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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day, Sarah Palin…Trig is TRULY a BEAUTIFUL CHILD

Happy Mother’s Day, Sarah Palin…Trig is TRULY a BEAUTIFUL CHILD

May 8, 2011, , Dallas, TX – Sarah, I on behalf of Dance4One sincerely wish YOU a Happy Mother’s Day and commend YOU for your VALUES, LEADERSHIP, and being the MOST like US than ANY politician I can recall in US History.  You are the REAL DEAL, a MOM, a WIFE, a “no-nonsense, say it like it is” kind of WOMAN, and a PERSON we can TRUST, has UNWAVERING Moral and Christian VALUES, and is a FORERUNNER and SUCCESSFUL SPOKEPERSON who is championing the Cause and Needs of Special Needs INDIVIDUALS and particularly CHILDREN...

On April 24, 2011 at you wrote on your FACEBOOK NOTES an article entitled, “Happy Easter” and said the following:

Easter is the celebration of what hope really means. In Jesus’ triumph over death through His Resurrection, we believe that death was defeated and hope became the expectation of eternal life with God.

Hope is the great driving force in many of our lives, and it has been the driving force in our country’s history. America has always had a strong sense that God’s providence is abundant, that no challenge can ever be too great and no enemy too strong. It was this hope that inspired us to carve a nation out of the wilderness, to appreciate opportunities to responsibly utilize nature’s resources, to engineer skyscrapers towering over our gleaming cities, and to fly to the moon.

As a country and as individuals, we can always have true hope to guide us. Our best days remain ahead of us. And working together we will leave this country to our children a better place than we received it from our parents.

On this blessed day let’s remember our Lord’s sacrifice that led to the Resurrection; and from the whole Palin family, have a wonderful Easter! 

- Sarah Palin

Sarah OUR country DESPERATELY needs a PRESIDENT like YOU.  The Time is NOW to announce YOUR CANDIDACY for the 2012-2016 Term.  As I am sure you are aware, the International Monetary Fund has recently placed 2016 as the date of the “End of the Age of America” and when China will surpass America as an ECONOMIC and WORLD power.  WE cannot LET this happen, and there are AT LEAST 2,945,748 FACEBOOK PEOPLE who BELIEVE in YOU and WHAT YOU STAND FOR.

As of a few days ago, and according to an NBC Affiliate Reporter, 78% of AMERICANS are FED UP and DISAPPROVE of the CURRENT ADMINISTRATION, leaving ONLY 22% of the AMERICAN PEOPLE who either APPROVE, or DO NOT KNOW how they feel regarding the CURRENT ADMINISTRATION.  Sarah, WE know YOU cannot CHANGE our COUNTRY alone, and that it is primarily up to US to change OUR mindset and ways.  We HAVE to get BACK to the BASICS.  We HAVE to be CREATIVE.  We HAVE to CHANGE our ECONOMICS through CREATIVITY…In Short, we HAVE to ACTIVELY PROMOTE, CONNECT and FUSE aRt or cReAtIvItY wItH bUsInEsS tHrOuGh FAITH.  Will you CHOOSE to be OUR LEADER to help US accomplish THIS?  Will YOU, Sarah, PLEASE Announce YOUR CANDIDACY for our NEXT U.S. PRESIDENT…TODAY?  We are at a CRITICAL HOUR and WE must act NOW.  Time was created by GOD for US in Genesis 1:1…The GREAT IAM has no need for TIME…but WE do and WE have NO MORE to WASTE.  America is READY to roll up OUR sleeves, get BACK to the BASICS and get the job DONE.  Will YOU lead us in this VALIANT EFFORT and amidst this…OUR MOST CRITICAL HOUR?

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