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Friday, June 10, 2011


Content provided by a Pakistani Christian CURRENTLY living in Pakistan and Re-Posted by, a DAILY BLOG covering Economics, Politics, Religion and Every Day Life ALL over the WORLD and NOW READ in 22 NATIONS...


I have a great deal of study and practical working experience in Muslims countries with both types of groups, Christian and Muslim. I have observed many things I would like to share with you, so few of them I am going to share with you that often happens in Muslim countries with Christian. The worst things I have found are that that Muslims severly mistreat Christians in the name of their religion, and according their faith, believing that through such persecution against a Christian they will go to heaven.


On Sunday, August 2, 2009 the Muslim militant attacked on two locations where Christians lived in large numbers; the village of Korain and the Christian colony City of Gojra. In these places, they burned 3 churches, many Holy bibles, and more than 100 houses. They also burned alive 8 Christians, including women and children. They also burned many animals, both pets and farm and work animals such as goats and donkey's.

Neither the local administration, police and government of Punjab, or central government ever helped the Christian in order to save them from the militants who were responsible for the incident. The government of Pakistan freed them from case.


Pakistan is an Islamic country where the Christians form almost 2% of the total population. They are burdened under the heavy flood of religious fundamentalism, the constitutional and social prejudice that is practiced against Christians. According to the law in Pakistan, Christians cannot become president, Prime Minister, Chief of Army Staff, or any Chief Justice of the county. Under the Blasphemy Law, many Christians have suffered unwarranted accusations and charges, most of these causes have been found false and based on personal rifts.


The bigotry and hatred among the common people of the Muslim create serious
problems in the social lives of the Christians. The religious fundamentalists have grown
up to the grass roots level. The Islamic fundamentalists in the country have their
strong roots in the villages and small towns all over the country and the youth who
went for training for Jihad are being brain washed; being injected with specific teaching against Christians. These terrorists, if they survive in their fights, do not have any other skills to earn their living so they become professional terrorists and play at the hands of the religious and political leaders.


Since the interaction of the Christians with the Muslim community have not grown
and have limited interaction, if any, makes Christians dependent upon the Muslims. The
Christians have no resources and are poor, and so they have to depend on the Muslims for their economic and social survival. This kind of interaction cannot ensure equal status for the Christians.

Christian Position

In this background the Christians, due to their faith, become the most vulnerable community
in the country. Most of the Christian people living in the cities are left only to do sanitary work,
a socially degradable profession. They have been clinging to it for centuries as there is no other prospects for them to grow. The Christian people in the villages work on the lands of
the Muslim people and are considered 'outcasts' in the social life.

Christian Student

In the public schools Islamic studies are required so Christian
students no longer get practical teaching and are not given any teaching on Christianity. A Christian is not allowed a religious education, so as result they are unable to be a good witness to others, offering them the Lord God, Jesus Christ.

Christians Appeal for Human Rights

Millions Christians are seeking the help of UNO, USA, and other western countries to see this situation and help force the government of Pakistan to remove the bigotry and hateful laws from the constitution of Pakistan in order to give the basic human rights to Christians as declared by International Charter of Human Rights UNO.

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