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Monday, June 6, 2011

18 year old Ima Charu from Dhaka Bangladesh is inspiration to Dance4One...and HOPEFULLY, the WORLD

Dan: Ima, how did you find Dance4One? What drew you to visit this site?
specifically, how did you find ME on Facebook, and what comments are you referring to?

Ima: i found u on the page 'mel gibson' and ur political views prove that u hv some distinct ideas

Dan: interesting. I have posted on Sarah Palin, Obama (both Barak and Michelle), Madonna, Rick Perry, Oprah Winfrey Facebook Walls too...primarily because of the number of you know that, JOhnny Depp, for instance, has 5.5 million + LIKES? I figure, whether the "audience" agrees with me or not, I am able to "tap in" to a a lot larger audience than I could on my own, or a few friend's walls...I am curious...what political view did I express on Mel Gibson's wall?

Ima: well i found u in his wall but i found ur vies in other peoples wall like miliband,sarah palin

Dan: that makes sense. I do not want to keep pressing the matter, but I do have a LOT of dfferent views, and I would like to know specifically what political view of mine you read on Mel Gibson and Sarah Palin's walls?

Ima: well in miliband's wall u said people should learn from mistakes..i liked that.again i did not mention anything political was written in mel gibson's wall and not saying i am gonna agree wit u in each matter but xpressing own views prove that u r honest with urself.

Dan: and I dont expect everyone (or really ANYONE) to agree on everything I say, but it sounds like we agree that we can ALL learn from our mistakes, or at least LEARN to learn from our mstakes, RIGHT?

Ima: right

Dan: funny...MISTAKES...not mstakes...:-)

Ima: now its my turn

Dan: So, Ima...tell me a little about yourself...where do you live and what are you doing?
one second...then u can have your turn :-)


Dan: so u just graduated from highschool? And what city and country do you live in?


Dan: You did say that...I am sorry that I missed u anwering this already...whati is "graduation" called in Bangladash?

Ima: honours
b.a. i mean

Dan: i like that...and u should be VERY honored...this is quite an you mind if I ask u how old you are? You seem quite young in appearance, but you mentioned (before this interview) of previously being a reporter for a TV seem to have a lot of life experience already with huge dreams for the future....can u comment on this?

Ima: i was born in 1993 and i was in 7th standard when i started working in a teen show

Dan: wow...I am very impressed...all this at about the age of 18, right?

Ima: Dan r u there

Dan: yes...I said, wow..I am impressed...all this by the time you are about 18, right?

Ima: right

Dan: so, I am in a hurry to get this posted to my blog for today...and I would like to request two, permission to use your profile picture and name in my post and TWO, a follow up interview...but first, if you could ask me...or the world for that matter (I am already read in 22 nations after posting DAILY since May 2, 2011), what would u ask?

Ima: I wanna know what most people think abt middle east situation
specially yemen
and abt the kids getting killed in israel
hay dan r u there

Dan: I have much to say on this subject, and would like to elaborate more on this...butt I will say this...when I was in Jordon and Lebanon this past December and January, I have never been surrounded by so many of the nicest people I have EVER had the prividledge of being with...but I know there is terror and injustice ALL arround that MUST be dealt with JUSTLY...Let's definitely re-visit on this subject because I can tell you have passionate views and I want to hear your "voice" on this matter...
oops...but...not butt :-)
Ima, I have to get this publshed...pic and name to use ok?

Ima: ok.

Dan: Blessngs to you...I am so glad to have u as my I told u in earlier comments, USE the gifts inside you...Be Art. Do Business. Have Faith...and you cannot fail...remember this ok?

This interview took place on FACEBOOK chat between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 CST on 6-6-11 between Dan Getz with Dance4One and Ima Charu one of my READERS and new FRIENDS from Dhaka, Bangladesh.  To join the other 22 NATIONS reading Dance4One’s DAILY BLOG, go to,, or TWITTER @Dance4One.

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