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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Candid Interview with Pakistani Christian

By Dan Getz, Blogger
June 9, 2011

This was a candid interview conducted a few moments ago between myself (who happens to also be a Christian) and a Christian living in Pakistan.  To ALL my Muslim, Christian and No Belief and Other Belief FRIENDS…this is a “story” of injustice and Dance4One does not condone violence of ANY kind against ANY faith, faction or religion…and in my opinion, Injustice must be dealt with…JUSTLY.

Dan/Dance4One: My name is Dan Getz and I am the Owner/Operator of Dance4One, a Christian-based art and entertainment company. Would u have time for a short 15 to 30 minute interview that I will post on my blog this morning? It is

Anonymous Pakistani Christian: yes offcourse

Dan/Dance4One: Can u tell me briefly about your organization. Who are you and what do you do and represent?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian: i dont have any organazation i am a student
i just made this to unite all the Anonymous Pakistani Christian

Dan/Dance4One: That is quite inspiring. Tell me first a little about yourself. If it is not safe to give your name, you do not have to. I would like to know how you first heard of Christ and what compelled you to become a Christian.

Anonymous Pakistani Christian: i was born in a christian family my father has been preaching for many years
so i learn alot of things from him and people around me

Dan/Dance4One: Can u tell me about your father and the church he pastors. Is it safe for u to mention his name and the name of his church? If not, just tell me a few things about your father...his age...if he works outside of the church (i.e. does he have another job besides being a pastor) and what u admire about your father and the churchl.

Anonymous Pakistani Christian i am really sorry to give u all the personal information u know its not safe. here in Pakistan circumstances for Christians are not enough good

Dan/Dance4One: have heard, and I understand...Is it safe to even mention this Facebook group? .I want to be sure that someone could not find the people that might post on this page and be in danger of harm...if so, I will not mention the name of this site...only that I chatted with a Pakistani Christian...what do u think?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian u can mention the name of group if u want
here are some articles if u want to publish
Faisalabad (AsiaNews) – The funeral of Rashid Emmanuel, a 36 year-old pastor, and Sajid Masih Emmanuel, 30, shot to death yesterday, were held this morning at 8 am in Faisalabad. The two Christian brothers were executed outside the court, after the hearing of the trial that saw them charged with blasphemy, a charge from which they were about to be acquitted. The murders have sparked violent clashes between Christians and Muslims in the suburbs of Warispura and Dawoodnagar and tension remains high. Meanwhile, the Catholic Churches National Commission for Justice and Peace (Ncjp) redoubles its fight for the abolition of the blasphemy law and called today for a series of meetings in various cities throughout Pakistan.

Dan/Dance4One: When did this happen?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian this month dont know the exact date
Faisalabad: Christian sisters kidnapped, forced to marry a wealthy Muslim

Dan/Dance4One: I am so sorry...I have heard from another Pakistani Christian brother that the actions of one man here in the U.S. (state of Florida) of burning the Koran sparked off persecution of the church in Pakistan. Do u think this is true?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian Anti-Christian violence in Faisalabad: tombs desecrated, young woman gang-raped
because they cant take any action agianst Americians therefore they target poor paksitani Christians
i think they are nonsense they can servive without American Donation if today america stop them to donate pak will be destroy
until they dont leave Islam they can get succed
thats is all religious violence

Dan/Dance4One: I agree. This IS religious persecution, but I think there is an underlying "tone" of retaliation against America through the "excuse"of persecuting Pakistani Christians. Do u agree or disagree?
because America is perceived to be a "Christian Nation", right?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian yes i agreed
are u American or English ?

Dan/Dance4One: Friend, I must run to get this published...I am American...but I want to ask you one thing before we go...what is the GREATEST need Christians around the World can pray for or give the Pakistani Christians...our brothers and sisters?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian  i think pakistani Christian are not finicially strong we have to prove them education and work then they can riase thier famlies but now time has passed its diffult to servive in paksitan there is no end of this war i have reuest to American that help pakistan Christians through giving them working visis so they can support thier famlies y we are keep giving visas to muslims at last they stand agianst Americans

Dan/Dance4One: I think u would agree the solution is not easy my friend, but with man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible...You have MY committment to pray for you, your family and your friends for GOD to make away..and to raise up support (financially, emotionaly and spiritually from around the world...the first step is awareness...and this is where, little by little organizations like Dance4One and hopefully MANY others can be able to first learn about this situation and then organize and form a plan to take ACTION...I don't think either of us have very many answers, but we do have a voice and we do have a big GOD...and all of US can pray for, and insist upon brother, u have MY committment to pray and be a voice for the Persecuted Christians in Pakistan and ALL over the world...and JUSTICE...I would like to chat more another time with you...would that be ok?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian  yes y not i am leaving too right now
it was lovely talking to u
keep in Touch and stay Blessed

Dan/Dance4One: I know...but i want to get this published will be posted at Bless you my dear, right? not sister?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian  ok thanx i will be see that leter on
yes right
bye for now

Dan Getz is owner/operator of Dance4One, an arts and entertainment company and the parent company of More Green Consulting and Ambit Energy Marketing/Consulting.  For more information you may visit or read his DAILY BLOG covering Economics, Politics, Religion and MORE...

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