inauguration actually took place one day before on Sunday, January 20, 2013 in a Private Ceremony) of "Our Journey is not Complete..." and this statement by the Associated Press in Washington D.C. of "Obama outlines unapologetically liberal vision in inaugural speech" that ran as the Headline in MANY papers (including The Dallas Morning News) this morning, could not both be so true...or further from the TRUTH.

When President Obama stated, "Our Journey is not complete..." he went on to say, and I quote, "...until our gay brothers and sisters are treated the same as everyone else...".  As I stated in my FACEBOOK post yesterday, " PRESIDENT OBAMA sworn in as the President of the United States of America, TODAY in PRIVATE ceremony...Re-Posted by Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" at Dance4One...,, YouTube 12131966dan, Facebook (Dan Getz and Dance4One), Twitter @Dance4One, and LinkedIn (Dan Getz).

Now Mr. President, LET's TALK about that HOLDING up the UNITED STATES CONSTIUTION which GUARANTEES FREEDOM of SPEECH and the RIGHT to BEAR ARMS (without the INTERFERANCE or INTEROGATION of DOCTORS)...Also, LET'S TALK about the PLEDGE of ALLEGIENCE to the FLAG of the UNITED sTaTeS of AMERICA which DECLARES "I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE to the FLAG of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, and to the REPUBLIC for which it STANDS; ONE NATION under GOD, InDiViSiBlE, with LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL." 'cause there are a "few" police departmaccording to a USA NEWS on March 19, 2012ents and FEDERAL and STATE judges that are apparently either CONFUSED about the LAW, or are WILLFULLY disregarding it...", Mr. Obama is completely missing the mark, as far as I (and MANY in our country) are concerned.

Our country is at a crossroads in terms of FREEDOM, LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL.  The homosexuals are a VERY tiny minority, compared to the homeless, jobless, Hispanics, men, women, children, African Americans, handicapped, United States Veterans, disallusioned, hopeless and mentally ill "minorities" that are quickly becoming the MAJORITY of the UNITED states of America when it comes to being treated unfairly, unjustly and through the discrimation, profiling and harrassment of many, many police forces and local, state and federal judges throughout the United States of America.

In March of 2012, President Barack Hussein Obama signed an Executive Order that "could potentially give him the power to institute martial law in the United States in times of peace or during a national threat." according to an article published by USA NEWS on March 19, 2012 (see  The same USA NEWS article went on to say, and I quote, "The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order will give Obama power over 'resources and services needed to support such plans and programs.'"

If all of the above is what President Barack Hussein Obama means when he says, "Our Journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like everyone else (with the exception of LAW ENFORCEMENT, I have to assume), then there is NOTHING "natural" about this "citizen" whose birthplace is still widely disputed, and IMPEACHMENT proceedings should be initiated IMMEDIATLY on the grounds of NOT upholding the U.S. Constitution (as he AGAIN swore to do TWO times, during the last TWO days) in terms of Executive Approval of CENSORSHIP of FREE SPEECH, the "axing" of the Right to BEAR ARMS and unfairly and unjustly harrassing, imprisoning and persecuting  U.S. Citizens based on their economic status, race, religions beliefs, etc. through this ILLEGAL declaration of Marshal Law (which is the same as handing the Legislative, Judicial AND Executive branches of governement's AUTHORITY into the hands of a few rogue, unintelligent, ignorant and hateful policemen (and women),where they make and interpret their own "law", judge that "law" and then are handed, through an EXECUTIVE ORDER of the President of the United States of America, "executive" authority and impunity.

And when the VERY liberal Associated Press admittedly states, "Obama outlines unapologetically liberal vision in inaugural speech,", we as American Citizens, who are GUARANTEED through our U.S. Constiution, and more specifically through our Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag, "...with Liberty and Justice for ALL,", should be VERY alarmed, afraid and concerned...enough to stand up and take action, bearing arms in our quest to restore Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (as declared by Patrick Henry in the 1700's), if absolutely necessary, to ensure the RESTORATION of Liberty and Justice for ALL in first America, and then as an International Leader, .the NATIONS of the WORLD (see
Posted by: Dan Getz, aka "DANgerous" at Dance4One,, YouTube 12131966dan, Facebook (Dan Getz and Dance4One), Twitter @Dance4One, and LinkedIn (Dan Getz).



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