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Monday, June 13, 2011

Woman & Children Suffering Severe Abuse, Human Rights Violations and Death in Bangladesh and Yemen...

Follow-up Interview that took place between Ima Charu, 18 year old Bangladesh student,  and Dance4One on Saturday morning, June 11, 2011 between 7:30 and 8:30 am CST...

by Dan Getz,
June 13, 2011

Dan Getz/Dance4One – Ima, I'd like to start by reminding you of the question I asked you at the end of our last interview. Do u recall what that was?

Ima Charu/Bangladesh – no remind me

Dan Getz/Dance4One – ok...I asked you what your most important concern in the world today was. Do u remember what you said? If so, can you say this again?

Ima Charu/Bangladesh – saving the children I WOULD SAY

Dan Getz/Dance4One – and then u mentioned Yemen, right?

Ima Charu/Bangladesh – right and I insist of war situation cause our nation can not 4get the liberation war of ours even though it happened in 1971. I believe whenever there is a war,whatever that is 4 worst sufferers r the kids

Dan Getz/Dance4One – I believe u r right...tell me briefly, in your words, what happened in your country in 1971. and how the effects of this war is STILL effecting your country...particularly the women and children TODAY

Ima Charu/Bangladesh – we have been oppressed by the Pakistani rulers and got freedom at the cost of 3 millions martyrs and more than 2 lakhs women were raped

Dan Getz/Dance4One – can u explain Lakhs?

Ima Charu/Bangladesh – 100 thousand. and the living women lived a life of agony and the kids born from that situation never got recognition

Dan Getz/Dance4One – wow...Iam so sorry! so Bangladash fought to gain their freedom from Pakistan, and while they were successful in forming their own country, I suspect there are still some effects of that war and the question of "success" can be questioned. right? the children that were born from rape...treated as illegitimate or "bastard" children right?

Ima Charu/Bangladesh – right,as I said we have been oppressed mostly economically so when they were compelled 2 leave the economy were in devastating condition

Dan Getz/Dance4One – u say "compelled to leave". can u explain?

Ima Charu/Bangladesh – despite the fact our people didn't have any military training,got minimum knowledge with the help of India and fought heart and soul. with huge combat  they won

Dan Getz/Dance4One – so i would gather that a LOT of your people fled, leaving the remainder to fight VERY hard for their freedom...they won...sort of...but the effects of this struggle, as u have mentioned still very much impact Bangladesh my opinion, it is much like the effects of the civil war that happened in Cambodia between 1974 and 1979...and then the wars that followed all the way to the mid 90's...

Ima Charu/Bangladesh situation has been worse over there Pakistani army could put Nazis in shame

Dan Getz/Dance4One – I am so sorry...I can sense your disgust...your passion...your desire for JUSTICE...would u consider yourself an activist?

Ima Charu/Bangladesh – no humanist more

Dan Getz/Dance4One – wow...extrememly profound...u bring tears to my eyes...hearing someone so young speak so intelligently and passionately...with tremendous resolve and clarity...

Ima Charu/Bangladesh – this is 1 of the reasons why I wanna b a physician. it gives opportunity to serve people

Dan Getz/Dance4One – i remember now...u just graduated from highschool...u want to be nurse...or is it doctor...i do not recall...

Ima Charu/Bangladesh – doctor

Dan Getz/Dance4One – i see why u are so driven...EVERYTHING u are doing...being a teen reporter...graduating with honors s...enrolling in medical school to become a doctor...has a help humanity...and bring justice where there has been so much injustice...u are an incredible women, my FRIEND...i do not think, especially in America with all of our luxury, freedom and need of nothing can truly appreciate what we have until we hear from someone like u...thank u so much for sharing with me...and Dance4One...and truly the WORLD your HEART...your passion...and what u see as a BIG problem that MUST be rectified...Before we go, what do you think WE need to do in Yemen to save the children? I realize this might not be easy to express, but if you were a world leader...NOW...what would YOU do?

Ima Charu/Bangladesh – I would want to strengthen UN and include all the developing and developed country in a major plan

Dan Getz/Dance4One – so involve the NATIONS...collectively to bring JUSTICE to the suffering and dying in Yemen, right?

Ima Charu/Bangladesh 1st 2 ensure that in renowned Universities students of different countries could study 2gether

Dan Getz/Dance4One – can u explain this last statement, a little it relates to the children and women in Yemen?

Ima Charu/Bangladesh – see women had no right in Yemen b4 they had to get in home b4 7 p.m. but now they r taking part in movement and being tortured as well

Dan Getz/Dance4One – i think i hear u...through EDUCATION and STUDENTS learning together of the failures of many governments and countries...can TOGETHER develop plans for SUCCESS...and freeDOM and less human suffering, right? and the Yemen...joing together and defying tradition is even helping the Yemen...and the world see there IS another way?

Ima Charu/Bangladesh right.we have Dhaka University in our country which used to b called OXFORD OF THE EAST and it helped alot growing consciosness. it strengthen the unity of different religion

Dan Getz/Dance4One – there is a scripture in the Christian says (paraphrase of course)...for lack of VISION, the people perish...what I hear u saying, is that through education...and people (such as the women of Yemen) organizing and demonstrating PEACEFULLY...we can not only raise awareness...but bring change, right?

Ima Charu/Bangladesh – right

Dan Getz/Dance4One – Ima, it has truly been my pleasure to "speak" with you promised, I'd like to do another interview with you...but this time...and as u have requested...u will interview me...Dance4One...would that be okay with u?

Ima Charu/Bangladesh – now

Dan Getz/Dance4One – no...either in about 30 minutes...or tomorrow about the same time...which would u prefer?

Ima Charu/Bangladesh – tomorrow will b nice

Dan Getz/Dance4One – ok...Thank u again my friend...tomorrow it is...I look forward to your questions about me....and Dance4One...I am still amazed how u found me...but we will talk more about that tomorrow :-)

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