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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Continued Suffering in Pakistan...

by Dan Getz, Blogger
Posted June 27, 2011

The following is another interview/Facebook chat session that occurred on Sunday, June 26, 2011 between myself (Dan Getz with Dance4One) and a 24 year old student in Pakistan.  To be quite honest, I felt (and I am sure my friend in Pakistan felt to) this interview uncovered more questions than answers...But it is my hope and prayer that by continuing to bring awareness of the issues of INJUSTICE in our world today, that TOGETHER we wll  begin to uncover REAL answers...right the wrongs of the past and current...and move towards diminishing and lessening the suffering of the innocent in the world today...

Dan/Dance4One: Can you tell me, in your words, what you think the greatest need of Pakistan is...what does the WORLD need to know?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian: As I told you before about Christians there are many who are struggling in their own country because of religious motive. its really difficult for them to live a life with freedom because Muslims in Pakistan use the blasphemy laws as a weapon to intimidate Christians.

Dan/Dance4One: and for those that may not know what the blasphemy laws are, can you explain what this is? did u get that last question...about explaining what the blasphemy laws are?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian Being a Christian it’s really difficult to survive in Pakistan. Nowadays condition in Pakistan for Christian is very hard. There are many families they even can eat hand to mouth. We cant except any revolution from our government. There are only 2 % Christians in Pakistan therefore cant protest against Muslim law if someone wants to raise issue will be killed by Muslim Extremist

Dan/Dance4One: i know the last time we talked you mentioned u r student...can u tell me what u are studying, how old u r and what your plans for the future are?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian - I am studying tourism. I am 24 years old. At moment I can’t see my future bright here in Pakistan even I don’t want to stay anymore. Actually I applied for American visa but it was refused which really hurts me. I wanted to move there to make my future bright.

Dan/Dance4One: when u were denied your visa, what was the reason given?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian - They told me to try next time they might me not satisfied.  They told me to try next time they might be not satisfied they might afraid that i will not come back

Dan/Dance4One: which probably is a valid cocern, right? is there anything in Pakistan that would make u want to come back...right now?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian At present we can expect for the betterment and in future also. Now the corruption has increased its really not easy to survive you can see you future successful. once i move away i will never go back to Pakistan. anytime i get chance in my life will escape from here

Dan/Dance4One: have u always felt this way? or do u remember a time when things were peaceful in Pakistan...when there was more justice and tolerance for Christians inside a predominantly Muslim country?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian - It is same as before now there is media who telecast the world. In the past you could not raise because of less media
The state where we are living is an Islamic country so we don’t feel secure our present and future. It is made for Muslim where there is no justice for other communities it’s full of corruption and terrorism. Today if you go out from your home you don’t know if you come back or not due to insecurity.

Dan/Dance4One: so what u are saying is that it has ALWAYS been this way...but NOW the rest of the world is just now hearing about it...from media...right?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian yes exactly

Dan/Dance4One: and the media is there...because of US military presence with regard to the fight against terrorism, right?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian - According to me US military is doing a very good job against terrorism but again Muslim people are against to them there is some peace because of them otherwise people suffer more

Dan/Dance4One: so what i hear u that, in your opinion, the U.S. military's presence IS helping significantly with regard to terrorism, and SOME with regard to religios persecution...but that there is still much suffering due to the persecution of Christians by that right?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian - Yes that is right whenever US military attack then the Muslim community get revenge from Pakistani Christian which is not right we live under pressure even we can raise our issue we are afraid if we raise some issue they should kill us . we have to keep shut our mouths

Dan/Dance4One: yes, u mentioned this in our last interview...there is the perception in Pakistan that America is a Christian their way of getting back at America is to attack Christians in Pakistan who are unable to defend themselves and use the blasphemy laws to justify their actions right?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian - yes that is right

Dan/Dance4One: friend, this is a difficult one sense I hear the American military presence is helping maintain SOME both reducing terrorism and persecution of Christians...but then I hear u saying there is also a lot of retaliation against the Christians as a result of the US presence, particularly when there is some progress on the war on terrorism...
do I have this about your opinion?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian - Yes that is right but this you can’t say just because of us military it was happen before also when the military wasn’t in Pakistan. It is all about religious because Muslim wants to convert all the Christians. There are many Christians family who accept Islam because of Muslims pressure . this nation will never change they only spread extremism. which is not right everybody has right to live his own life we are unfortunately born in Pakistan where the life starts with struggle

Dan/Dance4One: what in your opinion is the main advantage of living somewhere like America?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian - In America you have freedom you have life security there is no extremism so one can make his future.

Dan/Dance4One: i bet it might surprise u that there r elements of all of freedoms are being is less secure than it was before 911, and multiple attacks on US and other embassys around the world...and people often complain about their futue...mainly due to economic concerns and loss of jobs/unemployment...but u have made me think alot about the Freedom and LIberty I do enjoy...and often (along with many in this country) take for granted...what adivice...what wisdom could u share with Americans who have forgotten about the freedoms we enjoy every day?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian - yes i agreed with u but i still say its better than Pakistani life
its world crisis all over the world

Dan/Dance4One: I agree...and I am thankful to live in America...but my heart hurts for u and many others that r in the situation u r in.

Anonymous Pakistani Christian - we are unfortunately born in Pakistan

Dan/Dance4One: i don't want to upset u...and i completely understand your desire to leave Pakistan...but if u left...what would happen to your family and friends...could they be in danger if those who hate u want revenge?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian - but everyone has right to fight for his best and make his future bright. if i get success offcourse i rasie my family and friends too

Dan/Dance4One: I agree...but i see u as one making a difference helping bring awareness...don't u think u being there helps be the "eyes and ears" of Christians in Pakistan...and helps unite and bring courage to your brothers and sisters?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian you are right but in Pakistan u know its not possible. i am telling u about practical life u cant even say its hard its impossible . once i am not ecnomicallly strong ho can i help my brother and sisters
a blind man can never show the way to another blind

Dan/Dance4One: i hear u see opportunity through first education...and then from that economic success...first u...then your family, right?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian - yes if i am not raised how can raise others. if i dont have nothing to eat how can i feed others
Dan/Dance4One: i have to admit...I feel like we have raised more questions than answers...but what i hear in all the desire (of you) to be given the opportunity to "fish"...not just merely catch a fish and eat for that the old saying goes...give a man a fish and he eats for a day...teach a man to fish...and he eats for a lifetime...and u want to take it one step further and ALSO teach others to u agree?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian - yes i do but always remember long journey always starts from short journey

Dan/Dance4One: i think i understand what u r saying, but can u explain that last statement?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian - which one ?

Dan/Dance4One: yes i do but always remember long journey always starts from short journey (said previously by Anonymous Pakistani Christian)

Anonymous Pakistani Christian i said i agreed with u. i always remember in initial stage u feel it hard then it will be all right

Dan/Dance4One: in other words it is about taking that first STEP, right?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian -  yes the same mean

Dan/Dance4One: and friend I must go soon...and i see u as not only taking the first step...but several...the first steps involved starting the FB group and helping unite Pakistani Christians and bring aware of your situation to the world...and then u r STARTING to think of how to not only help yourself...but your family and friends...and nation...through education, knowledge and ultimate economic prosperity...but I want to leave u with some thoughts on additional steps...if u were in a position of authority...and could ask ANYTHING of your leader, President Zadari...and our president Barak Obama...what ONE thing would u ask for the NATION and PEOPLE of Pakistan?

Anonymous Pakistani Christian - Zardari u know he is the richest person in Pakistan they just know to put money in their pockets they are they gamblers u can expect nothing from them
his childern are studying abroad if he loves his country then y his children are studying away
they have properties throughout the world when they feel insure they will leave the country.  

Dan/Dance4One: so what i hear in u want JUSTICE and the SAME opportunities your leaders have, right? what, in your opinion can the US government do to help? and then I really must run my friend...

Anonymous Pakistani Christian US Government is already helping a lot but our government is corrupt they don’t do the equal distribution. Politician just fights for their post and just ant to make money.
If today us government stop sending us donation then tomorrow u will found us on roads begging for food. Yes, I would like to request Us Nation and government to help Pakistani Christians personally. Give Christians student scholarship to study in USA. I have request to do their favour and give them better life.

Dan/Dance4One: brother, through this post, your request has been made at least the 36 NATIONS, including the US...that currently read my BLOG...we, TOGETHER may not be a big or loud voice...yet...but we ARE a voice...and I encourage u to continue to bringing stories of INJUSTICE to light...keep sending me daily developments in your country...and CONTINUE to HAVE FAITH...and I still believe there are answers neither of us have uncovered yet...for YOUR country...and the statement...Be Art (Creative)...Do Business (in the capacity u can...and THROUGH Creativity)...Have FAITH...Connecting ART/CREATIVITY to BUSINESS/OPPORTUNITY through FAITH...I have to go now...Blessings friend...and u have my continued thoughts and prayers...and I look forward to talking wth u again...

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