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Monday, May 23, 2011

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE...An Introduction to my FRIEND...Albert Cheng

Two VERY inspirational people have influenced me and challenged me to SEE certain people in a different light…those people that are most times overlooked, seem “ordinary”, or more often than not, are seen as someone that is NOT like the rest of Society, and therefore often judged as being LESS than what “everybody” thinks they should be.  These two people are Jason Upton and the late Mother Theresa.

Jason Upton is what I would term a “Modern Day Psalmist” who writes, plays and sings beautiful melodies as well as preaches and teaches.  He also actually produced an Album and wrote a Song entitled “Beautiful People” ( that not only hi-lights, but pays tribute to the type of person I have described above.

Of course everyone should know of Mother Theresa and how her overwhelming compassion and love for the rejected, the sick and the dying…the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE literally changed the World.  It was through this…HER philosophy (which mirrored that of Jesus) of “In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.” that she “taught” the WORLD how to not only recognize truly BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE”, but how to encourage these BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE to recognize their own WORTH and VALUE by SHOWING, and thus DEMONSTRATRING to them the love of Jesus.

Throughout my life I have  been blessed to encounter MANY such  BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, and wish to talk about one such individual.  His name is Albert Cheng.  If you were to meet Albert in person the FIRST thing you might notice is that he is…well… quite ordinary…LOOKING…except for the HUGE smile that is almost always across his ENTIRE face.  What you would NOT notice if you were merely passing him by is how UNUSUAL it is for a man that has endured the pain and torture and nightmarish REALITY this man has endured to STILL be smiling…and not only JUST smiling, but SMILING SO BIG…

You see, Albert about 32 years ago made a daring and unbelievable escape from the Killing Fields of Cambodia, and lived to tell about it.  In a rare moment, and with tears of pain in his eyes, I have heard him tell of a time when 22 men approached the border separating Cambodia from Thailand…with THREE different factions and armies (the Freedom Fighters, the Thai soldiers and the Khmer Rouge) ALL shooting at EACHOTHER and these men… and thus creating a barrage of cross-fire…with a vast amount of buried landmines in-between...and ONLY two men…EACH running in a different direction once they reached “safety” via a Red Cross vehicle for one, and a UN vehicle for another…and without EITHER to this DAY ever seeing one another again…SURIVING.  One of those TWO men IS my FRIEND, Albert.

To REALLY understand WHY Albert is smiling TODAY and what REALLY sets him not only in a class of his own, but MAKES him a BEAUTIFUL PERSON, you must not only FIRST read his book, “Grace will Lead Me Home” (, told by both himself and author Del Hayes and available at (, but you must SECONDLY spend even a short while WITH him, and you will SOON know TOO.

Dan Getz, blogger for Dance4One writes a DAILY BLOG at on topics covering Economics, Politics, Religion and EVERY DAY LIFE.  This article is the first of what he plans to be many in his “BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE” series.  To learn more about Dan, Dance4One or any of the other companies he owns and operates, you can also visit , Tweet @Dance4One or send an email to requesting more information.

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