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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Which is worth more…A Penny for your Thoughts…OR…a Picture for a THOUSAND WORDS?

Which is worth more…A Penny for your Thoughts…OR…a Picture for a THOUSAND WORDS?

By Dan Getz, DAILY Blogger for
I recently discovered something I consider valuable while on a lunch break for one of the companies I do contract work for.  The purchase of a Dr. Pepper and a FREE cup of ice from the Cafeteria generates a total tab of $.55.  However, if the Dr. Pepper (or other varieties of soft drinks) are purchased from the automated machine inside the cafeteria (and I STILL get the FREE cup of ice from the cafeteria), my expenditure for this purchase drops $.05 (10%) to only $.50.
A 10% cost reduction is nothing to “sneeze” at, particularly in light of today’s weakened economy, but based on a tip I received recently from a potential investor friend of mine, the nickel savings COULD be worth a LOT more in as little as three years.  I was told that due to quickly diminishing supplies of the contents of now commonplace U.S. Nickels (primarily the element NICKEL), a Nickel COULD be worth as much as 20 TIMES (that is $1.00 for any of you non-mathematicians out there) it’s current value in as little as 3 YEARS…

On May 15, 2011 (8 days ago at the time of this writing) I made what to ME was a “startling truism”…After observing Johnny Depp’s FACEBOOK page (starting about a week BEFORE May 15th) I noted the following: 1) Johnny’s FACEBOOK LIKES remained pretty much a CONSTANT at around 5.5 MILLION (no SMALL achievement even in TODAY’s “social media frenzy” 2) Posts by Johnny and ANYONE had become stale or non-existent 3) On 5-15-11, Johnny Depp FACEBOOK LIKES were 5,571,273 and at the time of the writing of this blog post (1:15 pm CST on May 23, 2011) his FACEBOOK LIKES are 5,660,972, an INCREASE in just EIGHT DAYS, and AFTER Dance4One BEGAN posting on his FACEBOOK page, of 89,699* (1.6%), with incremental increases of 20,000+ PER DAY noted on at least TWO days…

On Thursday May 19th, I published an article entitled, “Hello, Hello, Hello…Can You Hear me NOW MetroPCS” which was a direct response, constructive criticism and challenge to MetroPCS’s CFO Braxton Carter’s comments the day before regarding AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile.  It would, of course, be pure speculation to state that this BLOG POST effected the stock market in ANY way, BUT, in spite of MOST companies experiencing significant drops in their stock market prices as of the close of business on Friday, May 20, 2011, the FOUR companies mentioned in this article AT&T’s experienced the following: MetroPCS’ stock price (PCS)dropped $.56; Cricket/LEAP’s stock price dropped $.70; stock price per share dropped only $.09; and T-Mobile’s stock price dropped $.30.

So, while YOU will have to be the judge of whether a “Penny for Your Thoughts” OR a “Picture that is worth a thousand words” (Please be sure to FIRST check out my DAILY BLOGS at AND the Dan Getz or Dance4One FACEBOOK PHOTO ALBUMS BEFORE making this assessment) is more valuable, there is a STRONG POSSIBILITY that INFORMATION impacts NUMBERS, either positively…or negatively…and whether the INFORMATION is TRUE or FALSE.

*At the time of this POSTING (7:38 AM CST on 5-24-11), Johnny Depp FACEBOOK LIKES were 5,670,676, an INCREASE of 99,403 since 5-15-11 (9 days ago)...It ALSO should be noted that there was NO ACTIVITY (i.e. POSTINGS) on Johnny Depp's site by Dance4One between the writing of this article and THIS posting on the DAILY BLOG (an INCREASE of nearly 10,000 in about 18 1/2 hours) at

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