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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Double Dave’s Pizza Works and Mei’s Mei’s Chinese Buffet… are STILL among the FEW GOOD MEN…and WOMEN

May 9, 2011, 8:00 p.m. CST (for May 10th POST), Dallas, TX As I sit at Mei Mei’s Chinese Super Buffet at 10455 North Central Expressway, Ste. 123, Dallas, TX 75231 I am once again “blown away” by Mei Mei’s SPECTACTULAR offerings for my pallet at such a RIDICULOUSLY LOW price…

Why is it that companies like Mei Mei’s Chinese Super Buffet and Double Dave’s Pizza Works are nowadays an EXTREME RARITY…BOTH PLACES where ingenuity, creativity, customer SERVICE, hard work, and DOING the RIGHT thing are the CORE of  not only their MISSION STATEMENTS, but also DEMONSTRATED through ACTION?  Double Dave’s Pizza Works, established and in SERVICE since 1984 expresses their “STORY” this way…

“To some...We’re known as the birthplace of the Peproni Roll. For others...We’re home of the Philly Cheesesteak Stromboli. And still...There are some who would say it’s the crust you should put your trust in, so have a slice or 20 while watching the big game on the tube.

Truth be told, we’re proud to conjure up any of these pleasantries in your mind or stomach. It’s the very reason we’ve been slinging dough for friends and families since 1984.

We fancy ourselves a REAL pizza joint, combining great atmosphere and mouth-watering eats. We make our hand-tossed dough at least twice a day, every day. We make our sauce daily from scratch and hand-cut all of our fresh vegetables.  Then we top it off with fresh, quality meats & cheeses and serve it up hot from the oven.

It’s the little details that make the difference between something you like and something that’s worthy of being called your favorite. And your favorite is what we intend on being known for.”

Yesterday (MOTHER’S DAY) as I and a friend visited Double Dave’s Pizza Works (at
5005 South Cooper St. Suite 171, Arlington, TX 76017
) to partake of a truly elaborate and unique (and I SOON found out, particularly DELICIOUS) array of pizzas, breadsticks, desserts, etc., I had to wonder to myself why there was hardly NO one there, and even fewer MOTHERS enjoying this delightful treat, in spite of the CHOICE of Double Dave’s to offer ALL Mother’s a 100% FREE Buffet…ALL DAY?  As I took in the noticeably CREATIVE DÉCOR (License Plates, mostly from Texas, but also including one New Mexico and One Oklahoma plate which “spoke” to me VOLUMES of DOUBLE DAVE’s recognition of the fact that Texas IS made up of MANY Native-Born TEXANS, but that ALL of us who CHOOSE to LIVE in Texas ARE TEXANS , laid out and cut appropriately to fill in a LARGE outline of the State of Texas, a sign indicating the location of los banos which read, “RESTROOMZ”, solid wooden tables with nostalgic brands of two D’s, obviously “shorthand” for “Double Dave’s”, and my favorite being what appeared to be a large array of academic achievements… of varying degrees that pertained to the “art” of Beer Drinking, etc., etc.) I suddenly realized I had not been to a Double Dave’s in “ages”, but could not figure out why.  Then it gradually dawned on me, that although I had seen SEVERAL Double Dave’s Pizza Works in the Dallas, TX area, at one time, those locations had all been closed down long ago…but WHY?

There could be many reasons as to why, but my “hunch” is that either the general public, or perhaps a close-minded...and narrow sighted representative, or representativeS of Double Dave’s somehow lost their CREATIVITY…INGENUITY…and ability to IMAGINE…somewhere along the way…the path of life.

At any rate, Double Daves and Mei Mei’s, and ANY company that STILL dares to IMAGINE…to CREATE…to CONNECT aRT aNd bUsInEsS tHrOuGh FAITH, I commend YOU for CONTINUING to be a TRAIL BLAZER in PROMOTING and LIVING the AMERICAN DREAM…THANK YOU.

Dan Getz is not only a Blogger and Owner/Operator of Dance4One whose vision is to Connect Art and Business through Faith, but also is Owner/Operator of More Green Consulting, a Consulting Firm committed to not only Pinpointing and Eliminating Deficiencies but ALSO Finding and Implementing Strategies  to Add or Greatly Improve Efficiency  from a Cash and Process Flow Standpoint.  Visit www.Dance4One.blogspot or TODAY to see how MG Consulting can HELP you and YOUR  company.

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