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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Market Hears YOU, Verizon…Why can’t MetroPCS & SPRINT?

By Dan Getz/Dance4One,
Dallas, TX, May 25, 2011

I have to admit that it was refreshing to see today’s (May 24, 2011) headline on the front page of the Business Section of the Dallas Morning News that read, “Verizon exec: Let market decide”, and realize that SOME companies, despite what they have to gain or lose STILL have FAITH in the FREE ENTERPRISE system, and recognize that CREATIVITY and a bit of FAITH are the driving force behind COMPETITION that in turn spurs, encourages and grows BUSINESS.

In reference to AT&T’s proposed purchase of T-Mobile USA Inc. for $39 Billion, and quoting directly from Dallas Morning News Staff Writer Victor Godinez’s ( article, “Verizon Communications Inc. Chief Technology Officer Tony Malone said in an interview last week that wireless industry consolidation is not a bad thing.  We feel very strongly that market forces need to dictate this, and not artificial regulation,’ he said after a speech at a conference in Grapevine.  Tony Malone went on to say, “Whether the right number [of wireless companies the market needs to remain competitive] is two or three or four, that can be debated, but this industry can operate effectively with fewer operators than we have today.

If my BLOG POST at dated May 19, 2011 and entitled “Hello…Hello…Hello…Can You Hear me NOW, MetroPCS?” wasn’t enough of a “Wake Up Call” to “challenge you to NOT be satisfied with the status quo, and to not let the mindset of blaming others for your failure or perceived  inability to succeed cloud your VISION and HOPE for the future” (quoted from May 19, 2011 post), then the “Whether the right number [of wireless companies the market needs to remain competitive] is two or three or four, that can be debated, but this industry can operate effectively with fewer operators than we have today.AND the COMPLETE OMISSION of ANY MENTION of MetroPCS in TODAY’s article, should Braxton Carter (MetroPCS CFO) and MetroPCS.

All of the above being said, I believe what caught my attention the most about this article that hi-lited Verizon’s COMPETIVE SPIRIT was  that while only 6 days ago the Wall Street Journal quoted MetroPCS CFO Braxton Carter as stating “Even without the merger, T-Mobile has lost their relevance in the middle tier.”, TODAY’S ARTICLE, , in the Dallas Morning News, not to mention Verizon’s Chief Technology Officer, Tony Malone, made NO MENTION of MetroPCS…not EVEN as being a part of the low, mid, high, or ANY tier…save possibly the mention of “fewer operators” when Tony Malone conceded that the telecommunications industry can remain competitive with as little as two to four wireless carriers.

In TODAY’s Marketplace, I believe ONLY the companies who are DEVOTED to Creativity, Ingenuity AND COMPETITION will be around TOMORROW.  I remind you again, MetroPCS of the PASSION and ZEAL and COMMITMENT to SUCCESS your current Chief Operating Officer, Tom Keys had while serving as the Vice President and General Manager of the Dallas Region.  As you know, THIS market, through TEAMWORK and the Contagiously Passionate Leadership of men like Tom Keys reached (and exceeded) 100,000 customers in just 80 days, and become EBITDA positive in record time for MetroPCS at that time.  I realize that market conditions have changed significantly since the launch of the Dallas, TX market in March, 2006, BUT I believe YOU, MetroPCS STILL has what it takes to be ONE of the TWO to FOUR wireless carriers alluded to by Verizon’s Malone.  The TWO questions that STILL remain to be answered, however, is “Do YOU?”, and more importantly, “Do Your Customers?

Dan Getz, owner and operator of Dance4One and More Green Consulting writes a DAILY BLOG covering economics, politics, religion and EVERY DAY LIFE at, and can also be found at and via Tweeting @Dance4One.

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