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Thursday, May 5, 2011

REPOST of "Shalom to Isaac & Ishmael, from YOUR father, Abraham…and FATHER GOD..."

I pulled this out today from an old FACEBOOK note post, an after chatting with my friend Bob who is currently in Lebanon...written originally on 1-3-11 from the Mena Club in El Metn, Lebanon...May God CONTINUE to Bless You Richly, Mr. Debbas :-)

My friends in the Middle East, it is TIME for Peace, with 1-1-11 marking the beginning of RECONCILLIATION between Israel and ALL the Arab nations…ELEVEN in the Hebrew language means BELOVED SON/DAUGHTER…a ONE symbolizes UNITY…and a FOUR symbolizes UNIVERSAL…So the date of 1-1-11 is TWO Elevens or FOUR ONES, meaning a DOUBLE PORTION/BLESSING of BELOVED SONS/DAUGHERS co-existing in UNIVERSAL UNITY…

To understand how ALL Arab nations (including ISRAEL) are ONE family and came from the same FATHER, we must look back 2,000 to 3,000 years ago to the FATHER of ALL the Middle Eastern nations…

…Abraham was his name and his wife’s name was Sarai or Sarah…Abraham also had a concubine or maidservant named Hagar…When Sarai was 100 years old an angel of the LORD visited both Abraham and Sarai and told them they would have a son…Sarai laughed at the angel, whom she did not know was an angel, because she thought he was making a joke…Some time passed, and Sarai remained childless.

Thinking that God must have meant Abraham was to have a son through someone other than Sarai, Abraham and Sarai agreed that Abraham would have relations with their maidservant, Hagar.  Hagar became pregnant and gave birth to a son, and his name was called Ishmael.

Not soon after Hagar conceived and gave birth to Ishmael, Sarah, the wife of Abraham, ALSO conceived and gave birth to ANOTHER son whose name was called Isaac.  Out of  ABRAHAM, through Isaac, came the nation of Israel  AND out of ABRAHAM, through  Ishmael came all the other Arab nations, with BOTH sons being BLESSED by BOTH Abraham AND God.

So NOW I hope you will see my MIDDLE EASTERN friends how important it is to realize you are ALL brothers who have the SAME father…father Abraham.  It is time to set your differences aside, agree to disagree or be willing to make concessions on BOTH sides in order to achieve peace, as your father Abraham, and most importantly as your Father God would have wanted.  The nations birthed through first Abraham, and then carried on through BOTH brothers Isaac and Ishmael, MUST forgive one another for all of the past and current injustices committed against one another, and move forward with a heart of reconciliation, compromise and forgiveness…if not for ALL the Middle Eastern nation’s current and future generations, for the sake of your father Abraham, and heavenly Father God Almighty.  SHALOM.

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